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  1. The Running Thread

    Hello all! Are there any other runners around these parts? I didn't see an official running thread, so I figured I might start one. Of any potential runners out there, do you run for fun, do any races, run outside/inside, etc.? Personally, I like to run outdoors (thankfully, I live somewhere where I can run year-round, typically). I enjoy doing a few runs a week, and am trying to do one race every month this year. My first is this weekend, a 15k, though my favorite distance to run in races (not just on my own) is a half marathon. I also love Ragnar Races, both road and trail. I have absolutely no desire to ever run a full marathon. We can also discuss running shoes and different gear, too. Right now, I'm running in (and loving) my Brooks PureCadence shoes. I also have the PureGrit for trails. So feel free to join in! Whether you used to run, are a current runner, or are interested in getting started with running. Feel free to ask any questions, too.
  2. EB Cycling Club

    Let's be Strava friends!
  3. EB Cycling Club

    I don't consider a bike computer necessary, but then again, I use my bike mostly for commuting and don't go on any rides that are much longer than 20 miles at a time otherwise.
  4. Forum Banning Game

    Banned because today is the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere.
  5. EB Cycling Club

    Boooo got a flat tire some time probably on Friday. I suspected I had one this morning, but confirmed it after riding to work. So, I shall be stopping at the bike shop on my way home tonight!
  6. Agreed. I don't think they're necessarily worth watching unless you just really want to see the series through to its end, however.
  7. Reminds me of the other day, when a text I received said "Snoke" instead of "smoke".
  8. Damn united airlines at it again!

    Will their pet-related woes never cease.... https://mashable.com/2018/03/14/united-airlines-dog-japan/#b.JUM8jTbsqI
  9. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Leftover lentil salad + an apple.
  10. Horse is to stable

  11. The Running Thread

    Nice job, @wyman! Surprise PR's are the best!
  12. The Running Thread

    Got in a nice 8 mile run yesterday! Legs felt good.
  13. The Pet Thread

    Aw, I'm sorry to hear that, EG. Losing a pet just plain sucks. Sending you and the family my love!
  14. Random Topics 3.1

  15. It's Friday!!!!

    I can confirm, it is in fact Friday.
  16. Forum Banning Game

    Banned because DST changes this weekend, and most of us will lose an hour!
  17. No problem, @Serendipity!
  18. EB Cycling Club

    But more annoying when you get a flat and have to have the bike shop pump up your tire for you! At least, I think that's how it works. Anyway, I use my bike mainly for commuting and the occasional weekend ride. Here's what I would say are good to have to cover anything that's not a super long ride: Helmet! Mine's by Giro, I think. Gloves! Just think of falling off your bike; in the case you use your hands to try to catch yourself, would you rather scrap bare skin or gloves? A water bottle holder + bottle, full of water. Kid bike lock on my seat. Not quick-release wheels! A good bell on my handlebars. A lock! A good one. I read somewhere that you should buy the smallest lock that works for your general lock situations, because a bigger/longer lock can give someone more room to work with if they're trying to steal your bike. A seat cover (because I have a nice Brooks leather seat that I don't want to get rained on or stolen [see kid lock above]). Sunglasses specifically for biking (because I don't want to use my generally nicer ones while riding if I don't have to). Bike lights! Regular for the front, red for the back. Tube repair kit. All tools associated with taking the bike apart (like the little Allen wrench to unlock my wheels). I also have a bike rack and a pannier, and a handlebar bag.
  19. It's Friday!!!!

  20. No problem! I remember it happening to me, and a few others I know, in the past. Add the BPELSG email address that sent the invites to your address book, and it won't happen again!
  21. Have you checked your spam folder? The emails can sometimes get stuck there.
  22. The Automotive Thread

    This! My Suby got us up to the mountain last weekend without even needing chains, when it was easily snowing 3"/hour at the time we were driving up. I don't need the AWD that much of the time any more besides instances such as this, but it was great to have when I was living in VT too, for the same reason. It handles so well in really tough conditions, and is made to last.
  23. What does the Fox say?

    Apparently my issue might be related to AT&T. Dumb.
  24. What does the Fox say?

    Okay, first gripe with my Pixel 2. In group messages, I'm randomly not getting some of the messages sent to me. It doesn't seem to be consistently from one or more specific people and sometimes, if a person sends a string of text messages in a row, I may get all of them, I may get one of them, or I may get none of them. This only seems to be happening in group texts, and only started maybe within the last two or three weeks. I did a quick google search and apparently, I'm not the only one this has happened to (apparently it was happening to people back when the Pixel 2 first came out, but never affected me then). I haven't really had time to figure out if there's a fix yet.
  25. The Running Thread

    I used to run in Saucony Kinvaras before switching to Brooks. I liked them for what they were, but found I was looking for a slightly lower drop. Now I run in the Brooks PureCadence, which I love!