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  1. Another vote for EET... I took their Seismic Course and can't say enough good things about the course and the instructor.
  2. My vote goes to EET for seismic. Dr. Ibrahim is one of the best and caring teachers I have seen. I had bought the DVD and book from Dr. Mansour for survey. I think it is a good resource but you need some practice CBTs. Good luck for your studies and exams. Maji
  3. Congratulations to the newly minted PEs and all the best to those studying hard to become one.
  4. Congrats to all who are now PEs... and good luck to those studying hard to become one.
  5. Good luck everyone!
  6. Good luck!
  7. Best wishes to all taking the exams.
  8. The second equation is not equal to the third equation in your post. Anyway, the second and the third are easy. The second one is d^(2+2/3) = 63.72/(0.353^(2/3)) => d = [63.72/(0.353^(2/3))]^(8/3) . The first one is a quadratic equation in d if you go through the algebra. Of course, you can use your calculator as the previous poster suggested to get the answer. However, sometimes it is good to go through the algebra just to sharpen the old skill set. Good luck.
  9. I believe you are right.
  10. I don't believe that is correct. The questions are all equally weighted but there are some questions that will not be considered in the final tally. They are for use in future exams and are used as test cases. CAPLS posts here regularly and he can answer that question with authority. Good luck on your exam. Maji
  11. Chapters 5 and 6 are very important. If you know the concepts there, then 7 thru 13/14 should be fairly easy to understand. Make sure you understand the concept of diaphragms well as you will definitely see a bunch of questions on that portion. Good luck.
  12. It depends on your background in Seismic Engineering... if you have practice Structural Engineering, then it shouldn't be a problem. If that is not the case, do you know the subject well enough to do practice problems? As your back is against the wall due to time constraints, give it a try. If you have understood the concepts from the first half of the course, you should be able to understand at least some of the remaining concepts. Good luck.
  13. Good luck everyone.
  14. Great suggestion. Also, if I may add, figure out how much time you will be able to devote to preparing for the exam and make a schedule so that you can follow it rigorously. In general, it takes about 250-300 hours of total prep time for the NCEES PE exams for Civil. That should give you a ball park estimate of the time you need to allocate each week towards studying. With a full time job and other obligations, 10-15 hours of studying every week can be a challenge. Best of luck.
  15. I remember we got copies of the relevant tables from ASCE and IBC/CBC. I can't remember if I needed anything more. I don't believe there were any questions in the test that made me say... darn it, I should have bought the ASCE and IBC codes. Everything that I needed was covered in the notes and the supplemental information provided by the instructor. Good luck.
  16. Ohhhhh... good for him.
  17. Two locations within the San Diego City limits showed up when I did a search. Pearson Professional Centers-San Diego CA 3838 Camino Del Rio N Suite 205 San Diego, California 92108 United States Pearson Professional Centers-San Diego (North) CA 11770 Bernardo Plaza Court Suite 463 Sunroad Financial Plaza San Diego, California 92128 United States There is one in San Marcos also. Good luck.
  18. In California, in addition to the Civil NCEES PE exam, you will have to take the Surveying and the Seismic exams. The Seismic portion should be relatively easy for a SE, but the surveying portion will need a good bit of work if you don't have a background in surveying. My suggestion is that you look at taking a course for the NCEES and at least for the surveying exams. Good luck.
  19. Does Reza Mahallati's workbook have equations and instructional text along with the problems? I saw a copy of his old workbook being sold on ebay and it appears to have only problems and according to the seller some of the class notes. I still couldn't find an used copy of Reza's workbook anywhere, so I may just end of buying it new but wanted to know before I sent in the check. Thank you.
  20. I agree with ptatohed. Just make sure your strengthen your concepts and you will find that the plug and chug will not be that time consuming. The only thing that is time consuming is the vertical curve equations where you are trying to find the clearances. It involves solving a quadratic equation and a formula solver may help there. However, it will be only one or two problems in the exam and can be solved at the tail end of the exam after you have attempted the others. Good luck.
  21. I believe that is how when I took it about 18 years ago... I believe my work experience helped me to pass it.
  22. I was referring to those types of questions... I can't state questions here because of the non-disclosure agreement, but I remember clearly one question in the actual exam that was really confusing. I hear what CAPLS is saying, but I respectfully disagree with him in this regard.
  23. The text based questions are generally testing your concepts. They can be confusing and most of the the time they are set that way. The only way to do better in them is to study a survey text book or have practical experience with surveying. If you don't have time for either of them, then it is best to just read whatever material you have and go with it. So if you concentrate on getting your numerical questions correct, then you should pass. For example, let us consider that there are 15 text questions and 40 numerical questions. You are able to complete 30 of the numerical questions and guess the rest of them. The chances of getting the guesses correct is 25%. Using the other percentages you used, the expected number of questions that you can answer correctly is 0.5*15+.75*30+.25*10 = 32 (rounded down). 58% is marginal. However, if you can get 35 of the numerical questions correct, your expected correct answers become 0.5*15+.75*35+.25*5 = 35. A 63% is a reasonably good grade. See how many text questions are there in a typical test and you should have a feel how much you need to concentrate on them. Good luck.
  24. Please give the Board a call and find out what is going on. CAPLS may be able to assist you here, but you need an official answer from the board. Good luck.
  25. I hope CAPLS can give you more guidance. However, I think you should contact the CA Board immediately and talk to someone about the medical records. Is it possible to get a doctor's recommendation without spending a lot of money but just fees for one consultation? I am thinking about $100 or so... It is a burden, but given your situation, an updated medical report maybe be a safer bet just in case... You are investing a lot of your time to prepare for the exam and don't want to be hindered because some one in Prometric thought your med records were old. Good luck.