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  1. complaining it's hot spam
  2. breakfast spam
  3. poor pupper
  4. also at work seeking pity party spam
  5. pun gold
  6. ah my bad. can consolidate.
  7. damn ralph fiennes you looks studly despite your nose being missing n stuff
  8. I started working out a few months ago and bought this shirt to motivate me.
  9. so now we can get swole as heck and beat the crap out of each other when someone doesn't get their project work done in time. or doesn't clean their dishes. i'm all in. #fightclub #trafficengineersbeatingthesh*toutofeachother
  10. @leggo hey!! hmmm cool I like that. I'm going to propose it! I feel like I've seen something like that challenge on Pinterest.
  11. @leggo what's that tell me more
  12. noted on the atlanta thing.
  13. When will that April 2017 sub come up? I'm anxiously awaiting prodding the newbs as they await exam results...welcome to the otheeerrr sideeee
  14. @kpalframan i'm in a similar situation. passed civil in october and am applying for TE this october (i definitely have the qualifying experience). actually filling out my reference forms as we speak (due May 1!!!). i was also told by my supervisors to study for ptoe. I'm a bit annoyed at having to take two tests, especially since TE is only offered 1x/year and now i'm nervous i'm going to fail the TE because I'll be focused on PTOE as well...butttttttttttttt we both clearly work in traffic engineering and i'm thinking this actually won't be very daunting. as a heads up, ptoe is offered 3x/year. if you really want to, you could space them out, giving you a little extra time, but TBH, i don't really think there will be all that much difference between the 2 exams, other than the use of HDM+CA MUTCD (as opposed to ONLY asshto and nat'l MUTCD). let me know what you plan to do since i'm in the same boat...i don't want to overdo it, but i also don't want to lag on taking the ptoe because i don't "feel like" taking two very similar exams. in my case, i will have actually taken the 8 hr (transpo depth) 2 years prior to taking the TE, so while that's pretty soon after, it isn't quite one year either.