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  1. Congrats on passing though! Hopefully you saved a copy of your application...and if not make sure to save a copy. Most of the questions will be the same for different states.
  2. From what I heard from someone taking the test if you get 0 in a section you will fail. He mentioned he got about 75% overall but got a 0 in one of the sections and failed.
  3. Dr. Nieves was for the school of PE. The testmasters was the professor that is on the youtube videos for the majority of lectures except for the code section. I took school of PE and retook the test with testmasters and the combination got me through.
  4. I ended up using both Testmasters and School of PE to pass mine.
  5. So little spam already. I am not sure if the April 2017 have the same quality of spam as previous years.
  6. I would say just before memorial day weekend. That is when they were released last year. I have a feeling that the NCEES like to go into the holiday weekend with a sense of accomplishment.
  7. I am so happy I am not sitting in that test! I feel for everyone taking it today.
  8. Good luck everyone.
  9. Oh wow that's a heavy load.
  10. I just got mine changed from EIT to PE this morning. I sent an email inquiring yesterday and it was updated today.
  11. Don't give up you can beat this test. I found it being helpful to have all of my equations in a notebook and next to the equation i referenced their source. Then i had my awesome wife make legible tabs on my reference books. I would read a problem and be able to figure where to look for for additional information within 30 seconds of reading the question. I also found it helpful to have two calculators one in complex and one that wasn't. If i knew I was solving a complex i grabbed that calculator and didn't have to switch to complex...It didn't save much time but it helped me keep my calculation stride. Also do lots of practice problems and don't get cocky because you can fly through them quickly (I was doing a 8 hour test in less than 2 hours and missing only one or two questions. That didn't mean anything come test time). Lastly, make sure you go through all the questions when you first get your test and rank them from 1 to 3 for levels of complexity. Knock out the easier ones right away then move on to the middle and spend less time on the questions you have no idea how to solve...hopefully while going through the material for other questions you may stumble on a approach that will help you take an educated guess. Final words of advise make sure the last 10 minutes you make sure that all of your bubbles match the correct answer. I caught a few when I did this. Good luck
  12. Wow that was quick. I was thinking of selling some of my stuff too.
  13. wednesday spam
  14. Awesome!! Thanks.