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  1. @knight1fox3 saw an article that CCleaner was hacked. Thoughts?
  2. Looked that ^ up on youtube and all I have to say is what the f**k did I just watch??
  3. Moving this to the What does the Fox say? thread...just kidding I don't want to get banned.
  4. Movie thread

    "It" is one of the few books where I liked the movie (or mini-series) more than the literature it was based on. The book was a real slog for me though I love most of King's stuff. Still trying to convince Mrs. Ram to go see the movie since she never saw the mini-series.
  5. Movie thread

  6. Movie thread

    Anyone else excited for the new It movie being released Friday?
  7. Study partner for PE Exam

    You may get more responses if you list what PE exam/discipline (ME, CE, EE...)you're preparing for.
  8. Game of Thrones ! (HBO Mini Series) Spoilers......

    I thought it was shooting blue flames at the wall? Looking forward to The Mountain vs The Hound.
  9. Game of Thrones ! (HBO Mini Series) Spoilers......

    Well good to see Littlefinger finally get his comeuppance...That was probably the most satisfying death since Joffrey.
  10. Game of Thrones ! (HBO Mini Series) Spoilers......

    Sansa has evolved quite a bit as a character though. At the beginning of the series she was hated due to her obsession with Joffrey. She only became a sympathetic character during the Ramsay Bolton arc. Based on my reading of the books, she has always been a bit removed and certainly isn't the everyday character readers associated with (Jon Snow, Arya).
  11. Game of Thrones ! (HBO Mini Series) Spoilers......

    Finally cool getting to see the bag of faces and find out what Arya's true superpower is besides baking family pies...
  12. TFS 6ms problems

    I don't have the 6MS in front of me but if I recall correctly, the equation for this particular question was in the MERM. It will be very difficult for you if you've been out of school for 20 years and have no thermal/fluid background. I'm not sure why you chose TFS with no background? You may want to sign up for Dr. Tom's which has very good reviews and focuses on TFS. If you read my post on how to prepare, you'll see that I had quite a few difficulties on my first pass through the 6MS and read quite a few of the solutions. The key is to understand the methodology and equations used. I would not try to cancel your registration. You have at least 2 months prior to the exam which is ample time to prepare sufficiently. Best of luck.
  13. 6-minute Solutions, Problem 48

    Is there a figure provided with the question? Apologies but I only have the thermal/fluids version of the SMS.
  14. Kids of EB

    Completely with you @matt267 PE. Mini-Ram is in a summer camp now and has started developing some bad behaviors - hitting, mini-tantrums. We had worked on him and gotten him out of this type of behavior when he started school earlier but now he's with older kids and it's starting again. Sometimes my one kid drives me crazy...
  15. As an FYI, NY requires passing the FE exam prior to taking the PE so you may not receive reciprocity. Honestly though, the FE exam is a bit of a joke and shouldn't pose much of a problem for any vaguely competent engineer.