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  1. Welcome and good luck! Where in TX are you at? Used to worked in Houston and Pasadena from 2013-2016.
  2. Congrats and thank you for your service. Same with sir Freon and everyone here who served and is still serving.
  3. Welcome. First glance at the thread titile, I thought it was "Hello from Mars"
  4. Here's the link. Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review Goodluck!
  5. How long ago did you graduate? There is a free Coursera FE Class that I tried but felt its not formatted for me who graduated 20 yrs ago. Check it out maybe you'll find it helpful. For myself, I registered for School of PE, FE Review class for January and Feb 2017.
  6. Hi David Hi Shelly! Hi everyone!
  7. Hi mssuthnr! Wow its really nice to know about your experience! Now I'm more motivated than ever So did you enroll in any refresher classes? I just registered for a School of PE class for January. My employer sponsored me so I'm really glad and I'm sure it's going to help me a lot. I did a quick run of some math topics in Coursera in November and I feel like I really have to take a refresher on the theories and principles first. I think at this stage I can more or less remember half of them lol! I know its going to be hard but I'm actually really excited. Wish me luck and Congrats on your PE
  8. Congrats! This thread is a great read btw
  9. Hi Sam. I'm only planning to take the FE for now. I graduated 20 yrs ago and only been working here in the US for 5 yrs. I tried the Coursera FE review but I feel like its not formatted for someone like me who's been long removed from school. I need some refresher on the theories and principles too not just workshops. I registered for the School of PE classes for FE that will start in mid-January next month and ends in 3rd week of Feb. So basically, no I have not started yet seriously
  10. Welcome and hope you get it this time
  11. Welcome! I'm new here too but have been lurking long enough. I'll see you around.
  12. I dont have that like button
  13. Ok. I got the answer on #1 - I called NY Board. Based on them, my school should be accredited by the time I graduated. So my school received the accreditation in 2008 and I graduated in 1996 so my program is not ABET accredited Now, I have to apply for evaluation of my credentials. Also found a partial answer on #2 - 6 yrs experience is required for FE based from their website. Although I'm still not sure if they will consider my experience outside the US.
  14. So how do you rep a poster? Read a lot of good comments but cant find how to give reps. All I see is ignore, share and report
  15. Congrats on passing and goodluck on the PE. I plan on taking the FE exam but I have to attend a review class next month. I graduated 20 yrs ago so I really need a good refresher on the theories. I have only inquired with School of PE and based on my conversation with the representative, they structured their review to about 60% lecture (theories, principles, etc) and 40% workshop. Based on this, I thought this will be the best option for someone my age. Do you think the EET class format will be OK with someone like me who's been out of school for more than 10 yrs? I checked EET's website for the price and not sure if I understand it correctly. I saw 2 separate pricing for Webinar version and On-demand version. Does that mean I have to pay double to get both? Also noticed their last class that ended in Nov. was a morning class. They dont have the next schedule yet but do you know if they have the evening classes? Thanks a lot. Really appreciate the it.