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  1. Same.
  2. Send him to this site instead. Tons of videos with written instruction for all levels of athlete. Plus all the examples show the right way to do it. Watching pros and college ball can be tricky because often they bend the rules and form. But they use video of good form.
  3. Tried them. Much prefer normal laces that tie.
  4. Good morning,

    I saw on a thread that you might have a PDF copy of the MERM appendix. Could you send a copy to me? I would really appreciate it.


  5. My first two both drive sticks, and my third will this year.
  6. Stat of the day: After losing to Atlanta in Atlanta. Seattle is 100% at winning the super bowl the following year.
  7. Crowded urban areas only exacerbate the moral dilemma problem I mentioned above.
  8. Thiefers didn't get into the endzone even once and still won the game.
  9. Could you explain what the METS brings to the table so to speak? Does it delve deeper? Does it offer new/different practice problems? Does it cover additional material? What does it add?
  10. I think I'll pass on self driving cars until I can get a good answer to this: What will the car do when presented with running over a young pedestrian in a cross walk, or hitting a crowd of people.
  11. No one is going to be able to tell you for sure, but I will tell you this: I'd rather have the MERM for the exam and not need it than not have it and need it. Hopefully, after this first pass on the new format, you and others like you can help shed some light on whether the METS successfully replaces the MERM or not. I don't envy the position you're in. Maybe you can get some written clarification from PPI??
  12. It all sounds dumber than a plastic bag of hammers.
  13. In simple terms of noxious fuel emissions (NOx and SOx), propane is much better than kerosene, diesel, or gasoline. I got my adapter at home depot.