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  1. Nope, turned out they gave me both PE & a PLS license by mistake, they still havnt gotten their act together.
  2. Got mine yesterday as well, the letter did say the license will be sent out within 15 days i believe.
  3. Your welcome, NJ Board is all over the place. I have a coworker whose waiting on approval for the PE exam and they have not given him a straight forward answer yet. I also got the same PCS email.I feel like the NJ Board has alot of new hires who arent fully trained.
  4. I agree with ZupaS, I took the NJ Law exam right after the EIT exam. Just sent in my $80, lets see how long they take for assigning a number. I cant get my raise until I get the little card with PE number. Zupa, there are other threads on this forum that will tell you where you can order the Stamps. Heres one website you can use:
  5. I didnt get the letter either. Called them and they sent me the letter within minutes. Its a generic activation letter, I can forward it to you if would like.
  6. Yea I agree. They're a mess, I was told I passed (2 phone calls to verify) but no checklist and no letter. I live in somerset county.
  7. I called again just now to see what the NJ Board says regarding the release of the results. She said they are still processing the results on an individual basis and not all have been processed yet. She also reaffirmed that I passed. Doesnt look like the official notice will be today.
  8. Nothing in the mail for me yet
  9. I have heard and also always assumed that you have to get a passing rate on both Morning and afternoon sections. Its not based on overall score For example a fail with a 60/80 with 35/40 in the morning and a 25/40 in the afternoon would not necessarily pass, but a 30//40 in the morning and 30/40 in the afternoon would pass.
  10. I say we start calling the NJ board and NCEES to petition for the results. It is pretty ridiculous that they have taken so long.
  11. Right after I passed the FE (2013). I was told it was a requirement before I could get assigned an EIT number. One of my coworkers is currently having the same issue, needs the NJ law exam before getting EIT number
  12. I was told earlier this week by phone that I passed but I did not receive an email about it. Maybe it was because I already took the NJ law exam right after the FE?
  13. just registered to mention the same as the above, i randomly called to ask if to see if they will give the result over the phone. I was told I passed as well.