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  1. and NO fitbits.
  2. Get off your soap box and just get a membership. While you're there, you can buy all the soap in bulk you'll need for the next 10 years.
  3. That's why I don't bother caring about the people I work with.
  4. purple
  5. Today I was watching my dog play in the snow. He suddenly stopped running around and squatted to take a dump. Then I realized, "ooo, we have brownies in the kitchen." The were delicious!
  6. Happy Birthday
  7. This is actually how I felt when studying:
  8. Were you being chased?
  9. Some of Husqvarna's stuff is made in the USA.
  10. I think they're grouped together in the same order as they are in the exam specs. But, a question can be worded to sound like another topic. For example, one of the NCEES practice exams had an open channel problem worded to sound like a wastewater problem. When I was working this practice problem I fell for the trap and started to solve it like it was a wastewater mass balance type question.
  11. My favorite thing about work is going home.
  12. More like this:
  13. Are you talking about "eenie meenie miney moe?" No, that was The Walking Dead.
  14. Babies are cute until there's shit everywhere.