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  1. Thank you

    Congratulations @katiejune! The PE is difficult enough but to balance family life with such young little ones is beyond my comprehension. Hope you get a chance to relax some this weekend.
  2. What are your Non-Passing Scores? Too soon?

    It was pretty awesome to be part of it and to get an understanding/appreciation of all the work that is put into creating the exam. I highly recommend being part of it later on.
  3. P.Engr. or P.E. or PE

    I have PE on my business card, I liked the look of not having the dots.
  4. What are your Non-Passing Scores? Too soon?

    having had participated in the meeting to determine what is passing I can promise you it is not a guaranteed 70%, there is a lot that goes into it. Feel free to read about it here: http://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2012_AM_Understanding_Exam_Dev.pdf
  5. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    100% sure because I tracked it last year and I just became a supporting member Clue: its not inside the thread
  6. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    ha ha
  7. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    oooooh I'm telling
  8. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

  9. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    and the insanity begins
  10. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    Well results aren't out yet and those who took the test will continue to loose their minds more with each passing day
  11. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    Hush up
  12. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

  13. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    No Rulz
  14. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    YAY 15k
  15. April 2017 15k spam-a-thon

    Sitting in a meeting