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  1. It's unlikely you will need to perform diff eq calculations on the exam, but you will need to know what equation to use.
  2. I don't know about songs but the 190 proof makes good mixers.
  3. I had some printouts of this one too, that I used.
  4. I made several copies of that one and used them for practice.
  5. Well, I watched it thru the end as you suggested. I was pretty disappointed. Worth it? Uh why, again?
  6. Tom practically invented creepy. oh, and FIFY.
  7. Atlanta by 14.
  8. terrorism and decaf? Why be redundant?
  9. I'll tell you what. We just bought a vehicle with lane keeping assist. Now, I don't know about you, but I move toward far line when some vehicle is crowding the line next to me. But of course, the LKA system doesn't think that's an appropriate move. Lane centered at all times!! I will agree that a certain percentage of drivers' driving would be vastly improved by a car that drives for them. But there is a host of drivers that wouldn't see any benefit (save for perhaps NOT having to be attentive the entire trip) over their driving skill. I'm not sure it quite balances out.
  10. Same.
  11. Send him to this site instead. Tons of videos with written instruction for all levels of athlete. Plus all the examples show the right way to do it. Watching pros and college ball can be tricky because often they bend the rules and form. But they use video of good form.
  12. Tried them. Much prefer normal laces that tie.
  13. Good morning,

    I saw on a thread that you might have a PDF copy of the MERM appendix. Could you send a copy to me? I would really appreciate it.


  14. My first two both drive sticks, and my third will this year.