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  1. Sorry, hard to predict what was the cut off score, until someone who did not pass come up with 70% score, but very unlikely cut off was more than 70%
  2. Forgot to post, score 84%
  3. Passed! Took EET for breadth and WRE depth. I highly recommend EET to others. If anyone needs more detail why I am recommending, please let me know.
  4. I passed. Water Resources, 2nd time. I want to give credit to EET because their materials are so organized and if you do not need to go through many text books. I could not pass first time. I searched other providers, first I tried PPI, but noticed it was way expensive and also only one instructor was teaching everything which I personally do not think the right way to teach. I had materials from other providers, but it was not comparable to EET. EET even placed the required tabs... I would highly recommend EET.
  5. Passed!! Water Resources
  6. SPC_TLine I wish I could modify the title. They did not let me modify this title to "Expected Results After May 24th" Thanks for your suggestion.
  7. You are right. I meant to say frequency of refreshing can be less before the date is changed.
  8. Do not need to refresh until Date Taken: April 21, 2017 is changed into Date Taken: April, 2017
  9. Dear kpalframan, First, you said if those data are accurate which shows you do not know the accurate date of results in previous years. Later you said, our exam (Apr 2017) was a week later than in previous years. Now it is confusing if you agree or disagree on those dates from 2011 to 2016. FYI: all those dates are correct, based on 2011-2016 data, in Oct 2011, result came after 52 days (maximum), in 2016 and 2015 results released after 34 and 35 days, respectively. Assuming, results are releasing faster than the past, there is a high probability to have results in this week, but nobody really knows. Just a matter of discussion.
  10. Every year, PE exam on Friday. Based on the past 6 years statistics, it shows more probability for result announcement on Thursday. I might be wrong. Just a thought. Only one time we had results were announced on Monday and Wednesday. Two times on Friday, but 7 times results were released on Thursday. What do you think guys...............
  11. Based on past statistics, my vote goes to for result on next Thursday
  12. Based on past statistics, my vote goes to for result on next Thursday
  13. Based on Texas Board next meeting agenda on May 24th, I am expecting results before May 24th which can be either on May 22nd or 23rd....in Texas... https://engineers.texas.gov/agendas/20170524_lic.pdf Agenda No. 6: Results and statistics:
  14. Hello, First, I would like to say you are the best person to know why did you fail because you know what is your strengths and weaknesses and you have diagnosis reports from your past test. I graduated in 1993 and passed in 2013. I failed one time before I passed. I am sure you are doing what yo best can. First time I did test to know really what is all about FE test. I did not study seriously and I knew I won't pass. When I got diagnosis report, I went through it and found I am very strong in couple of subjects (90-100%). next time I did not wait and register for next test. I focused on those courses/subjects where I was very weak or my performances were low. As you said, I did not believe on what other said, for example, it is hard to pass if there is a long gap between graduation and test. So have faith on yourself, be organized and focused and think If I can pass with 20 years study gap why you cannot pass? Hope it helps.
  15. I wish NCEES is that fast to grade all the exam sheets and separate passed and failed applicants within a week. My test was in Texas on Friday (21st of April). 22nd and 23rd April were weekends which means nothing had been done on those two days. I got survey e-mail on 27th of April. How can it be possible to even collect all the exam materials within 4 days (April 23-26)? Therefore, it does not make any sense that NCEES had collected, graded and screened exam sheets within 4 days to send survey emails to potential failed applicants.