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  1. I Got 999 First World Problems

    I won concert tickets from the radio again, but wasn't paying attention to when the show is and it's on NYE. I already have plans (out of the area) for New Year's this year. Oops.
  2. CA Specific Exams

    Like @CAPLS said, enjoy your weekend, everyone!
  3. It's Friday!!!!

    Ay ay ay ay ay!
  4. It's Friday!!!!

    Friday and PAYDAY! Yay!
  5. Countdown to Star Wars

    Moving seats, fog, rain, etc. Kinda like a Disney ride. Oh, gotcha. I've heard of that, but didn't know what it was called.
  6. Countdown to Star Wars

    What is 4DX?
  7. CA Specific Exams

    Probably not this weekend, maybe next!
  8. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for referencing @Master slacker unofficially.
  9. Net Neutrality

  10. Net Neutrality

    I don't have permission to see whatever this was.
  11. CA Specific Exams

    It was the same body of email, it just did not have the link to the re-examination form. It still referenced it, however.
  12. Forum Banning Game

    Banned as my first banning this day!
  13. CA Specific Exams

    When I got my passing results, there was no refile nor re-examination form. Just the results. I'm not sure if the forms are still the same, though.
  14. CA Specific Exams

    Precisely. I mean, you could have chosen to not even take these exams! Then you wouldn't ever be put in this position. Ignorance is bliss, right?
  15. Release Date

    I'm not sure the database is still an accurate way to check, what with the decoupling of everything, and the soon to be year-round testing for seismic and surveying. I wish I could be an example here, but I passed the state exams before I passed the national. I had to email the Board a form letting them know I'd passed the PE exam, and shortly after I did that, I got an email confirmation saying they had received the form and I would get my license by the end of the next month. I got it maybe a week after that; the whole process of getting my license took only a few weeks after getting the PE exam results. Anyway, that's a little bit off-topic.
  16. Post your Spam (email) Folder

    Would an elliptical be involved?
  17. CA Specific Exams

    Oh, gotcha. But not compared to the Spam thread, which is now closed, and had a paltry level of participation this cycle. Perhaps that's why the exam results haven't been released yet.
  18. EET-SE Review

    Thanks for your review of them! I'm keenly considering taking EET's SE courses in a few years' time when I will take the SE exam. I took their classes for the PE civil structural exam, and really thought they were worth the time and money, so it's great to hear that the SE ones are so valuable as well.
  19. CA Specific Exams

    Also, I don't understand what you mean here.
  20. CA Specific Exams

    I'll take it!
  21. Watcha reading?

    Simple topic. Have you read any good books lately? Or are you reading anything really good right now? If you had to pick one, what is your favorite book? Do you have any favorite authors? I'll start! I joined a new book club a few months ago, and right now, we're reading Murder on the Orient Express. I don't think I'd ever really read any Agatah Christy novels before, though I remember my brother reading them when I was a kid. I'm a little surprised to say that I am really enjoying it! That book gave me goosebumps as I was reading it last night. My favorite book is probably a tie between The Secret History by Donna Tartt and The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. The latter was a book I chose for summer reading in high school, and I still really like it. I haven't reread it in a while though, perhaps I should. I'm really trying to get back into reading (I fell into a multi-year period where I wasn't really reading any books, just blogs, newspapers, and online news). Are there any other regular (or avid) readers out there?
  22. Lyric battle!

    Realizin' what I got what I got before it's gone
  23. CA Specific Exams

  24. CA Specific Exams

    Perhaps! At the very least, it's a spam classic.
  25. Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! Not yet, thank you very much.