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  1. Goes to show how carefully one needs to approach the exam problems... the "A" answer is a "distractor"... something that many will choose because making a common mistake...
  2. Very tricky as usual... ptatohed is correct... I used 1+00, 2+00 and 3+00 instead of 3+15 for the last one. Great question!!
  3. Don't make me relive those days of punching numbers furiously... I got A, B, B...
  4. My company pays for the testing fees if you pass. If you do not, then you don't get reimbursed. They also pay for approved educational courses, up to $500 per year.
  5. For the Surveying and Seismic exams, you should get the notification about 6 weeks before the testing window. Good luck.
  6. Time Left: 17 days and 11 hours

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    As the title for the posting says, I have the DVDs and the book by Dr. Mansour for the California Civil Surveying Exam for sale. I watched the DVDs once but the book has some highlighting and marks. Overall, it is a clean set. Postage will be by Priority Mail, unless you want to pay extra. Please inbox me for details. Thank you, Maji


  7. I had an old copy of Baradar's sample exams and I took EET's course. I don't know how Baradar's latest version is, but the problems in the old version were more or less of the same difficulty level as the exam. However, I can tell you that during the real exam I felt that I was working on EET's practice exam! As ptatohed mentioned, if you can, practice both the tests from both the books, it can only help. Good luck.
  8. See if you can give the FE exam asap. If you cannot take it in CA, look at taking it in other states. Some states may allow you to take the FE exam even though you don't have an US degree. Truthfully, it is difficult for companies here to judge your experience based on just overseas education and work, so don't lose hope. Keep on trying and you will get rewarded. Best of luck.
  9. The exams are very code specific. I am not sure that the codes changed that much, but I still believe you are better off studying from the books that are based on the latest codes that are specified in the testing plans. Good luck.
  10. I guess good help is not cheap and cheap help is not good...
  11. This is just a general question for readers of this thread... if a person has worked as an EIT under a PE but then they had a fallout... can the PE really sign and seal a recommendation stating that the EIT's work was not satisfactory? This assumes that the EIT's work was satisfactory, but then they had a personality clash or a disagreement. I think it is making a false statement and then signing/sealing should make a PE face disciplinary action by the relevant State Board. If the EIT can prove other PEs (clients, ex coworkers etc.) that his work was satisfactory, then I believe the EIT should lodge a complaint with the State Board against his supervisory PE. Just my thoughts.
  12. I got that one from a coworker who had passed the PE a while back. The problems are not really close to the real exam in difficulty. All questions in the exam are not difficult, so in my opinion the easy questions in the exams are similar to the problems in that book. I believe Reza's workbook problems are closer to the real exam questions in terms of the range from easy to difficult.
  13. Thank you. Yes, my name showed up late Friday afternoon.
  14. I applied using comity and then had to take the two special tests in October 2016, that I managed to pass. I had submitted my fingerprints with my application but for some reason it did not get in the system. When I got my results, it showed that the Board was missing my fingerprints. I called the board and after a few tries was able to get in touch with someone around the beginning of January 2017 who was able to resolve the issue. She told me that I should expect my license number to appear around the end of January 2017. I hope this helps you to get a feel for the time line.