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  1. X2
  2. this!!!!!
  3. Fu
  4. I wish. I can't find it anywhere. Thanks. Congrats to you too. +1
  5. $15! 6-pack is on me tonight!
  6. that's fine, I was kinda hoping that you would. me you and mets fan were all real close for 3rd place
  7. well, all you who thought I would finish last again, suck it! Now,
  8. Worn out carpet.... does that mean hard wood floor?
  9. Hey fox, what's your take on the Google WiFi out? I'm hearing good things about it. You got anything for us?
  10. That sucks
  11. Happy Boxing Day Sap
  12. Happy birthday Sap
  13. Merry Christmas Sap
  14. I see nothing wrong with that