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  1. There is a guy in our office that has it almost every day and it makes me thing of you... of course he's like vegan or something and can't have a real sandwich.
  2. perhaps one should consider the probability of that actually being a dependent variable?
  3. I got one where to spoon is folded up in the lid and found it at walmart in the water bottle area near the tupperware not near the camping gear..
  4. I doubt it was enough to help, it looks like they got a lot less rain than us up there and wildfires can smolder and flare back up as soon as it hits a new dry fuel source. I would never go near a structure fire, but wildfires that are in the woods are much different. I can say if I'm going to deploy my baking bag I wouldn't want to deal with a SCBA. The Urban interface is changing the need to cross train, but the differences are so drastic on how to approach the battle. I've been spending so much time reading up on the DAPL lately that I haven't had a chance to really follow the fires. (but it looks like quite a few of them are attributed to "arson", which could very well just mean that someone didn't follow than burn ban)
  5. We're supposed to get rain tonight for thie first time since the inch we got back in early September. The fires haven't gotten too out of hand because so much perscribed burning is done around here, but the smoke seems to be staying low and sucks to be out in.
  6. Thanks guys! I know my new job has kept me away from here way too much, but I appreciate the thoughts and hopefully after the new year things will be a little more settled for me and I can sign on a bit more often
  7. Missing you 'lil buddy, Happy Birthday in the great beyond.
  8. Morris Day and the M-ing Time... just saying--- TOP and score for quality AND I rock the top
  9. I expected better from you power-engineer
  10. why are there multi posts, this is not quality spam... I am SOOOO DISAPPOINTED!
  11. What do you have against pork products? Do you substitute poultry in your ham sandwich too?
  12. I think I'm the only mainlander that actually likes it
  13. you double posted, are rules lifted for the holiday?
  14. I keep joking about how she got her revenge because I seriously stood in 4 inch heels at the viewing for 4 hours straight while apparently the entire town came to say good bye. I shook so many hands and have no clue who half the people were. It got to the point where we were claiming kids that weren't ours, introducing ourselves as each other and making other stories up and my Mom scolded at us and said Gram's was going to sit up in her coffin and tell us to behave and stop laughing. When the people that show up are really old, you can have a lot of fun at a funeral home. Gram's actually probably would have been proud.
  15. Thanks Ken... honestly I only mentioned it because I know she would be pissed if y'all thought I was a slacker.