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  1. Who is in and what do you plan as far as studying?
  2. I've been a licensed Civil for 9 years. Pursuing the Architectural, Mechanical, & Electrical to be able to fully expand.
  3. Perhaps I should have.....Good call
  4. Bad thing when you are self employed
  5. Why should I?
  6. Bravo on the troll reply.......
  7. You do not have permission to be sick
  8. I'm right there with you on this. Not a good thing for me either
  9. Agreed.....You get on here and see about 9 or 10 different state posts then you are on to something. And it makes the wait even worse if you are not in the first few states to be released
  10. I did not mean it in a bad way........I can just look at that and see nervous energy and the effort of trying to appease the anticipation monster within that NEEDS to be pacified The wait is truly worse than the test itself. No amount of studying or real world experience prepares you for that I personally vote results next Friday the 26th
  11. My God.....way to use a sledgehammer to kill a gnat
  12. There is a very special & hot place in hell.......
  13. I'm sure they hate spam threads from the forums as well....
  14. I bet NCEES has to increase staff significantly just to handle the phone calls and online chats. I wonder how many times they have to say that phrase in a day?
  15. I could not wait!! Made my day