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  1. Thank you, rg1!
  2. Thank you! I've read a lot about the 'wait' what I'm planning to do is 'take it, and forget it'. No more studying and if I don't pass, I'll just re-open the books about a month or two from now. I'm actually a lot less nervous for this test than the FE exam, which I took two years ago.
  3. Hello, THis is one topic I can't find much information on. Is having two generators in parallel the same concept as transformers in parallel as far as calculations go? Thank you
  4. Wildi has been very helpful - especially at understanding topics. He does a great job talking about things without getting too much on theory. I haven't used Grainger much in my practice exams. The only times I've used it have been for some transmission line problems that dealt with propagation, etc.
  5. Troll, I found this thread:
  6. Yes, I've come across the same issue at times with the Tom Henry Index. I'm thinking though it is because I've never used to the NEC for work and I'm a little behidn on practice problems. I'm going to spend most of this weekend doing NEC from CI and the NCEES sample exam.
  7. Hello, It hasn't been referenced much on these boards, but I get it free from work so I thought I'd just take case. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  8. I really like the strategy for re-doing the missed problems on certain exams 1-2 days later to make sure you can solve that problem again. Really reinforces the concepts. For the NEC problems - how is the Tom Henry Keyword Index working for ya? I've used it a couple of times on the CI problems and at times I feel I waste time looking through the Tom Henry Keyword Index first rather than the NEC index or the NEC TOC first. What's usually your strategy?
  9. Don't post much, but thought it would be interesting to see what others are doing for study and what references you have chosen for the April 2017 Exam. As for myself, I started off thoroughly going over the practice NCEES exam about 2 months ago. On the first take, I didn't do to well. But I took meticulous notes on why I got the problem wrong. This also helped me add more notes to some of my references. I have completed CI Exams 1-4 this week and scored about 70% on all of them. I am actually going to go back this week and re-work the problems I've missed. My biggest weakness as of right now is NEC questions, but I've bought the tabs and the Tom Henry Keyword Index to hopefully fix and speed up to answer these questions. I am using my main point of reference as Graffeo. It is an excellent reference, but I've also added a lot of hand written notes in there. For the next three weeks, I plan on going through the sample NCEES exam again and re-doing the Graffeo practice exam. For references, I plan on taking: 1) Wildi 2) Stevenson and Grainer - Power System Analysis 3) NEC 2014 with tabs 4) Tom Henry Keyword Index 5) NFPA 70 E 6) NESC 2012 7) Graffeo
  10. Thanks
  11. Hello all, This problem presents an inverter schematic that is used for a variable speed motor and has ideal transistors that operates as an ideal switch. I was wondering what material I can use to learn more about this problem? I have Wildi and Grainger.
  12. Hello all, I'm still a little confused on why the solution did not use the conjugate of the complex power as we are solving for the current. Any other information would be great. Thank you.
  13. Are you willing to sell individually? I'm interested in NEC
  14. I'd be interested in the NEC 2014. Is it codebook or handbook? Is it hardcover?
  15. Great idea. Thanks!