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  1. I thought the FE was harder but I had a non traditional education allowing me to sit for it, so my work experience made sitting for the PE easier, although both I had to take 2x. (I seriously cannot study for the life of me) I think that must be my standard - gotta sit and see what to expect, then pass the second time. I dunno. the FE would still be challenging to me if I sat for it now, except if I could search the reference book. That might be a game changer!! Regardless, if you find the FE is not required for the desired reciprocity states then I wouldn't bother taking it until it was necessary. I think they're scheduleable at any time now since they're computer based, so you could always sit and get results based on need in the future.
  2. Total Eclipse of the ?? (Heart) .. no the sun

    that's what i thought thanks!
  3. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    salmon lox sammich with capers red onion evoo and greens on toasted ciabatta
  4. Total Eclipse of the ?? (Heart) .. no the sun

    It's been super hazy here (seattle) from BC wildfires but a lot of people are heading down to oregon for 100%. I'm just going to walk to the waterfront because I need to be working 50 hour weeks and somehow the eclipse isn't gonna let me do that if I try to go in insane traffic southbound. we'll get about 94% here, so that will just have to suffice for me. serious question - the reason for the glasses and such is bc youre not supposed to look directly at the sun, right? like, if i do today ill see spots so you just dont wanna stare directly at it because ouch? or is it actually more intense bc of the high contrast with the moon?
  5. Horse is to stable

  6. CE PE - 20+ years after graduating

    I think it might be helpful to start with a practice exam or practice problems, to see where you need the focus. Then you could always enroll in classes too! Or there's lots of seminars and webinars on specific topics. For example, woodworks has a great selection of wood design topics like complex diaphragm and shear walls with penetrations, heavy timber connections, and (the best part...) they're all free! Welcome, and good luck!
  7. It's Friday!!!!

    this week has been so insane and stressful that i'm coming into the office in the mornings before music on festival weekend this weekend, so next week isn't as insane and stressful. also, i'm exhausted. happy friday.
  8. Forum Banning Game

    Bad for not using the word bigly
  9. Forum Banning Game

    Banned for ellipsis usage
  10. Kids of EB

    this is in Idaho. Idaho must not care as much! It's her first one so that's very likely.
  11. Kids of EB

    (my mom is an ex 1st-3rd teacher)
  12. Kids of EB

    Idk. She just mentioned she was trying to decide what to do. I asked my mom and she said lack of structure could be hard to transition from during grade school but pre school might be ok? Maybe it is just Montessori style. I thought that it sounded like a good change of pace from her current preschool and didn't think it would hurt to change it up and experience different learning styles? But I'm not a parent so I always worry about having an opinion.
  13. Kids of EB

    Friends toddler ran in my house sans-diaper. Squats down to play with a toy. Starts peeing. Stands up. Pile of poop.
  14. Kids of EB

    Pros/cons of Montessori for preschool? Planning to transition to public school for kindergarten and beyond. Current preschool watches lots of TV. Asking for a friend.
  15. Random Thoughts Version 2.0

    well, first it was just the event ticket. NBD. then she was finding stupid schedules for flights and I stepped in to get it sorted out. I saved her at LEAST a benjamin. and hours of flight time. We're going with our parents too. She has a rental property where her mom / my parents live. Her mom collects the rent for her. So she's having her mom give my mom cash for the tickets when rent gets turned in. then, my mom has to deposit money into my account, or into hers and write me a check. it's ridic. lololol