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  1. I took it in NH, and it had an end date on the certificate. So my next challenge is getting PE references. I have never worked under the supervision of a PE. And I'm wondering where folks practicing electrical and electronics (e.g. NOT power) are working where a PE is required for that. I do know personally one PE who got theirs without using a PE as a reference (in fact, they will be one of my PE references). Where are all the electrical and electronics PE's hiding?
  2. Thanks to those who set up these boards. They were helpful in my passing the FE. Again. I took the EIT back in the late 80's and it was only when the exams were recently reorganized, introducing more topics, that what I am practiced in seemed to finally qualify. My EIT expired before I sat for the PE. No matter, the studying for the FE was a good mid-career review. I am now on the preparation road to the PE in electrical and electronics. Any advice is welcome!