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  1. Good luck everyone!
  2. And each will be on a different day in October too.
  3. I'm bumping this thread up since the exam is this Friday. Remember to read the rules very carefully prior to leaving for the exam, and to leave your fitbits and jewelry at home. Good luck!
  4. Agreed. The FE was much easier but included everything found in an undergrad engineering curriculum. I took my last semester of undergrad when everything was fresh. I probably haven't touched 30+% of that content since the exam and I'd have to relearn a lot of pass the test today. The PE is much harder, but more focused on things I encounter more often. I'd only have to refresh myself on a couple topics to try to pass again.
  5. Are you sure they were seeking liscensure in Pennsylvania, or just taking the test in Pennsylvania? I know in 2004 that PA required EIT + 4 years to sit for the PE exam. And the rules in those years were pretty old (circa 80s) so I doubt they were different in 2000.
  6. Interesting. You might want to re-bring this this one up during the April 2017 results season.
  7. @snobumPE NCESS posted New Jersey today. But some results were mailed out as early as Dec 14 (and received Dec 16).
  8. Only took 11 days.
  9. You must construct additional pylons.
  10. It's only been a week. In the past, people routinely have waited weeks or even over a month after the initial. Relax, they'll be out soon enough. Getting riled up only makes things worse for your sanity. Burn off the stress at the gym or on a hobby. If they aren't ready by around Dec 23, then it's time to get angry, but don't let the stress ruin the holidays. Try not to blame the board so quickly*. I doubt there's a grand conspiracy or some big problem. The delay is probably because . There is a reason why this emoji exists. *You're going to have to deal with the board for the rest of your career, probably best not to start it off on the wrong footing.
  11. Agreed, I think that's a new high for cut score.
  12. It varies from state to state. Some states, (Pennsylvania?) liscensure is automatic after passing. Many states, like Maryland, you have to fill out another (very short) form and pay a fee to get officially licensed. But in some states, the wait can take months!
  13. They use PCS to help process the results and (presumably) license numbers. PCS is a third party company that aids state boards. Whatever extra they do to *help* tends to delay the results to the examinees. Historically Maryland and Pennsylvania used PCS and were the last states to release. It looks like it's New Jersey's turn to be delayed. In the scheme of things though, New Jersey is barely a week delayed from the first state to release. In the past, the delta between first and last has been much higher. Everyone shouldn't start with the pitchforks and torches just yet. Give it another week or so. I know from experience: If you pass, years from now you won't care and this temporary stress will just be a funny story to tell.
  14. 48/80 or 60% seems low to be a passing score.