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  1. Hawaii's results will be released on 9 June
  2. Can anyone in the 808 confirm whether they've received their results in the mail. My NCEES page is pending and to date, still no letter. Mahalo
  3. Glad I'm not alone on the econ question. Had all the fixings of an out loud WTF during the exam.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Outside of School of PE/EET provided study material, did you use any other study material? (NCEES practice exam, etc...)
  6. I did not pass the Oct 2016 exam after doing a self study. For the April 2017 exam, I enrolled in EET. For those that enrolled in EET or similar classes, what, if any, additional study resources did you use? Or... Did you limit your study to the references provided?
  7. Thank you for the insight. Self studied for oct 2016 construction depth and failed. For April's exam, I'll def use EET.
  8. Hawaii results are out. I'll be back in April for round two
  9. Any update to your NCEES account?
  10. Congrats! Still no news on this end. Let's go pearl city!
  11. Just received word from the state, NCEES will release our results tomorrow!
  12. Anyone from Guam on EB?
  13. @CrimsonZero84 did previous results come first via mail from the state or email from NCEES?
  14. Spot on. Results were mailed last Friday. I'm thinking wed at the latest. Good luck brother!
  15. We have to wait for the state to mail results. NOT COOL!