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  1. all prizes are voided on the account that the rules were removed
  2. Did I hear no rules? No. That means spam with rules. It can be done
  3. Banned for not being in 3D like your user name suggests
  4. Let's go. All tour need a few guys in here for about 5 mins and you could easily crack 10k
  5. I like fire.
  6. banned for having a hard on for blackberries
  7. well that wont be happening so stop bitching about the rules
  8. Somebody's got a case of the Mondays
  9. Still going storung
  10. Drink up and then pop in to say "no rules" Uh no!
  11. Mother fuckin day drinking bitches
  12. Or, you can sleep on the couch. Look who is back. Maybe follow the rules this time around...
  13. Friday morning spam
  14. see what happens when you fuck around....