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  2. the spam thread takes us wherever the spam thread wants to take us
  3. Just work from home and your hours can basically be whatever you want! Top
  4. It's a humpday miracle!!!
  5. ^that gif!! Hahahahaha!!
  6. Jason Mantzoukas is one of my favorites. He's a frequent guest on Comedy Bang! Bang!
  7. SPAM
  8. Don't worry, there is PLENTY of time to get those top and bottom counts up...we're not even 3.25% done with this thread.
  9. Almost lunch spam
  10. Identical posts are allowed. Posting twice in a row is not allowed. Top
  11. So hot right now!
  12. It really might be
  13. I can't get over this gif
  14. Snack time over spam
  15. My favorite books I've read recently are the detective novels by J.K. Rowling (The Cormoran Strike Novels).