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  1. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

  2. So...it's been a while...

  3. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    i'm movin up in the world!
  4. Foundation Settlement

    if support 3 settled and had this load, i would want to say negative moment at 2 would increase assuming pinned connections
  5. Foundation Settlement

    I agree with this as well - that the negative moment wouldn't necessarily get more negative. i don't like this question. haha. but the fixity is exactly what i was trying to address. if it's a concrete beam with concrete columns then there will likely be some moment at 4.
  6. Online Tailors

    you should find someone who does this. maybe i could start a side hustle.
  7. Foundation Settlement

    I can see there's no applied moment at 4. What I'm asking is if you draw your shear and moment diagram for the continuous beam over four columns, do you get a moment at 4? If they're pinned connections, you shouldn't. but you still wouldn't if you put a downward force at 3 (say if the column ends up settling enough to "hang" from the beam)or simply removed that support, so the moment at 4 would still be 0. Therefore, my thought is that there would be an increased negative moment at 3. I could very well be overthinking this, though.
  8. Foundation Settlement

    draw your shear and moment diagrams (or refer to the handy tables in the steel manual) - is there a moment at 4?
  9. It's Friday!!!!

    i'm doing all of the things in the house this weekend! including KILLING ALL OF THE SPIDERS BECAUSE NOW THERE ARE ELEVENTY FOUR THOUSAND.
  10. Basement 2.0

    i'm pro concrete and jealous of your basement.
  11. F= M x D

    (also, the title of this post bothers me. it should be F = M/d or M = Fd but F does not equal Md) - just for clarification
  12. F= M x D

    synchronized posting
  13. F= M x D

    agree if information regarding what the question reads exactly would be helpful. if the question is asking what's the minimum "x" for this structure to be stable (not overturning) given the shown loads, then yes, x would be 12. the reaction forces wouldn't affect the overturning unless they were doing more than resisting the loads shown. but in my experience, what I interpret from the question vs what the question is actually asking is sometimes not exactly aligned.
  14. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

  15. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    ok. my shit's picked. aint no room for failing this round.