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  1. The Automotive Thread

    Just finished changing out the battery on my G37. It was dead when we got back from the holidays and it's died a couple of times already so I figured it was time. It only took me around 30 minutes as opposed to the bimmer. That car took me 2 hours of trying to get that battery out and the new one in.
  2. Random Topics 3.1

    This morning I read that it snowed on the Sahara for the 3rd time in 40 years. So this popped into my head:
  3. EB NFL Pick 'em League (2017)

    So close to 4th. Congrats all!
  4. Whatcha Playin?

    Do the games work well off the externals? I have a 4tb external but haven't tried it since it's only 5,400 or something.
  5. Whatcha Playin?

    GTAV? Yeah it's 75 gbs! I was going to share it off my BIL's account but I'm going to clear out a bunch of stuff.
  6. funny pic thread

  7. Countdown to Star Wars

    True Imax is worth it in my opinion. Regular vs "Liemax" is a tough call, but it is a bigger screen. Some more info: http://lfexaminer.com/20100421Shrinking-IMAX-Screens.htm
  8. say what?

    Qui Gon actually did come back, but not a force ghost. He appeared to Obi Wan in the Clone Wars series. I think Yoda talked about this at the end of RotS. So he passed on the training to Yoda and Obi Wan. Vader I guess figured it out on his own? Did anyone else think Leia flying through space was dumb? That whole scene was very silly to me as she flew through the air like Mary Poppins. The fuel plot and shields reminded me of Star Trek. I was waiting for Worf to call out "Shields at 40% Captain!" The lightsaber throw was hilarious. I also liked him wiping the dirt off his shoulder before his battle with Kylo Ren. Maz said that would be a story for another day in the last movie. Maybe they'll come out with Star Wars: Maz Kanata at some point. Kylo said Rey's parents were junkers and nobody important. Any reason to believe he was lying? I thought she was going to be related to Luke in some way, but I guess not. I thought the little kid at the end was going to do some kind of force lift on the rocks around him. Overall, I really liked the movie. My second viewing will be in imax next week.
  9. Countdown to Star Wars

    Well anything was a spoiler for me since I wanted to go in as fresh as possible . I only watched the trailer once. It sucked last time when you thought Poe was dead, except you knew he wasn't because of the trailer.
  10. Countdown to Star Wars

    Spoilers! I liked the movie. The 4D stuff was fun but don't know if I'd do it again. It was awesome for the flying scenes but the rest was a bit annoying. It hits you in the back whenever someone falls over and the smells were all the same and didn't smell anything like what should be on screen. I'll sign into the spoiler thread for discussion.
  11. Countdown to Star Wars

    T minus 1.5 hours till movie time!
  12. Countdown to Star Wars

    Wow. I thought about it after you mentioned it lol.
  13. Countdown to Star Wars

    Moving seats, fog, rain, etc. Kinda like a Disney ride.
  14. Countdown to Star Wars

    Just got my tickets for Monday. Will be trying a 4DX theater so it'll be interesting. Google Now already tried to spoil the movie... "The Ending of Last Jedi Explained!"