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  1. RIP VTE

    Missing you 'lil buddy, Happy Birthday in the great beyond.
  2. October 2015 Spamfest

    Morris Day and the M-ing Time... just saying--- TOP and score for quality AND I rock the top
  3. October 2015 Spamfest

    I expected better from you power-engineer
  4. October 2015 Spamfest

    why are there multi posts, this is not quality spam... I am SOOOO DISAPPOINTED!
  5. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    What do you have against pork products? Do you substitute poultry in your ham sandwich too?
  6. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    I think I'm the only mainlander that actually likes it
  7. October 2015 Spamfest

    you double posted, are rules lifted for the holiday?
  8. EB NFL Pick 'em League

    I keep joking about how she got her revenge because I seriously stood in 4 inch heels at the viewing for 4 hours straight while apparently the entire town came to say good bye. I shook so many hands and have no clue who half the people were. It got to the point where we were claiming kids that weren't ours, introducing ourselves as each other and making other stories up and my Mom scolded at us and said Gram's was going to sit up in her coffin and tell us to behave and stop laughing. When the people that show up are really old, you can have a lot of fun at a funeral home. Gram's actually probably would have been proud.
  9. EB NFL Pick 'em League

    Thanks Ken... honestly I only mentioned it because I know she would be pissed if y'all thought I was a slacker.
  10. EB NFL Pick 'em League

    Well some of you already know, but for those of you who don't, my Gram's passed away this past week. I was out of the loop and honestly not thinking about our pick em league. I am pulling the sympathy card and saying y'all can't make fun of how bad I do this week. This is your free pass for those of you who are doing worse than me and need to catch up with the chick.
  11. October 2015 Spamfest

    that's just wrong...
  12. EB NFL Pick 'em League

    Marcus Mariota makes me feel like I'm an old man....ahem.
  13. EB NFL Pick 'em League

    Wonder who the upset will be today...
  14. October 2015 Spamfest

    well I never realized how depressing that was
  15. October 2015 Spamfest

    did you write the book of love