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  1. leggo PE

    EET-SE Review

    No hopin' about it! I have faith in you!
  2. leggo PE

    New Jersey Results!

    Here's a spot for you to talk about NJ results when they come out. In recent years, it's been quite a ride to get them!
  3. leggo PE


    A radio station here switched to all Christmas music starting at noon the Monday before Thanksgiving...
  4. leggo PE

    Texas Results

    Yep, I feel you there. I took the exam in three successive cycles and the exam changed every time. It's the right approach to not just study your supposedly "weak areas". I'd take a close look at how you studied your first and second times, and see if you need to change your study strategy. Also, doing as many practice problems as you can is a good place to start. When doing practice problems, a few things I found useful to keep in mind were the following: 1. Not look at any answers until I had fully finished a problem, or at least given it my absolute best effort. In my first attempts, I think I'd gotten kind of lazy and would check the answers to questions I thought I didn't know how to do or would get stuck on partway through. This was NOT beneficial to me, at all. I needed to give every question my all before looking at the answer. 2. Related to looking at practice problem answers, I would attack my practice problems like I would if I was actually taking the P.E. Exam. As in, I would go through however many problems (whether it was 5, 20, 40, etc.) I had assigned myself as time allowed, and wouldn't look at the answers for any of them until I was done with all of them. 3. Pay attention to what I did wrong in the problems. Was I making stupid mistakes, like misunderstanding what questions were asking? Was I having trouble converting units? Was I having trouble deciding what information was relevant, and what was irrelevant, to what the question was asking? In my opinion, it's highly worth it to analyze you study strategy, how you do practice problems, and how you are making mistakes on practice problems. It could give you insight into what sort of traps you might have fallen into in your previous attempts, or at least give you a good idea of what to avoid on your next attempt. Anyway, take a little breather, enjoy the holidays, and go get 'em in the new year, tiger!
  5. leggo PE

    EET-SE Review

    Ohhhhh boy! Half of me kind of wishes I was taking the class with you. But you'll long be licensed by the time I get to that exam...
  6. leggo PE

    Results From October SE?

    It's unclear. But the first state (Alabama) to release the PE exam results released them around 12:30 Eastern, so it seems reasonable to think that NCEES probably transmitted the results to them some time earlier in the morning.
  7. leggo PE

    Which State Will Release Last?

    So where am I in the running if I picked NJ? They haven't technically released all results...
  8. leggo PE

    Texas Results

    Please don't feel discouraged! The first time I took the P.E. exam, I could've SWORN I passed. I felt really good leaving the exam, and swore to myself that I'd have to take an organized class if I didn't, because I didn't know how I'd study differently (I self-studied the first time). The second time I took it, I took PPI's class and wasn't so confident I passed (I'd also basically eeaten a HUGE slice of humble pie when I found out I failed the first time). I failed. The third time I took it, I took EET and wasn't sure I passed... And did. You'll get it next time! Just put your head down and assess how you might need to change your study approach.
  9. leggo PE

    The Baking Thread

    Are there any other bakers out there? I love to bake, but typically stick to muffins, the occasional donut, and easy loaves I can make in a pan without yeast, starters, what have you. I've been wanting to start to bake my own bread for a few years now, and I think I'm finally going to bite the bullet and attempt to get my own starter going. Has anyone here ever made their own bread? I'm also very interested in baking in my cast iron pan, since I did a few very simple cheddar biscuits as part of a Blue Apron meal a few weeks ago. Anyway, let this be a place where we can all talk about baking processes, baking results, baked goods tried... Cakes, muffins, breads, oh my! And biscuits, cupcakes, tarts, pies, whatever!
  10. leggo PE

    The Baking Thread

    The pfeffernuesse tied for best tasting and won for prettiest at the cookie exchange last night! I was not expecting that at all.
  11. leggo PE

    It's Friday!!!!

    Woohoo, Friday!! @txjennah PE, congrats again to you, and congrats to your husband as well!!
  12. leggo PE

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    I haven't used ESPN's, but good to know! I don't remember CBS's being great, but it was a lot better than Yahoo's is.
  13. leggo PE


    I don't think I've heard it... Probably helps that I am not listening to Christmas music on any regular basis. It's still Hannukah, anyway!
  14. leggo PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Spam ya later, kiddos!
  15. leggo PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

  16. leggo PE

    Texas Results

    Ahhh CONGRATULATIONS! This is beyond well-deserved. Yay!
  17. leggo PE

    Texas Results

    Congrats!! Further proof that spamming increases your chances of passing. Woohoo!
  18. leggo PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Spam for... those left?
  19. leggo PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Doesn't seem like it is... I've not heard of it. Which do you need it for, the ginger biscuits or the sweet potato biscuits?
  20. leggo PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Now what are you going to bake in celebration?
  21. leggo PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    YAYYYY AGAIN, @JayKay0914! Who'd have thought that? Haha!
  22. leggo PE

    NY State

    OMG yes!! Further proof that spamming increases your chances of passing. CONGRATULATIONS, JayKay!!!
  23. leggo PE

    RI Exam Results!!

    Same question.
  24. leggo PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Haha! I actually wasn't on this page of this thread when I posted that. But hey, it was perfect placement. Woohoo!
  25. leggo PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    Spam for everyone?