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  1. Congrats!!!!!!
  2. Very sorry to hear. But straight up guess for 10 questions isn't too bad. How did you feel on the others? I'm really curious to hear how different the exam was for the re-takers due to the new format.
  3. Best of luck to you all tomorrow
  4. I knew it was to good to be true. Just got an email from the local rep of EMJ wanting to meet in person and bring a copy of the book...
  5. It is absolutely riddled with errors! It's probably too late now but buy the solutions if you plan on doing these problems. Without them, you won't even find the errors. I only did the AM section when I prepped for the exam last year. Like you, I did them just a few days prior to the exam. I did feel working thru the problems was very beneficial to me despite the frustrations between the questions and solutions. I thought the breadth TFS problems for oughtright, specifically the fluids ones, were more realistic to the problems I saw on the exam than the other material I used for prep (but I was a MDM depth).
  6. So did I. Thank you very much!
  7. The intro section in the MERM has a suggested reference list. Also, take a look at this thread:
  8. I thought the FE was much easier but there was a 16 year gap between taking the two exams...not to mention that I took the FE less than one year after finishing my BS degree. I do remember that the PE was 100% essay in 2000 though. Also, they let you take the FE and PE at the same time back then if you met the other requirements (at least in PA). A talked with a few people on the day of the exam who took the PE on Friday and were taking the FE with me on Saturday.
  9. No. Like a traditional test in college...a problem with a blank page below it for you to solve. Surprisingly I had my results for that exam quicker than I did for the PE taken last year!
  10. The afternoon portion of my EIT/FE exam was essay in April 2000.
  11. I can only speak for the MD exam but I felt the 6MS problems were representable to what was seen in the exam. On my first past thru the book (which I did first per Ramnares' recommended study guide), I remember a specific problem taking upwards of two and a half hours to correctly solve. I recall thinking that a problem like that could never be on the exam, especially not the extent of computation that it required. Well guess what? There was a problem almost identical to it on the test! Take Ramnares' advice and master those 6MS problems! After your third pass thru, you should be completing all 80 or so questions in well under 8 hours.
  12. I used the attached chart, although there probably are much better versions out there. I highlighted the major lines each in different colors to make it easier to read. I took with me to the exam a clear plastic triangle and a 6" stainless steel rule. With a combination of these tools, I didn't have to draw lines or make pencil marks on the sheet. Psychrometric Chart.PDF
  13. 25'x44' isn't big enough for all three of those desires IMHO: garage/shop/gym. I have a 24'x40'. Holds two project cars, a small Kubota tractor, work area, and some shelving/cabinets. Its excellent for a garage and shop but there is no way I'd have the room for a gym. I also have an attached garage on the home for the daily drivers, kid's bikes/toys, and lawn equipment. Definitely run hot/cold water to it with some form of drain...I wish I had water lines running to mine. Power with a 100A sub-panel. Run at least two 220V lines: one at 30A for a compressor, one at 50A for a welder. Insulate the building well. For heating, I use a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pump system. Heats that puppy up in a matter of minutes, it's efficient, and is works as an A/C on those hot summer days. I'd also suggest 10' ceilings so you can use 8' or higher garage doors.
  14. Ouch! I didn't realize the cost of these review courses. I'm a fan of self paced studying. The MERM and the associated PPI/NCEES materials are adequate to prepare you for the exam. Supplement with a few textbooks such as Shigley's, Machinery's Handbook, etc. and devote yourself to working problems for a minimum of 2.5-3 hrs/day, 6 days/week, and you will be adequately prepared IMHO.