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  1. Structural References for Sale

    AASHTO Bridge Manual (6th ed.) and Bridge Practice Problems for sale over in the classifieds.
  2. Time Left: 18 days and 22 hours

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    Bridge Problems for Structural Engineering. Tabs, highlighting, and a few notes. Price includes shipping to continental U.S. Will consider reduced price if bought along with AASHTO Bridge Manual also listed.


  3. Time Left: 18 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    AASHTO Bridge Manual, 6th ed. The SE is now on the 7th edition, however, I did complete the SE Building this last April (while on the 7th ed.) and did not see any issues for the Building portion. I don't know if there are any significant changes between the two edition. Tabs, notes, and highlighting based on studying for gravity and lateral building with David Conner's book. 225.00 includes shipping to continental US and would consider reduced price on David Conner's Bridge Problems book also listed if bought together.



    Oklahoma has information on their website depending on if you passed or not. Don't see actual results yet but obviously they have been released.
  5. April 2017 PE Results Are Out

    Based on the first replies from last April 2016 on the PE and SE boards it was right at 3 weeks for the SE results after initial PE release.
  6. NCEES Practice Problem 112 (Building)

    Ya, I modeled in FEM as well and did not get their force (because of the indeterminate with 4 unknowns). I will just focus on the general concept of combining a portion of load from two directions and hopefully the set-up on the actual exam will be more clear.
  7. NCEES Practice Problem 112 (Building)

    It is shown as a pin on both base connections. So shouldn't 5/sqrt(61)[AE] = x reaction? Assuming a 10 k load, the reaction should be 5 or something around 5. And if there is a component of load on the brace than the column can't equal the reaction force. Maybe it was assumed that one reaction was a roller and took no component of load (or I misread it as both pinned).
  8. Has anyone worked problem 112 from the NCEES practice morning exam and got the correct answer? They are showing the Force in Column AD due to the 10k load as 12k. Assuming the reaction is 12k and there is load in the brace I don't understand how the load in Column AD could be 12k. Are they possibly assuming tension only braces so there is no component of load in the brace next to the compression column and and the column takes the entire 12k load?
  9. SE License in any state?

    I believe my state allows you to take the SE exam to become a PE in the state. I did take the PE first and am now going through the SE process. I did have to get state approval to sit for the SE, however, I did not have to go through all of the paper work because they had already approved me to sit for the other exam. I basically just had to email them which exam I was taking and they forwarded that onto NCEES as approval to sit.
  10. Best Watch for Exam

    I found a plain analog watch with no special features was fine. If you are not use to wearing a watch you might keep weight/comfort in mind. My exam proctors never let me take it off and place if on the table, it had to stay on your wrist or down on the floor. If it is very heavy and you are not use to wearing a watch (or is loose) it could get distracting.
  11. Structural Depth Reference Manual

    I bought the Structural Depth Reference along with the 6-minute structural solutions. I never used either. I studied from the CERM, used the accompanying practice problems book, and felt like that was enough. I supplemented that with my codes and texts for each one and felt like that was enough. (and the ncees practice exam). I had never taken any of the hydraulics, watershed, or transportation courses but felt time in the CERM with problems was enough. Didn't do an online review. I found a couple free online online review PDFs but found it was more confusing trying to look at several resources at once instead of just using the CERM. Note, you won't use all the chapters if you focus on the structural depth afternoon. Some of the chapters are more geared towards other areas of afternoon depth so the size looks a little intimidating at first.
  12. Post here if you passed

    Passed Civil - Structural, first try, Oklahoma
  13. What states are released?

    Passed! Oklahoma Civil - Structural
  14. What states are released?

    Nope, still don't have mine. Will it actually say on our NCEES account or do we have to wait for them to mail letters? Or do we get an email of pass/fail? NCEES should show green PASS or red Fail. Not sure about email. I called OKPELS yesterday about 3 PM central. The lady that answered the phone stated they had just given NCEES the notice to release the scores and we should receive an e-mail.....so now we are waiting on NCEES. Thanks for sharing. No telling how long it will be now then.
  15. What states are released?

    Nope, still don't have mine. Will it actually say on our NCEES account or do we have to wait for them to mail letters? Or do we get an email of pass/fail?