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  1. Nate, have you looked at the NCEES website? All of your questions are answerable with about 5 minutes of research. 1) exam topics are listed in the test specs 2)The only thing you get for PE exam is your test booklet, answer sheet, and a highly sought after mechanical pencil. 3)In regards to laminated paper and sharpie for the FE exam, it looks like you didn't read the specs before that exam either. This is used so they can reuse the pages and not have to provide new scratch paper for everyone as well as worry about security issues if the used items are not disposed of properly. Page 6 of the examinee guide explains what you get for the CBT FE exams. Page 17 and 18 explains references and what you can bring to PE exam.
  2. For those who have previously studied for the exam, what are your best tips for having energy to stay focused during studying? I have 2 young girlsand work a full-time job so most of my studying is done late night after the girls are in bed. For the April exam there were some nights I found myself dosing off while watching review videos or reading reference manuals. Besides 5-hour energy drinks, what have people found to help combat tiredness at night when studying?
  3. The choice really depends on what you are looking for right now. Are you looking for a job to build up saving or looking to build your career. If main concern is quick cash, #1 is probably best. If you are career oriented, you need to decide where you want to take your career and the type of work you want to focus on long-term. Does company #1 have a PE on staff to gain you experience to qualify for PE exam? If you really want to go the PE route, find out if company #1 has a rotation program when you could start in troubleshooting and then work up to engineering. Let them know that you would like to be in the design phase but think that troubleshooting experience is necessary to help understanding the product from the user end and common problems. This would help you to design a better end product. With job #2, how much are they willing to pay with PE? You may get 81k now, but in 4 years when you get PE that could jump to over 100k, while job #1 may stay at 100k without much room for advancement.
  4. Congratulations Jen. For those who still need to take/pass the FE, my suggestion is to be familiar with the manual as much as possible. Since you can not bring your own notes to the exam you are at the mercy of the manual. You don't have to try to review and know everything in the manual, but kniw where stuff is located so you are not wasting time trying to find stuff. Make a list of the topics and what areas relate to that topic. When I took the FE, there were several sections that went hand-in-hand with one another but they were not located next to each other and the material wasn't duplicated in multiple sections. Knowing the layout and general information in each category can save precious time during the exam.
  5. Kelles, I'm really confused by your theory about knowing the design/inputs is correct by just checking weight of structure and base shear. There seems to be more variables affecting the results such as the applied load values, joint connections, supports for floor/roof system.
  6. Structural design is my weak spot, but I have a few general comments regarding your problem. Your last statement questions the 1,000Kn load value so I'm assuming that you are relying on some sort of software to evaluate the design for you. Based on this assumption, is everything inputted into the software correctly? When using programs it is important to remember that garbage in=garbage out. In other words, if you use the wrong inputs, you are going to get the wrong results. Have you tried confirming some of the design calculations by hand?
  7. Although it seems like a hassle, it could be a blessing in disguise. Now you have a better understanding of this type of problem if it pops up on test. You also know what pitfalls to avoid with conversion factor and using the same units.
  8. It looks like the issue is the 1/24 conversion factor. Since this is part of a larger problem, what number is used to solve the rest of the problem? Is it possible that this subquestion was supposed to ask for the daily rate and then later on he uses a conversion to get to the hourly rate?
  9. Where do you plan in doing your engineering work? If you try to get NY License through comity, they may or may not accept you taking the exam before being declared eligible.
  10. Any references listed in the specs is open to be included on the exam. If you talk to people who took civil-construction there was at least 1 question that seemed to be out of left field in terms of what you would expect on the exam, but it was in 1 of the references and if you didn't have the reference, you most likely got it wrong unless you had lucky guess.
  11. Only you can determine how much time you need for re-preparation. It will depend on how much time you can commit and how much you need to relearn. If you just need more practice problems so that you can complete the test faster it would be different than if you need to relearn alot of the concepts that are tested.
  12. If the yard is big enough, you may want to consider a seperate fence surrounding the entire pool area so that he is only able to go near the water if others are there in the pool. This is one reason why I want to get an above ground pool when I buy a house.
  13. My experience with recruiters is that you only exist if you fit the current position they are looking to fill. If you don't fit that position you are just another resume in their database.
  14. Have you talked to graphic designers? Sounds like that may be the easier way to go similar to when they do colored renderings of proposed projects.
  15. Moana with my 2 girls