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  1. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for double banning
  2. F= M x D

    What was the problem statement for this question? Wouldn't you have to account for reaction forces to the 2 loads shown in the diagram?
  3. Necessary References For Exam?

    Start by looking at the references given in the NCEES specs. NVFAC may be helpful but could also provide way more info than needed and could affect your study time if you try focusing on topics not covered in the exam or that go to advanced. Go into the exam what you feel comfortable with and resources you know. If you bring a book just to have it and don't use it during exam prep, chances are you won't use it on the exam or you won't know where to find what you need and will just waste time searching through the book.
  4. How are A307 bolts discontinued? What are Grade 5 bolts?

    Good thing you are not in Jersey Shore. Even though you went with stronger bolts, the inspector would have failed you and asked for a letter from the engineer stating the stronger bolts were acceptable.
  5. Study partner for PE Exam

    Looks like SPAM, smells like SPAM, sounds like SPAM...must be SPAM.
  6. EET Videos

    EET videos are only viewable if you purchase the session
  7. There are many factors that could affect the time line including familiarty with your country, quality/completeness of your documentation and number of PE appliant for regular license. Since PE applicants have strict timelines for documents being submitted and registering for the PE exam, the board may rank those higher priority. If board members are not familiar with your country engineering requirements they may be doing research to make sure the requirements for your license is similar to what TX expects from their engineers. They could also be trying to verify information that is in your submitted documents. For the 1st step, administration staff most likely just looks to see if you submitted the documents and not trying to verify any of it or determine if the information on your documentation is adequate. All of these items can lead to 1 application being approved in 10-12 weeks while another is 5 months or more.
  8. EET helped me pass Construction Depth

    Has anyone signed up for the live construction depth EET class?
  9. EB.com Facelift?

    FYI, www.engineerboards.com main page is not loading.
  10. How did you process PE Questions?

    If my memory serves me right, many if not all of the questionable items were clearly clarified in the questions. For example when dealing with soil quantities, the question would state if they wanted you to start with bank volume or if you would have to calculate for loose volume.
  11. Dumb LinkedIN Recruiter Email of the day thread...

    Unless the email seems personalized, I usually ignore them. Let them talk to the other countless people who have the few keywords on their profile. If they spend no time to type an email to me, why should I waste my time responding when they most likely won't even read it.
  12. Retention of Final Wet-Sealed Documents

    A few things to think about: Is the person who signed/sealrd the plans still around to seal a new set if needed? Efficiency of electronic files us based on labeling system. If files aren't identified properly, it could be a nightmare trying to find specific files. According to my boss, in NJ he is personally liable for the projects until the day he dies regardless if he retires or closes the company so we have jobs dating back 30 years. We recently took our flat files and rolled them up ( secured with zip tie) and put in off site storage.
  13. Dumping Direct and Cable TV

    The other thing to consider is the Internet costs. Hulu and similar programs cut out the cable bill but now you have to watch out for increased Internet bills or overage charges if they limit how much data you get.
  14. Setting up a Lunch & Learn PE Review

    My suggestion would be to focus on the afternoon sessions since there are so many readily available references for the morning. Depending on the size of your company and the type of civil work you do, you may want to have one of the engineers focused on certain area do an info session 1 week and then the next session review questions on that same topic.
  15. PE Exam Format: Thermal/ Fluid Systems (October 2017)

    Nate, have you looked at the NCEES website? All of your questions are answerable with about 5 minutes of research. 1) exam topics are listed in the test specs 2)The only thing you get for PE exam is your test booklet, answer sheet, and a highly sought after mechanical pencil. 3)In regards to laminated paper and sharpie for the FE exam, it looks like you didn't read the specs before that exam either. This is used so they can reuse the pages and not have to provide new scratch paper for everyone as well as worry about security issues if the used items are not disposed of properly. Page 6 of the examinee guide explains what you get for the CBT FE exams. Page 17 and 18 explains references and what you can bring to PE exam.