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  1. no one talk to @matt267 PE (besides, isn't he still banned)
  2. we have discussed it. we went through a similar turn of events about 4 yrs ago with our last dog. turned out he had a mass in his abdomin. I keep hoping that I wake up one morning and to find that he past through the night in his sleep, but as the days go on, I feel less and less confident in that happening.
  3. so, I'm pretty bummed out. my dog of 13 years is not doing well at all. he is approx 15 y.o. and we've had him as long as we've been married. he's very lethargic and slow, won't eat, walks around seeming lost and wont raise his head, always looking down. it really does suck watching this happen to them. this dog has been my buddy for many years. I hate this
  4. Hell yeah! That's awesome RG
  5. It's OK Dex. Just God you're sorry and all will be good.
  6. Ha!