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  1. Licensees are supposed to read thoroughly, fully assess the situation before making statements or judgments.
  2. I think I was clear on that in my post. From NCEES - "The Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam tests for a minimum level of competency in a particular engineering discipline. It is designed for engineers who have gained a minimum of four years’ post-college work experience in their chosen engineering discipline." I believe it is a sound idea that engineers can benefit from a certain level of practical experience before having the authority to approve designs. Just as in all generalizations, the way experience is qualified, and the scope of the exam is attempted to best suit all candidates throughout the country; it cannot encompass all scenarios perfectly.
  3. That puts us at May 25th then
  4. I know this topic has been beaten to death, but it makes no sense to me to allow people without any experience to take the Principles and Practice Exam. The exam was created to test engineers who have been working as engineers under the supervision of experienced/ licensed engineers. So some parts of the exam are tough since you've been out of school for years? Tough shit, stop whining, and study. Candidates for licensure should have to work the required years, submit their experience to a board which will deem said experience as adequate or not. If the board agrees their experience is adequate they are given the opportunity to sit for the test and get their license. Doing it backwards, defeats the entire purpose.
  5. I'm not sure if this has been brought up yet but NCEES is introducing new types of questions in all CBT exams. See here -
  6. I mean June 1st. The April 2016 exam results were release 34 days later and Oct. 2016 were released 41 days later.
  7. I'd like to believe that I won't be fooled by any spam post before June 1st but that won't happen. BTW I'm calling it, results out June 1st.
  8. Who feels ready? I feel as prepared as I think I could be particularly for the depth portion. I have a checklist of things not to forget to bring and I'm taking Thursday off to relax with the wife.
  9. Ready to get it over with
  10. The boards would be pissed if you weren't drunk & high while getting this ticket.
  11. To be fair I said you could get by and not specifically recommending it. I was explaining my experience to add this thread. I guess my real advice would be to take the NCEES practice exam as if it were exam day and see where you stand.
  12. I'm bumping this thread to agree that you can get by with no studying and the CERM alone in the AM. I didn't study for the AM at all, used only the CERM as a reference and scored a 32/40. We'll see how the actual test goes in a week of course. But I found the PM to be much more complex (28/40 here) and chose to study harder on the structural PM topics.
  13. Structural is a discipline where you need a boat load of references and there's no getting around it. There are 10 required reference codes alone, then you may bring the CERM, a foundations book, and so on. I plan on using a carry on type suitcase
  14. Although I haven't taken the exam yet, I can note that cellphones are absolutely prohibited in the exam room. And if you are found with a phone on your person, on or off, you can be dismissed from the exam.