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  1. note - unless you want to spend the 600 to transfer points, i would open both cards in one persons name (in case that got buried with all the info)
  2. I don't have it yet, as I'm waiting to have a solid use for the companion pass to make it worth my while, otherwise I'm getting other chase cards for now. I have read that some people alternate .. so you could do the 2 cards and have companion pass through end of 2018. then wife could do the same in dec 2018 (finishing minimum spend after Jan 1 2019) to have the CP through end of 2020! Also, many people that do lots of travel hacking use these cards. However, I will say that if you are spending 30k on cards and don't have an issue opening some more cards (like aren't applying for a home loan in the next few years etc) then you could maximize your rewards for travel and lodging even if you do it in a smart way. I would highly recommend reading up on the 10x travel and points guy sites. I can give you a bit of info from my start (i started last month) and where i'm going! people are traveling business class/ first class and taking 30k dollar vacations for a couple hundred bucks. tons of potential if you're smart with credit.
  3. I love southwest! I would suggest doing this, and transferring your points into one account, and you'll be eligible for the SW companion pass (requires 110k points) , which would be valid until the end of 2018... and you'll have 120k points to spend - which is essentially 240 since you can buy a flight with points and then use the companion pass *plus fees ofc* for S.O. I'm not sure what the costs for transferring points is - from what I can tell, it's $10 per 1k points, so you would be looking at 600 dollars to transfer.. Your other option is to have one of you sign up for (2) SW cards. The personal and the business both have the 60k bonus right now (till end of month i think? 6/29ish so you'll have to act quickly) Sorry for all the blabbing, I've been getting into travel hacking with credit card points. I am just a beginner though. Information I have learned so far is from 10x travel. Here's a link to the article on the SW companion pass and how to achieve it. If you find the information valuable and have no other loyalties, you could use their affiliate link to apply
  4. hoe
  5. im still trying to figure out what the something smaller would be called? isn't this relative?
  6. Why shit on mountains? Idk, doesn't everybody? As long as you dig a hole and cover it up it's OK right? Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  7. wheels
  8. Just how many do you have? I mean.... That's a kind of personal question dont you think? I see many mountains today. Perhaps a shitton. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  9. lol aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I guess it's just one of those weeks
  10. all of the mountains are out today. i love it here. they miss you, @thekzieg (idk why i always want to put a d in kzieg ((kdzieg)))
  11. banned for making @Voomie go mia. it's totes all your fault.
  12. how about now? lol
  13. this is ok right? i mean it's fine. it's fine. also, FU for taking away my baller view of the olympics. jerks.
  14. IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ALL THAT????!!!!!!!!!!! haha i actually had to spec something form this company for a project that never got built but i died for days looking at these ads. and yeah like, lets try to be sexy but we're gonna wear flippies because we're cas'.