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  1. We expect things to work. Yep.
  2. Possibly a milihelen.
  3. I've used WebEx, GoTo Meeting, Skype, and Lync. They all suck donkey balls. Skype is ok. Lync seems to work most of the time. Goto is good if you can get it to install. WebEx? It's been too long to remember.
  4. You're definitely not going to get much breadth of material from the NCEES problem set in one book. Most people seem to do best when they can work as many problems as possible. One of the shortcomings of MERM 13 is they took out all the practice problems and put them into a separate book you have to buy. If you have the MERM problem booklet that is going to be good help for you. Just keep in mind that the problems are much harder than the NCEES test problems. Were it me, I would ensure I had the problem booklet and try to get at least one of the other NCEES test booklets. Some folks on here may be selling them (you can look in the for sale section of the forums) or you can find them on E-bay. Going used can save you some dough. It's expensive, yes, but it's also expensive to take the exam more than once.
  5. Just how many do you have?
  6. It depends on a few things. How far out of school are you? How well do you remember the material? How much of it do you already use on the daily? As a suggestion, you might try working the NCEES exam to get a feel for where you are now and see how much more you might need.
  8. I wouldn't waste a moment of my time on it, personally.
  9. Banned for erroneously thinking that about me.
  10. Banned for banning a registered vendor.
  11. I suspect the reason more TFS questions are asked here is because there really aren't that many good resources for the answers anywhere else. For machine design there is, IMO, more to find elsewhere. If you're on the fence, I just recommend you pick a discipline area that you enjoy the most and go for it.
  12. Hope it was great!
  13. That's it. Well done.