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  1. CA IS OUT

    Wow, that is so PA! When did this happen?
  2. PA License Number?

    As frustrating as this delay be may, at least you know that you passed the exam. In the past PA wouldn't even release the results until they had the licences ready to be issued. Imagine how stressed you'd be if you were still waiting on the results.
  3. NJ Updates

  4. CA PE wall certificate

    Does he need the wall cert to be posted at the business location? Alternately, is he looking for a the formal showy wall certificate, or the drab legal license that needs to be posted on site?
  5. I believe it varies state-to-state, but the deadline is approaching soon. It looks like Maryland needs it by June 29 for the Oct 2017 exam.
  6. Rhode Island results

  7. Asking for a raise after passing the PE Exam.

    I thought about that too as I was typing out the response. I agree with the logical semantic structure of the sentence still support the larger thesis. But I was pointing discipline does matter. We're acutely aware that we're on the left end of the bell curve. ...Of course the discipline might not be around in an appreciable form in 30 years too.
  8. Asking for a raise after passing the PE Exam.

    Most nuclear engineers would disagree with this statement. I believe petroleum engineers are in a similar pay situation. But it makes sense for the rest of the engineering disciplines when averaged out across the country.
  9. April 2017 Results Map

  10. April 2017 Results Map

    Someone from Rhode Island checked in. They're still waiting. But yeah, the other two are probably lack of representation.
  11. Why can't we all be like Texas

    That's pretty common. People still do that years after the fact. Sometimes it's done not under the pretense of starting a fake results thread.
  12. Rhode Island results

    Is Rhode Island a PCS state?
  13. NCEES April 2017 Pass Rates

    Where are you getting exactly 70%? A quick scan of previous session results for first time WRE shows: Oct16: 71% Apr16: 68% Oct15: ? Apr15: 71% Oct14: 72% Most exams* hover around the 60-80% first-time pass range. At first glance WRE has a tighter bound like the most other CE exams, but that by itself doesn't mean anything. *With the exceptions being the lesser taken tests like Nuclear, Petroleum, and Software
  14. Why can't we all be like Texas

    Oh, I'd look if it were available. But it would have no more effect on me today than knowing the score of any other pass/fail test I've taken the last 20 years.
  15. April 2017 Results Map

    It looks like the emails went out this morning. In previous years maps, an asterisk was sometimes applied to indicate that only some results were released on a given day. The map is probably okay for now.