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  1. Banned for being emotionless.
  2. Many FREE stamps are still available. Only 12 states claimed so far.
  3. Climb Everest
  4. Good luck! Long days ahead for us.
  5. Looking for codes and study books for the SE exam.
  6. Congratulations to all of those who recently passed the PE exam. It is something to be very proud of.
  7. FYI, doing this again for October 2016.
  8. We are giving everyone 20% off for the week of Thanksgiving. Use coupon code "givethanks20" to get 20% all orders for the week of thanksgiving.
  9. What references do people recommend for those taking the SE exam (Building Tract) in Oct 2016?
  10. We Got ours!! Yum.
  11. We suggest taking whichever depth you are the most comfortable with. It should have no bearing on your career, nobody will ever know.
  12. Here are the seal requirement so that you are aware and you can pass along to the person ordering your stamp if you want. MO Engineer Seal Requirements.pdf
  13. After researching it, looks like you are exempt based on this link and what we read as well.
  14. They expire soon to get you on the same schedule with all of the other engineers. Almost all states do this so that they process the renewals at the same time for efficiency. Not sure on the PDH's required though, some states prorate and some say your exempt for the first renewal. If it didn't say in your letter, then I would contact the board to make sure. Best to know from them for sure rather than assume what somebody else tells you is correct in our opinion.
  15. Congrats to all those who passed in Missouri.
  16. All week this week we will donate $1 from all orders from Engineers that put "EB Donation" under additional information on their order to Spread the word and help to keep this forum running.
  17. The Texas board is pretty efficient at turning around the approvals of the stamps. They understand how eager the new engineers are to use their stamp.
  18. Please be patient if you are unable to reach today 6/1. We just upgraded our servers and the upgrade takes up to 4 hours to propagate. During this time our website will be unavailable. It should be back up shortly, thank you for your patience.
  19. Congrats to all that passed in AZ!!
  20. Only 13 states have been claimed so far. Lots of free stamps are still up for grabs.
  21. You can use coupon code "pestamps10" to get 10% off stamps anytime on our site though.

  22. Some states make you wait until the next board meeting and some state boards meet monthly. During this meeting they approve the NCEES results and issue licenses thereafter.
  23. Congrats to all that passed!
  24. Coupon code "pestamps10" is the code for 10% off. Congrats!