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  1. Total Eclipse of the ?? (Heart) .. no the sun

    It is a real big deal here in Nashville. Schools are out, bars with outside decks have waiting lists, and crowds equivalent to the Stanley Cup playoffs and CMA fest are expected. We are strongly encouraged to work from home that day. Our company tried to obtain the glasses, but it fell through. I order some goggles from Amazon a couple of weeks ago, but grabbed a couple a pairs at Kroger for $2 each when I saw them (they quickly sell out). I am glad I did because the Amazon order fell through. My S.O. and our dogs will be going to the large park down the street on Monday with our glasses and lunch to enjoy the eclipse.
  2. Horse is to stable

  3. Horse is to stable

  4. CE PE - 20+ years after graduating

    I graduated in December 1988, took and passed the FE exam in April 1989 (first attempt) , and took and passed the P&P exam in April 2016 (first attempt). I took School of PE (Construction Depth) and would not have passed without it. For me, the course narrowed down what to study for and provides great resource material for the exam. The material in the course and subsequently on the exam could be broken down into four categories as follows: 1. Material I use daily (example - reading geotechnical reports, SWPPP stuff) 2. Material I have used since I graduated but not used it in awhile - (example - calculating bank volume/loose volume quantities, construction scheduling) 3. Material I had in college but have not used since (some of the structures stuff like truss analysis) 4. Material I was seeing the first time. (some of the hydraulics and water resource stuff) For me, the first steps were the most difficult and it got easier as I progressed through the classes, videos. For instance: 1. I started out watching their math review 10 times. My head was spinning as I had forgotten what the sin, cos, and tan formula's were, but it all came back. 2. I watched the calculator video ten times. 3. I signed up for both their On Demand and live online classes. Most of the time it was the same material taught by different instructors. It really helped if I got stuck on a topic and needed to see it taught from a slightly different perspective. Getting back to the study routine was the most difficult, but once it does, it will become easier. I have since gotten multiple certifications because I had learned to study again.
  5. Horse is to stable

  6. Horse is to stable

  7. Horse is to stable

  8. Horse is to stable

  9. Horse is to stable

  10. Horse is to stable

  11. GA (Green Advantage) Certified Practitioner

    I am trying to get as many people working on the project as a GACA or GACP. We will see if we can meet the requirement.
  12. GA (Green Advantage) Certified Practitioner

    Green Advantage and the LEED® Innovation Credit The LEED Rating System recognizes the value of having a significant percentage of a project's supervisory workforce be Green Advantage Certified Practitioners (GACPs), and has approved a LEED Innovation Credit for eligible commercial projects registering under LEED-NC v2.2, LEED 2009 BD&C, and LEED v4. Projects seeking LEED certification that wish to pursue the Innovation Credit have two options for additional guidance in developing bidding documents or specifications*: 1) Use the Specification Requirements Guide Divisions 00 and 01. 2) Use the Non-proprietary Specification for Workforce Certification (packaged as a single division).* Regardless of whether a project is pursuing LEED certification, project teams can use the language in these specification documents to set a standard for green knowledge, best practices, and leadership. Please note that interpretations of LEED Credits are determined solely by USGBC, not Green Advantage. Additional information about the LEED Innovation Credit for Green Advantage can be found on the USGBC website at LI #5413. Since this is Design-Build, I am making sure the designers have the certification as well as including this in the specifications.
  13. Horse is to stable

  14. GA (Green Advantage) Certified Practitioner

    I took and passed the Green Advantage Certified Practioner Exam on my lunch break today (the good thing is that I could see the test center from my window). Exam Cost: $175 Exam: 60 questions Exam Time: 90 minutes. Exam Study Material: Study Guide that you could download or ask Green Advantage to email to you There are other training opportunities that are linked on the Green Advantage Website. I decided to get this certification in order to get a hypothetical LEED Innovation Point for a LEED “certifiable” project for Design/Build contract that I am working on. Green Advantage states that you can get a LEED Innovation credit of 30% of your work force is “Green Advantage Certified” and I want to make sure our design staff is certified. How I passed the exam: 1. I signed up for an online study course for $88.00 from http://www.becominggreeninc.com/course.php?course=4. The course was just going through pdf slides of sustainable topics. I just really wanted the pdf’s slides to read on a plane when I was traveling. I downloaded the pdf’s and read them on a plane and in my hotel room for site visit last week. In all I studied about 5 hours and it really did not help. I am already a LEED AP and have worked on a handful of LEED projects and more LEED “certifiable” projects. 2. The exam was more difficult than I anticipated. I have experience and was looking at questions based on actual experience and not looking at it from the “Green” POV. If you take this test, make sure you have your Green POV hat on. 3. I finished the exam in 41 minutes, then spent another 20 minutes answering the questions I skipped, then quickly reread the questions. I did change some of the answers after I looked at them again. 4. I hit submit and got a “PASSED” back immediately with my percent passing score (No survey of the exam facility). Overall, I spent $263 and spent 5 hours studying for the exam. The certification is valid for five years. Recertification is only available by retesting, so I doubt I will be keeping this certification unless there is a valid reason for it.
  15. Taking early PE to increase job prospects?

    I agree with ptatohead and take it early if you are prepared and able. Life can and will get in the way and you will wish you had taken it when you had the opportunity.