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  1. never heard of anyone receiving their exact passing score.
  2. I agree with you in the sense that if you have studied until your mind feels like it's going to explode then the main thing left is how well you've organized your material. I expanded my GA Tech course manuals with additional info from the internet and also re-tabbed. I also cross-referenced those sections with appropriate problems from CI, Spinup and NCEES sample test. Finally I meticulously prepared my note sheet over a two-week period. Just knowing where everything increased my confidence and prevented me from having panic attacks. Plus the info was further ingrained into my brain.
  3. Nothing like existentialism humor to lighten the mood. But then again, everything is meaningless so why bother.
  4. It really gets worse after you pass the exam. You wonder what your next accomplishment should be. Mount Everest, running with the bulls, etc. I hope that you experience that feeling in a few weeks.
  5. never trust that guy. I figured that out in October ... I would be one of those guys who made that statement regarding the NESC. I only give advice based on my experience and, in that case, advice given in the GA Tech review course. Use it as you see fit. Each test is didferent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Are they new? I'm not a big fan of the Camara book but if I was still in the market they might be worth a second look.
  7. I can see your point. Although I am a fan of high gravity beers I would never encourage anyone to over indulge and I also realize that it is best for some to refrain. My key point is that there is no need second guess right now. Wait and see what the scores are and then go forward.
  8. Don't start studying until after you know the results. You'll second guess yourself even more. Relax, drink a few craft beers and wait. What's done is done. It's easy to feel discouraged right after the exam. Why do I know this? Because I went through the same thing. BTW, I took the test twice almost 18 years ago. Did not pass either time and got gun shy until taking it again in April 2014. No matter what happens if you really want it don't give up. I'm proof that it can work out.
  9. if you can't find the rolling crate at an office supply try Grainger. They're everywhere.
  10. I used a small hand truck from Home Depot. I bungee corded milk crates to that. Also see attached link. You can probably find the attached at an office supply place. https://jasminestorehouse.online/Rolling-Folding-Carry-All-Crate_i2229199
  11. I read earlier posts so I see where I sent you that info. One more suggestion. Click on link below.. There should be a link for rates. Our public service commission requires us to make those public. Click on this link. Look at rates LPM, LPL, and LPME in particular. The documents are somewhat written in legalese but if you work through the explained calculations using dummy numbers it should be helpful. Focus on base, demand and energy cost calculations. it's pretty representative of the way most utilities calculate. Just now thinking of this otherwise I would've told others in this thread earlier. Hope it helps. http://www.alabamapower.com/business/rates-and-pricing/about-our-pricing.html
  12. Have I sent you that study info for demand and energy management? If not I can email. Not a lot of practice problems but I think it will give you a good foundation to solve problems. Also, see the link below. https://www.we-energies.com/business/elec/understand_demand_charges.pdf
  13. Sound advice. I used a similar approach.