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  1. Send me a PM on protection coordination. I have The Art and Science of Protective Relaying by GE. I'll have to e-mail it to you (to large to post here).
  2. Your guess is as good as mine.
  3. Please check out my posting.
  4. @sparkeespud: I haven't took it; however, in my previous job there was a firm I dealt with a lot and many of their engineers used this course and had great results. If I didn't have good results with School of PE for my FE review, then I likely would have went with this course based on their recommendations. Best of luck!
  5. That's probably slowing things down a little bit. But if you haven't received an e-mail stating it's been assigned to a reviewer then not sure what's going on. Guess it's possible they don't issue those e-mails anymore.
  6. Did you get a notification stating your application had been assigned to a reviewer? I wouldn't think it would take too long.
  7. Three days after receiving the e-mail confirmation that they had received my remaining information I got an e-mail confirmation stating I was approved for the exam. Not sure if the boxes still turn green, but if everything is green I would expect it shouldn't be much longer. With the holiday, that might slow things down a touch but I would guess by the end of the next week. You didn't have to send FE confirmation (or is that the CH Record Check)? You are confident your experience qualifies, etc.?
  8. No dice here. Sorry... probably need to post in a different forum to get better feedback.
  9. Ehhh? We are talking about the PE exam, right?
  10. Definitely! My advice would be to get Tom Henry's Key Work Index and practice with it. Also, as a test taking strategic (I believe it came from Spin Up), when you're simulating an exam (and I did this on the actual exam), when I came to an NEC question I wrote NEC and circled it and moved onto the next question. Once I got to the end, I would start at the beginning and start tackling all the NEC questions.
  11. Ok, you should get an notification that they received your SER and references. Based on my experience, the last information they need from me was my ethics exam, SER, and all 3 references. I actually mailed all those things together and 3 days later I was approved to sit for the exam. It shouldn't take too much longer. My guess is you'll receive an e-mail around 5am one morning stating you've been licensed to practice professional engineering. In that e-mail, you'll get your number so you can order your stamp. You'll have 60 days to provide TBPE will an imprint of your stamp (they'll send you an approval notification) and a recent picture. Hang in there...
  12. The book I bought almost a year ago referenced the 2014 code.
  13. Yes, I believe that's it.
  14. So they have everything else already (i.e transcripts, ethics exam, SERs, 3 references, finger prints/criminal background check, FE verification, etc. [or this is completed:])? I had to do all of this to get approval to sit for the exam - it took me 4-5 weeks to get to this point (and I was pressing hard to get them everything). I would guess if you get to this point you'll be issued your license. Probably the thing that takes the longest is getting your SERs signed and sent to TBPE. Once they are sent then they are reviewed.