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  1. well where were you october 2009?? I went to Boston once!
  2. i want beer!
  3. Also, GOOD LUCK! We all love you and stuff. you can do it! have a delicious breakfast and go kill those bubbles.
  4. Results May 1 xo
  5. romance
  6. chain
  7. yikes. I guess I just gotta stay ahead of the curve in terms of computerizing because I think I do better with written. That means if I shoot for a successful SE before 6 years is up I should be ok. Yes, I'm so old I took the written FE exam.
  8. 100k. Easy. No point in hating my life for 10 years. if it was 5, i would be more likely to consider leaning the other way. would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?
  9. I predict that they will release the results as you walk IN to the exam.
  10. Also, I like how this post was about dating style and we're talking about rings....but they're Order of the Engineer rings and not the other kind. lol.
  11. as far as I am aware, you can bring your books in whatever you want to bring them in (many in my state carried backpacks). That doesn't mean the books stay in that vessel for the exam. you will likely bring your books up to the table or adjacent on the floor for the actual test. The only weird rule they gave us was we couldn't roll our suitcases on the escalator. we had to carry them instead. which, if you have any logic in your brain, that puts even more weight on one step but WHO AM I TO SAY what makes sense. lol. basically, bring whatever is most comfortable for you.
  12. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I DELETED MY "when do we get to spam" comment. exposed.
  13. ughhhhh no fun.