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  1. Whats your sign to check for block shear? If you have a double channel connection with a gusset plate and the problem states gusset plate is sufficient and bolts (4- two columns and rows) are sufficient why not check Block shear? The solution only checks tension (yield and rupture). Do any of you have any hints that lead you to resolve to not bother with block shear? Thanks for any comments.
  2. Wow, last night I skipped the mechanism design method of steel section and after finishing the composite and connection sections i decided to go back to review for the second time my EET Depth binder. What do you think of the stand alone Steel Design by Roland? I got 25 correct i. The afternoon last time so i have to up my game. I did however hardly study any AASHTO, so that i will do this time around.
  3. The SDRM by PPI references AISC 360 and not as much the AISC Manual, why? I know they are basically parallel, but it makes me question whether the material referenced will show in the PE exam being the PE exam references AISC Manual. Yes most of it is in the AISC Manual as well, but what are the main uses for AISC 360?
  4. School of PE materials

    Well "give" as long as theyre originals yes. :-) @DrZoidberWoop gave out a pretty sweet review on structural that can prove very helpful. Also my boss gave me his old study material from 2000 and aside from the environmental material i found problems in that version of the CERM were pretty similar. But good. So maybe try to find one of those. For the morning that is. The afternoon the Codes have changed so i wouldnt use them.
  5. Goswami All in One PRACTICE EXAMS Errata

    McGraw and Hill Publisher has confirmed there is no errata for the All in One Practice Exams. Just FYI if anyone is reading up on this.
  6. and that would make it perfect to solve. Thanks for pointing that out!
  7. Ok, I very fast realized you were referring to problem 514 from the old NCEES Practice Exam, before 2015 version, and I have the 2015. Luckily I also have the previous version! :-) Someone from this forum was very kind to send me their copy for studying purposes. (Thank you @joy21 ! ) Now, I would really like to get the errata for the previous version of the NCEES exam as I suspect problem 14 will have a correction as problem 509 does. Still a little in the dark about exactly how these problems should be solved, here is what I understand so far. 1. In an asymmetrical beam, "the bending axis passes through the shear center, not the centroid." (CERM 15th ed. Pg 45-17 - references will be from here-) 2. The torsional eccentricity is the distance between the shear force and the shear center. Therefore giving the torsion moment. a.) The torsional moment is NOT the P*e base on the centroid of the asymmetrical member, but P*e based on the shear center and the distance to load P (or V for shear). I still don't think they would make us calculate the shear center of an asymmetrical member, but Its just a wild guess. I really don't have any experience to back it up. So all in all, I think problem 514 also should be corrected since the solution is based on the centroid. But, I have in fact not passed my PE and have a lot to learn. I appreciate the help and can only ask for more. I will keep digging and googling. Thanks,
  8. I downloaded the NCEES Civil Structural Practice Exam Errata. For problem 509 there is no showing how they acquired the shear center of the L shape in order to solve the problem. This is in fact the KEY to solving this problem. Why wouldn't they show it? The original solution in the practice exam is based on the centroid of the member (x direction) and they show how they resolved. I realize getting the shear center is considerably more involved than the centroid, but shouldn't they have included the approach for that part of the problem? Below is a link to download the Jpeg of the Problem 509. I tried uploading but it says only 102 kb. Looking forward to responses. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AgdYdMOsCE0lgthTPKw4mCgoIMOqtA
  9. any one have Goswami All in One Practice Exam errata ? I know there has been a lot of talk about the errata for the All in One Guide, but Im interested to know if there is one for the All in One Practice Exams? I have contacted McGraw and Hill about this but have had no answer from them. Any help appreciated.
  10. We had the welding inspector visit today. He actually mentioned he was surprised to see structural grade bolts on the purlins. I mentioned the A307 issue and he said he had no idea about them not being made anymore. He was surprised that I had used structural grade bolts anyways. I don't like to dig deeper sometimes and its usually for the sake of time and getting things moving. I seriously doubt they are discontinued, but I would have still liked to pay cheap for them. :-) The inspection passed.
  11. August 31st is last day to register for PE exam. Just thought I'd mention it in case it has slipped by any one and still needs to register. This is for TX, not sure for other states.
  12. Study partner for PE Exam

    lol, you're just dying for that window between the exam and result huh.... Heaven for you when the PE goes CBT offered every two months.... :-)
  13. Civil Structural Fail - How to Pass?

    @thejulie_PE thanks for encouragement. It helps! I failed by 2 to 3 questions last time. So maybe I'll get it done this time. :-) Been working really hard and we still have plenty of time. Well for those of us who aren't new to the material.
  14. Aisc manual- do I really need it?

    The AISC construction manual is for depth. The helpful tables on it that will serve you, or save you, in the occasional problem you can get from the NDS manual (wood). They are not the same, and the continuous span tables I don't think are as good, but I doubt you will need that for the morning. If you go to the NDS site you can download the tables for free I believe. Otherwise, get them from the appendix in an old or recent CERM. I can't think of what else you would want it for in the morning. Hopefully someone else chimes in here.