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  1. Ha no score. My previous fails were 50/51. This time took a class plus found a great one stop ref ...id say i was at least high 60s. Had time to review many of the Cs...they werent wags, they were calcs or code i had worked out. Total 4 wags in AM, 2 in pm
  2. First two time i used a self built reference. This time found a review book that covered/linked to 50% of the problems. Had the class notes..tldr. For the others i dug but i taped indexes/problem lists to the front and back of large references. Worked much better.
  3. I thought this would be the case but exactly opposite occured on my Oct 2016 exam. After i was done, double checked sheet and the answer distribution was WAYYYYY off. If i recall correctly, it was to the tune of 60%-70% were C. I've never seen it this bad on a scantron...got to the point i was looking at problems to check if I read them wrong/missed a step and try to avoid C. For my handful of guesses, I attempted to even out the distribution and went all B but sheet was still severly unbalanced and highly illogical. Passed without difficulty but it was odd. Dont remember that from previous 2 attempts.
  4. Ehhh agree on fudge packers but parents met at FSU so I was born a nole and gater hater.
  5. Section 319 Row 1 ready to rock.
  6. THat BS aint happening but waste your $500 if you like.
  7. bahhhahaha
  8. Looks a lil shady to me.
  9. Normally their knees split before the carpet....must be cheap threads.
  10. She can come make sandwiches at my tailgate this Sunday since they didnt quite get there.
  11. Lol, the window has closed.
  12. Im gonna need a bigger 4k screen.
  13. ugh no, somewhere in between, thanks
  14. SC issued when you passed....cost 2 days up front but worth it now.
  15. Number 2 needs to learn to make a sandwich.