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  1. Spam spam spam!
  2. If the rules were lifted we would reach 11k at LEAST by this afternoon. 10k by this afternoon would be easy with proper participation and commitment. It has been proven that we can do approximately 800 posts without the rules lifted in a few hours. See Friday, when we reached 9k!
  3. Good morning, spam! Is this the week? Eh, probably not!
  4. Sunburnt spam. Catching up on spam spam.
  5. Ask @NJmike PE.
  6. I'm sad that I checked in here on a weekend, and didn't find the rules lifted. I was hoping to seriously help us get to 15k right now. Instead, I can only minorly help us get to 15k right now.
  7. To infinity, and beyond!
  8. @txjennah please read the rules in the first post! Also, your dog is cute.
  9. Almost bottom.
  10. Spammin'.
  11. Oh yes, spam was spammed.
  12. Nice, @Ble_PE! Good luck with the move back to the mainland.
  13. Happy almost pushup time spam!
  14. Happy spam day!
  15. Spam!
  16. Welcome back, @matt267 PE!
  17. We may have a late-blooming spam thread this time around, but we did just make it to 9k!
  18. We just need a lifting of the rules again.... I may try to join in this weekend if I have the chance!
  19. Thanks for joining! Be sure to come back the next time you're on the boards, anxiously awaiting exam results (or not).
  20. We got to 9000 in less than 18 hours... I think we can improve on that in the near future.
  21. Great work, everyone! That happened much faster than I anticipated. Yay, spammers!
  22. We did it!
  23. To infinity, and beyond!
  24. To infinity, and beyond!