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  1. EB NFL Pick 'em League

    Marcus Mariota makes me feel like I'm an old man....ahem.
  2. EB NFL Pick 'em League

    Wonder who the upset will be today...
  3. October 2015 Spamfest

    well I never realized how depressing that was
  4. October 2015 Spamfest

    did you write the book of love
  5. October 2015 Spamfest

    A long long time ago I can still remember how that music made me smile and I knew if I had my chance that I could make those people dance
  6. October 2015 Spamfest

    in the old format that would have looked different
  7. October 2015 Spamfest
  8. October 2015 Spamfest

    I tease him all the time... it's how I show love, just ask my husband
  9. October 2015 Spamfest

    good to know, but I don't think NJ can ban me for any reason   LALALALAL LA BAMA
  10. October 2015 Spamfest

    wait, I don't think NJ can ban me for multi posting
  11. October 2015 Spamfest

    and it's after midnight, so I'm breaking the stupid rules
  12. October 2015 Spamfest

    I am the QUEEN of spam
  13. October 2015 Spamfest

    you guys don't understand
  14. October 2015 Spamfest

    there is a moth, in the house, the dogs must have licked the scales and it can't fly....
  15. October 2015 Spamfest

    there is no post count in the thread, how would you know