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  1. This is in the MERM and should be easy points.
  2. Usually we get to high post counts by not getting banned.
  3. That's a statement we can all agree on
  4. Looks like you need another vacation from EB...
  5. It appears you take this far too personally since you're responding to a post that is over 2 months old. I'll just leave this here:
  6. NCEES has a fairly comprehensive library of reference material but I did take my personal MERM since it was tabbed, conversion book, and steam tables. It's an incredibly good experience. I missed March's session because of work travel commitments but I'm hoping to be there for the Fall.
  7. Re-reading The Hobbit since there was a TV marathon of the movies...
  8. In my younger days I would have been up to the challenge. I simply have too much to do to dedicate time to a game that is as frustrating as Bloodborne is. The little time I have for playing games needs to be spent on relatively mindless ones.
  9. Spent some time playing Bloodborne. It's one of the most difficult, frustrating games I've played. After 10 hours or so I've put it aside and am still deciding if I want to try again.
  10. Thank you, can't wait for my copy to arrive!
  11. Be careful posting photos. NCEES prep material is copyrighted and even photos of test questions and answers may be an issue.
  12. Use a few more significant figures in your lbm/ft^3 to slug/ft^3 conversion and you'll be almost identical to the answer. I used 1.939 slug/ft^3 and the resultant answer is 91.466 psi. Just a matter of sig figs.
  13. I was at Disney Florida a couple years ago and they were using the FP then. This was near the roll out of the system and you were only allowed to 'reserve' 3 events I think. Once you used them you had to go to kiosks around the park to reserve additional FPs since the app didn't allow it.
  14. I know quite a few engineers who needed 5 years to graduate but went on to fairly successful careers. Having a low GPA may make it more difficult for you to get hired right out of college but shouldn't limit you otherwise. Apply yourself in the workplace, be willing to learn, and invest personal time to research and understand things you're having difficulty with and your college career will not really matter. I know at least one person at my old job who was a solid mid 2 GPA and was promoted quickly because of work ethic and willingness to put in the hard hours. Best of luck.