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  1. 1. Who Wonder Woman's nemesis ended up being. 2. There was a tiny bit of the "love cliche". Well, I don't actually know if she was in love with anyone, but she has someone fall in love with her. Not a big deal about the love thing, and it does play a role in how the movie gets to its ending, but it did bug me a little bit.
  2. Saw Wonder Woman last night with my guy. I liked it a lot! I must admit, it was really cool to see the protagonist of a superhero movie be female. That was a pretty big deal to me, and I didn't really even realize it until I was there, sitting in the theater watching the movie. I also thought Gal Gidot did a fantastic job playing WW. There were two small things that I didn't like about the film, but they didn't really detract that much from how much I enjoyed it!
  3. Whaaatttt lucky! And yay! Now the waiting is over for you! Another reason for me to go and order a frame! Haha.
  4. Wreck
  5. Hello all! Are there any other runners around these parts? I didn't see an official running thread, so I figured I might start one. Of any potential runners out there, do you run for fun, do any races, run outside/inside, etc.? Personally, I like to run outdoors (thankfully, I live somewhere where I can run year-round, typically). I enjoy doing a few runs a week, and am trying to do one race every month this year. My first is this weekend, a 15k, though my favorite distance to run in races (not just on my own) is a half marathon. I also love Ragnar Races, both road and trail. I have absolutely no desire to ever run a full marathon. We can also discuss running shoes and different gear, too. Right now, I'm running in (and loving) my Brooks PureCadence shoes. I also have the PureGrit for trails. So feel free to join in! Whether you used to run, are a current runner, or are interested in getting started with running. Feel free to ask any questions, too.
  6. Strike
  7. I was thinking about this a bit more, and I think I do at least like to believe in karma of some sort. I don't know if I actually believe in it, but I do tend to think that small things I do in my life may contribute or detract from karma for leggo in the future.
  8. Woooo Friday!
  9. Station
  10. I just wanted to let this thread know that I have put myself on the email list to pre-register for Ragnar Snowmass next year...
  11. Hm, strange! That's very picky. Especially since, one, yes, you being in the database should be enough, and two, the wallet card vs. the wall certificate are both just pieces of paper!
  12. Nope, not yet. Have you gotten your paper wallet card yet? That isn't good enough?
  13. Shoe
  14. Excellent example of balance!
  15. Kale salad with bell peppers, red onion, pine nuts, and a side of smoked salmon from Alaska (kindly brought back to the office by a coworker). Yum!
  16. Oh man, that is so terrible. Especially because the kid was so young, and especially because he really was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  17. I assume you're talking about CA. In which case, the answer is no, you don't have to take all three of the exams at once. You could take them in really any order once you're approved by the CA BPELSG to take the seismic and surveying exams. You could take the PE exam in one test cycle and the seismic and surveying exams in another, or you could split them up into three test cycles. Or take them all at once. You will not, however, have fulfilled the requirements to become a licensed P.E. in CA until you've passed all three.
  18. Yep, the deadline to apply to the CA BPELSG is far ahead of when you actually take the exam. Make sure you're on top of it come the fall, when it will be time to apply to the Board for the spring (assuming it's not totally switched over to year-round testing by early next year). The deadlines should be on the CA BPELSG website.
  19. Talk
  20. Town
  21. You are correct, you can register for and take (and pass!) the national PE exam without CA Board approval, but to take the seismic and surveying exams, you must be approved by the CA Board before you can register. As for studying for all three exams at once, it's certainly doable to study for all three at once and pass all three at once. That being said, if you haven't already submitted your application to the CA Board, I think you're too late to take the seismic and surveying exams this fall. The deadline to apply for new applicants was May 1st, I believe.
  22. Happy belated birthday, @csb! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!
  23. Nope, I don't have a frame yet. Should probably order that.
  24. Congrats on the approval! Unfortunately, you cannot register for the seismic and surveying exams until you've received the email with the instructions to do so. Prometric doesn't open the registration for the exams any earlier than that, to my knowledge.