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  1. The Blacklist is awesome, The Americans is also great, The man in the white castle (I think that's what it was called) all worth marathon watching
  2. I only get NBC and ME-TV on the antenna and have found that we watch a lot of saved by the bell on Sunday mornings before switching to the internet for sports.
  3. Da Kine Burgers, Cheeseburger tater tot casserole, Chicken and Dumplings, depends on if you are a seasonal cooker or not... it's been 85 degrees here lately so we aren't doing soups and stews but more salads, grilling and sandwich type meals right now. Pork Ribs, chicken, steak, boston butt, ham, kabobs yada yada yada
  4. Thing is, in my head, in a situation where they were saying they were going to physically remove me from a venue of any kind, regardless of what I think my rights are, I'm not going to embarrass myself or let the situation escalate to that point. If my rights were being violated as a human or as a customer, I think that a calmer situation would get me further in resolving it to my advantage.
  5. I refuse to fly Delta unless I can't avoid it (fat chance here, but still)... I however love United, the way they treat our Military and families, and their rewards program... and in spite of the occasional poor experiences with individuals my flights (because it is usually individuals that are the ones who are screwing up), like MP said, I know and understand their policies and will continue to fly with them (free tickets or not)
  6. It's starting to catch up, just hard to charge the fees when there aren't access control gates.
  7. Uber has pretty much failed here. The majority of the people who would use it are on post and they have declared the policy that uber drivers must register like the taxis to get on post. Of course a retiree, spouse or active duty could skirt that system by using their ID card anyway, but non-military related people would have to pay like $300 a year for the pass to get on post.
  8. never seen it
  9. who the heck is Frodo? sounds like one of the characters from Fraggle Rock.
  10. Pretty sure that's the one that got thrown into the volcano mountain thing by the elf
  11. There is a town in Alabama that just made it a rule that you can't chain your dog up outside unless it's a run type system, boy people are made about that
  12. One ring to rule them all?
  13. Not at my house, my GSD loves to play with rocks and would go crazy with excitement barking at it.
  14. I seriously even downloaded the CW app on the fire stick so I could watch the current season! There are some pretty crazy twists with it as the seasons go by.
  15. you got room for that?