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  1. Dex, is that Club Dread?
  2. The funniest moment from Thursday night might have ironically come from the saddest place in Chicago, the team’s draft party. Spotted in the crowd of Bears fans looking like they’re about to cancel their season tickets, was this lone Packers fan, who couldn’t help but laugh at the Bears’ Mitch Trubisky pick.
  3. I knew that, but I have his book.
  4. History of the World Part 1 Next up:
  5. And no PDH requirement to boot
  6. I don't play many games or even very often but I might make an exception and get this one:
  7. Down town
  8. Banned for being part of the spelling police.
  9. Disc
  10. ^---- what he said.
  11. This was a good one first time around. Haven't heard the latest: On Above & Beyond, former Seattle Seahawks quarterback and 710 ESPN Seattle host Brock Huard talks one-on-one about trials and triumphs, struggles and perseverance. Listen to intimate stories about how champions dealt with their greatest professional adversities. It's stories of faith beyond just a sound bite. Every two weeks. To sponsor a child in need visit and Beyond
  12. I had heard his arguments about the length of yellow lights before. It seems sound to me, regardless.
  13. I thought part of the point of Uber was you would offer a ride to someone who was going the same direction/time as you. If you're going anyway, isn't the full $15 money in the bank?
  14. I have the S7. Daughter has an S6 edge. I used to have the S5. If you can find an S5 on kitkat, you'll be better off. I still think that phone was better than either of the S7 or S6. But if you can't find that, the S7 is better than the S6, IMO.