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  1. you sayin' I'm a "no one?"
  2. Trolling is not allowed.
  3. ass
  4. Are you able to post your results?
  5. ^ looks like someone is still enjoying their Christmas gifts.
  6. Did someone say bacon? Oh, nevermind.
  7. jello shots?
  8. rocks
  9. +1 for EET's course. In addition to EET, I found the following two books to be very helpful when studying for the WRE depth: Edit: The problems from the practice exam are more difficult and in-depth than the real exam. But they're worth doing.
  10. surrender
  11. I have no interest in a self driving car. But I think people like shiny new things. This will be humans in a few generations:
  12. I heard she's a cold-hearted b!tch.
  13. Um, I'm guessing you passed... Congrats??
  14. I say go for the transportation depth. Have you compared the exam specs for both tests yet? If so, which one had more topics that you're comfortable with?
  15. Taking a class is an excellent idea.