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  1. Happy Birthday Dexman PE PMP!

    happy belated bday
  2. Happy Birthday NJmike

    thanks everyone. I extended my long weekend and took off yesterday as well. So today is my monday
  3. Forum Banning Game

    banned because I friggin said so!
  4. NFL 2017

  5. How You Met Your Kids' Mother

    Klan meeting
  6. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    I second. in!
  7. Forum Banning Game

    banned for using big words
  8. EB.com Facelift?

    I second this
  9. NFL 2017

  10. Kids of EB

    So takes after you @NJmike PE? Yeah, it's a love-hate relationship
  11. Kids of EB

    I'm ready to sell NJ#3. Totally a little A-hole
  12. Forum Banning Game

    Eye patch.... Still banned