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  1. MEC, Thank you!! Also, thank you for the reminder about setting my Calc to Rad instead of Deg.
  2. The solution for problem #536 begins by having us use the formula: µ' = µ(sin(Φ/2)) ÷ (Φ+ sinΦ) They help us by making sure we know to convert the angle of 80° to radians, 80° = 1.4rad But when I put that into the equation, I don't get the same answer the book gets (book has 0.864, I get 0.00686). Am I doing it wrong or is the book wrong? I've been wanting to ask this since January but I feel like it's a silly question so I never asked. It's time to hide the pride and get the help I've been looking for.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Just wanted to point out that I have found several errors in the book. Most of the errors are in the answers for the problems. The incorrectly show how to answer the question and the answer they get doesn't jive with the way they show how to do it. This may cause frustration for those that are not as familiar with the content (meaning those types of problems) and may require additional research while trying to learn the material.
  5. I meant to say that I bought the Machine Design and Materials book, not the MSM book. MSM is what they called it before 2017.
  6. I'm bought the new book when I registered for the exam (saved a few bucks that way). I took a quick look through it (I bought the Mechanical Systems and Materials) and I saw 28 new questions. The questions are in a different order than the 2011 book, so it threw me off at first. Even if I mistook a few for new, there's easily 25% new questions in the book. If the book goes for $40, you're spending about $25-$30 for new questions. To me it's worth it, YMMV.
  7. CPY, you might want to edit your post, you're kind of giving away too much from the exam. We're all wanting to know as much as possible, but it feels like your list is too informative where it skirts the line of what we share about the exam. However, I too feel like I studied for a different test. In the front of the exam book I made three columns. In the first column I put a mark down for every answer I was certain was correct. The next column was for answers that I did a decent job on and I pretty sure I got it right, but not positive. The last column was for answers where I straight up guessed. In the end, I tallied 44 "correct", 20 some-what sure, and 16 where I was not sure. My super high level math gives me a gut feeling of 55/80, which is not likely enough to pass. This is based on getting one or two right out what I guessed on, missing some in the "some-what sure" category, and missing one or two in the "correct" column. I've heard that the test is not the same from one person to the next, and not the same from April to October. However, I've been making a list of the problems and topics I can recall that stumped me and adding them to my study list for the next round. Yesterday and Today is some of the most valuable time as I can recall the most about the test and what I need to work on. If I passed, then this time spent right now is moot. But if I failed, I won't be able to recall enough about what was covered come this December, so it's better to review now.
  8. I was surprised at how much material was on the test that wasn't really part of the study material I had purchased. Lots of questions about things I didn't study for. I kind of felt like I could have had half of my Summer back (put less time in to studying) and I would have done just as well on the test. I felt like I spent over 200 hours studying the wrong material, or at least 100 hours on the wrong material. Oh well, time to start preparing for April.
  9. We've all put a lot of time in to studying over the last 3-4 months, it will all pay off tomorrow. Good Luck!!
  10. I was able to message NCEES but this morning and they quickly replied with an updated Exam Auth form. They also mentioned that they'd notify the proctor at my test site just in case. Very painless. Ram, for whatever reason, I set up my NCEES account with Andy, not thinking it needed to be my legal name. Fixed now.
  11. I was reviewing my NCEES account and under my account name and mailing address it says Andy. However, on my FE license it says Andrew (it also says Andrew on the envelope that they mailed my license in). So, I guess I'll call them in the morning and hopefully I can get this fixed in time.
  12. Since it's an Elite Plus card, they'll know I'm for real.
  13. I'm asking you guys because my States' license board is closed right now. My name is Andrew, but it says Andy on my Exam Authorization. I go by Andy and I only use Andrew in times where my legal name is required. In the "instructions to all examinees" it says "The first and last name on your ID and Exam Authorization must match". Now, almost every one knows that Andy is short for Andrew, and it is very common to shorten names like that. However, every piece of formal ID that I have has Andrew on it. The only semi-official (mostly unofficial) ID that I can find with Andy on it is my Best Buy reward zone card. That's not going to cut it. Will they accept that kind of difference in names, or do I need to get on the phone Monday morning and find out about changing how my name appears on the Exam Authorization.
  14. I'm guessing your comment about copyright was at me.  I cannot find this book to purchase and this was the closest thing I could find.