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  1. To Those That Passed After Multiple Attempts

    I had previously taken a review course, which was helpful in that it provided some basic test taking strategies, but the only real help those classes give you is an opportunity and an imperative to drill problems. I passed in October 2016; from my previous unsuccessful attempts I had paid attention to the general types of scenarios the problems frequently presented and prepared my resource material to reflect a template I could follow to reduce my time spent in my books. For example, I took the fluid and thermal module, which among other topics covers various power and refrigeration cycles (the test specifications from NCEES will tell you this much, so I'm not revealing anything about the actual exam content here). For any specific cycle that I anticipated encountering, I had prepared an outline of that cycle with the various components frequently found in it and the physical properties of interest expressed as variables. I took the same approach for questions concerning systems and equipment.
  2. CA Results

    I agree with this.
  3. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    Wingardium Liftiosa
  4. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    There's no need to argue...
  5. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    I've been waitingggggggggggg for a post like this, to come into my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife
  6. To those taking the April 2017 exam...

    Good luck!
  7. California Results Any news???

    What about those nifty plastic wallet cards?
  8. Applying for Additional Exam in CA

    @CAPLS: This isn't urgent as I have no intention of applying for October 2017, but will be of eventual interest. Suppose I already have a P.E. license in California (Mechanical) and want to test for an additional P.E. in, for example, Fire Protection. A glance at my MyNCEES record shows me the attached screenshot. How would I proceed in that case when NCEES blocks registration for the exam? Also, as BPELSG already has my transcripts and take home exam, would I only need my application and references for my fire protection qualifying experience? What other materials, if any, would I need to submit? Thanks.
  9. When Are License Numbers Available?

    No, I didn't. I took PPI's course.
  10. When Are License Numbers Available?

  11. As I was waiting for the October 2016 results to post, I submitted a request to my state's board for verification of my exams and/or licenses to help put together my NCEES record. You can reach this feature by logging in to your MyNCEES account, selecting "Multi-State Licensure" from the menu bar on the left, then selecting "Exam and License Verification." After NCEES released the results to the state board and before the state board released them to examinees, I saw the information depicted in the attached image. Of interest here is that I took the PE exam more than once, but only the October 2016 exam (the one I passed) showed up. This screen has since been populated with my FE exam date and with my license number, but it would appear that if you submit a request to your state board for verification of your exams and licenses and you see the exam you just took show up on that screen just prior to receiving your results notice, it would appear that you passed. That said, the difference between when I saw that information and when I got my official result release was a matter of an hour or two on the same day. Just thought I'd share for anyone else who might find this interesting.
  12. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for being a grown-ass man wearing a onesie
  13. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for missing a comma in your signature.
  14. Best Christmas Song!

    In truth, O Holy Night is actually my favorite Christmas song. This just happens to be the most amusing version of it I've ever heard.