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  1. Truth - letter was dated 12/12
  2. my co-worker just got his results in the mail
  3. they're in!
  4. I am already a licensed PE but I feel your pain. I have a co-worked who sat this October. A letter came today and was sitting at his desk, which I opened per his direction - results! And he passed! Check your mail!
  5. I passed! 1st time for me, thank you schoolofpe!! if you didn't pass dont ever give up! "how will you ever get better if you're not prepared to be shitty at something?"
  6. I sent Brandi the following conversation She must not have liked the last email very much because she called me on my cell to "explain how the process works" then said how they are working very hard to reconcile the 9000 applications they have - she couldn't give me an exact date but said "hopefully you will have them by Friday" Hope that helps and I'm glad I annoyed them a fraction of how much they have annoyed me