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  1. apparently I left way too much wood weight on these two cars. middle of the pack times again. 2.88 s was our best run. best time for the day was 2.67 s
  2. So Weigh-ins were last night. Both cars made exact weight and the green TMNT car was accepted immediately. However, the yellow Shopkins cheese wedge was not. @Supe, apparently a front wheel was ever so slightly higher than the other three wheels. Unfortunately there was little that I could to the front wheels in the ways of adjusting them because I feared I would snap the car because it is too thin. So my only option was to adjust the rear wheel on the same side as the high wheel in the front. I got all four to touch and car was accepted. Race begins at 9.
  3. last years car ran at 2.89 s and that was slow by comparison to the others. It actually finished middle of the pack for the whole race
  4. It's possible that they are illegal. I honestly don't know, however I do know that short of an anonymous call from a concerned citizen, the governing body will never know. As for the tool, on the blue paddle, there is a tongue which fits into the groove in the bottom of the car block. When held firmly against the block, there is only an opening the size of the axle available for the axle to be set into. Now, I'm sure that I could have pre-drilled the opening with a jig, but I opted against it. I was able to clamp the tool against the block and then set the axles, all the while watch them as I hammered them in to be sure that they were perpendicular to the block. Another nice aspect is the metal fork that rests against the side of the car. When set properly, you can hammer in the axles and they will all be evenly gapped due to the thickness of the fork. So the wheel itself will never be too close to the block. Does that help any MA?
  5. Maybe upfront, but I'll get my money's worth out of both the axles and the axle tool. I'll reuse them each year
  6. I'm long gone out of the PW Derby but I'm curious about the axles and alignment tool. Can you post a link so I can see what they look like?
  7. Well, I got the royal treatment last year being the dad who is an engineer, coming in behind the other dads. So this year I decided to up the game a bit
  8. It's all good. I have a decent feeling about these cars. And, FWIW, a front wheel on both cars is ever so slightly raised higher. It spins when put in motion, but barely. Just enough so that teh judges wont complain that the cars are up on three of four wheels.
  9. much like my life, emptiness and disappointment.
  10. Gently not. I tried that last year and they told me that I had to bend one of the axle so that way that all four wheels were touching. So as to avoid that this year, I set all four evenly, that way the car won't pull in either direction and ride the center rail, and creating additional friction
  11. Not on Netflix, but watching Homeland on my firestick. Up to season 4.
  12. I was going to but then I ended up buying graphite coated axles with the grooves in them. I also bought a tool to set the axles all evenly. Both cars when pushed on flat surfaces run in a straight line neither one pulls to either side.
  13. It's that time of the year again. Derby time! This year I get two cars to run.