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  1. Last night, the guy and I watched "The Finest Hours". I thought the story was pretty crazy and thought it was a decent movie (bonus points for it being based on a true story), but the boyfriend apparently didn't really like it. I thought he did, but at the end, he was not that impressed. I liked it despite thinking the main female character was kind of annoying and not being Casey Affleck's biggest fan.
  2. What can I do to make the palm of my hand (see the Running thread) heal more quickly....?
  3. I did the same. Even when I first read the problem and made a note of it being sta 3+15, not 3+00. Punched it into my calculator incorrectly. That's what you get for not checking your work!
  4. I got A, B, B as well. Curious as to how you got C for problem 1, @ptatohed.
  5. Sum
  6. Tennis Court
  7. I believe the emergency spillway is also having erosion problems... My coworker told me that he read an article that, deep down in it, had an interesting tidbit of information: there were repairs done to the area of the main spillway that has collapsed. Hm... I may have found the article. It mentions the same bit about the repairs, anyway, and references another article local to Sacramento: https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2017/02/how-did-the-oroville-dam-get-so-bad/516429/
  8. Ah, a funny running story! This was my Saturday morning: It was the first sunny and blue-skied, not a cloud in the sky day we had seen in what seemed like forever. So, the boyfriend and I say, "Yes! Let's go for a run!" And proceed to do just that. About halfway through our 5-mile run, running along a sand/dirt path along the side of a bike/pedestrian path, I trip, fall, and skid forward on my hands and knees. Luckily, I did not sprain anything and was not seriously hurt, but when I pick myself up, I see a pretty much unscathed right hand, a crazy bloody left palm, and blood dripping down my shins. My hand hurt like heck. Lovely. Fortunately, we were near a public bathroom, so I go inside to wash myself off and attempt to stop the bleeding. I did the best I could, and then came back out to my boyfriend, who had been waiting for me. There's something on his forehead that wasn't there before, so I ask him what it is. He asks where, and I point to the upper left corner of his forehead. He responds with, "A damned bird pooped on my head!" And I respond, "Wait, really?" He says "Yep!" We both then agree that this was a pretty ridiculous start to our Saturday. We go for a run, I fall and am all bloody and scraped up, and he gets pooped on by a bird. I obtained a few bandaids from a nearby policeman that helped somewhat (until they basically fell of of my palm thanks to sweat), and then we proceeded to finish the run, because what else was there to do? Haha. We were hanging out with a friend later that day, and he astutely stated that we had both "figuratively, and literally, gotten shat on" earlier in the day.
  9. Nope, but my friend's kids have had to be evacuated because of it... I really hope they can figure out a solution, and that somehow the rain in the forecast later this week doesn't hit there.
  10. I went to see Moonlight this weekend. I highly, highly recommend it. If you haven't heard of it, it's about an African American boy growing up in a tough part of Miami, trying to find his place in life. It is intense, but absolutely incredible. It's nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, and I personally think it is leagues more deserving than the other two Best Picture nominees I've seen. Granted, the other two that I have seen are La La Land and Arrival, but they are tough to compare to this story and how well it was executed. Has anyone seen Manchester By The Sea? I have heard good things, but am not that inclined to see it... Also trying to see Hidden Figures.
  11. Actually Friday for me!
  12. Why has Pandora changed it's interface? I liked my Pandora stations being listed in order of when I added them. None of the alphabetical crap!
  13. Make sure to check your spam folders on the regular, too. Google put mine in my spam folder when I got the initial notification to register for the exams.
  14. That is cruel! Wait, what am I doing in this thread not on a Friday?
  15. Wishing you a smooth surgery and speedy recovery, @gpoli111! And wow to the marathon. I have zero desire to do one of those, but am so inspired by those who do!