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  1. I agree. I've been checking non-stop but have been sure since the day of the exam that 5/25 is the day.
  2. How upset would all of the senior members be if NCEES surprised everyone with a release today? Not that I think it likely but it seems like the trolling hasn't really begun.
  3. Duck Donuts are great as well
  4. Are we going to get 5,773 more posts before Thrusday afternoon?
  5. Troll as in trolling as in trolling with bait hoping for a bite.
  6. October 2014
  7. Pennsylvania came out on the first day last cycle
  8. It's a great trolling idea, don't get me wrong. But something tells me that an NCEES rep would be more PC in their posting on a public forum.
  9. We can all agree that you do not work for or represent NCEES right?
  10. That's bad karma right there.....
  11. Really???
  12. I don't think there's a chance we get results today. Thursday next week is the day. A 5 week turnaround is pretty quick, all things considered. An exact month from the exam date seems ambitious.
  13. So which one is it?
  14. Unfortunately, it appears that still is the case. "Only one attempt is allowed per testing window and only three attempts are allowed in total. Should you fail the FE exam three times, you will be required to complete 12 additional credit hours or complete an examination review course pursuant to 61G15-21.007(1) and (2), F.A.C. before re-applying to take the exam."
  15. Top of page 6?