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  1. Thanks and the same to any others taking it!
  2. I would add constructability checks to your list as well. The FHWA guides are also very useful to have, they are great for cook booking your way through things on the vertical test. https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/bridge/lrfd/lrfdtoc.cfm https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/bridge/lrfd/pscustoc.cfm
  3. Doing the School of PE classes for SE Lateral and it has been going well. I think the classes have been pretty thorough and have definitely filled in gaps in my knowledge - particularly related to buildings as I an primarily a bridge designer. This weekend is the last set then I just need to review everything to make sure I have it all down and know where everything is. Like Mr. Dawg above I think my notes will end up serving almost like the CERM or SERM for the morning.
  4. Probably more like the problem 903, in the syllabus they refer to it as General Analysis
  5. NCEES will also give you a designation as Model Law Structural Engineer (MLSE) if you get an NCEES record, which is not tied to a certain state - providing you meet the other requirements for it, such as no disciplinary actions, etc.
  6. I just bought the lateral example problems David, will leave a review in a month or two after the exam to give feedback.
  7. As a mostly bridge engineer, AASHTO is pretty well referenced in the TOC and Index, and other than Chapters 3 and 4 being inter-related does not cross reference without telling you very often. I would read Chapters 3 and 4 carefully, then the others just be able to find the sections. Chapters 5 & 6 would be the next most likely as steel and concrete design. Read the commentary on the right side carefully when you use provisions. I have the same problem with not having done buildings much - mainly with the R values and such from ASCE 7 with all of the page long provisions of exceptions and requirements for everything - just a lot there to sort through.
  8. Agree on the not making a specific comment regarding the exam per NCEES, but in general it will follow the test syllabus pretty closely. Don't be surprised if they try to complicate things slightly or catch you on a minimum or general provision governing. The loads one was the most difficult/time consuming for me because they can add complications and just keeping track of numbers and variables in a limited time can be tough.
  9. I did not take any courses, passed vertical first try, failed lateral first try. I am now taking school of PE for lateral in April for my second go, so far has been pretty good.
  10. I am taking it for the lateral coming up, just used SERM, the NCEES example problems, and FHWA examples and did fine on the vertical.
  11. I'm taking lateral in April (2nd try) and would be willing.
  12. Congrats to you! Hopefully I'll get the lateral on my 2nd try..
  13. I took it last spring ('15) and passed first try.
  14. I just got it, did not pass the lateral (first try). 25/40 morning (wood and ACI killed me), acceptable, acceptable, improvement required afternoon. Have to say, the test was tougher than the practice tests I had.
  15. I felt the same on the ACI - lot's more than I had expected. I was surprised by some of the extra little things they put in on the afternoon that just complicated matters. The basic questions were not that bad but a lot of stuff was thrown on top to make it more difficult, or just take longer to calc (which is really more the issue). I had a little time to go back and look on both morning and afternoon, but not enough to really check anything or make too much difference. It is what it is now, so I'm going to try not to think about it for the next 8 weeks or however long they take.