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  1. October 2017 Transportation

    What are your thoughts?
  2. October 2017 Transportation

    The morning was not too difficult for me. I had trouble with about 4-5 problems. The PM on the other hand was a different story. I am not familiar with Pavement so I had to make an educated guess on a couple, and the reference dependent problems were really time consuming for the allotted time. I hope the AM portion holds me up for some of those "tricky" PM questions. I am cautiously optimistic right now, good luck to everyone!
  3. If you could only afford to purchase one EET Review course at this moment, which would you recommend? Transportation Depth or Civil Breadth and why?
  4. Hello everyone! I just passed my FE Exam on my second attempt. I will be taking the Civil/Transportation PE Exam in April 2017 and am excited for this new challenge, but very nervous. I don't know where to start studying... I purchased the CERM, Six minute problems, and NCEES Practice Exam. I look forward to learning from this forum and contributing to others through my experience.
  5. Hello (Howdy) from Texas!

    Thank you @matt267 PE, I have downloaded the NCEES exam specs. Looking into Testmasters and buying all other required references.
  6. Hello (Howdy) from Texas!

    Thank you @Arjay and I am in Portland/Corpus Christi.