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  1. Fudgey's Sister?

    +1 Dleg's search history
  2. Maybe I need to look closer at the freezer section tomorrow. I would assume Charlotte has a respectable Asian population - there's no way we can have this many bad drivers otherwise. J/K - nobody here can drive.
  3. Fudgey's Sister?

    I don't think the poo is supposed to come out of that part, Dleg.
  4. ?! Why have I not seen these? (Unless they're the weird shrimp ones in the soup that comes in the black microwaveable bowls)
  5. So...it's been a while...

    Alright! My signature is relevant again! Welcome back.
  6. So...it's been a while...

    Not unless he changed his user name, but anything is possible?
  7. Fudgey's Sister?

    I really does. I use it on chafed legs and chest after racing from where the harness rubs.
  8. I normally do that, but learned the real lesson: Never trust an EB member.
  9. Fudgey's Sister?

    I wouldn't want to be the one doing her laundry. I suspect she lives close by - just enough to waddle home and get in the shower without needing the services of Boudreaux's Butt Paste.
  10. Fudgey's Sister?

    Found Fudgey's sister for real: http://deadspin.com/a-jogger-dubbed-the-mad-pooper-is-terrorizing-colorad-1818521863 Either that, or Mrs. RG is doing some weird shit while RG is at work.
  11. Online Tailors

    Real life. I am not, in fact, Evil Morty, but don't tell anyone.
  12. When is it necessary to harden steel?

    I don't think you're going to find much tabular information relative to any of the three traits you list, because they are very much temperature and service dependent. That said, I'd go look at the literature available from Outokumpu, Rolled Alloys, and AK Steel as a starting point. You may find some information relative to cold work properties on grades like the 301 where that sort of thing is common.
  13. Online Tailors

    You've got a passport, right?