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  1. Banned for having over 40K posts
  2. What?? My wife's been on T-Mobile since the Voicestream days and I joined her in 2005. We pay about $82 a month for both phones with unlimited everything (except I haven't been able to get tethering to work well). Add in the Tuesday freebies - free subscription to MLB.TV, free Dunkin's gift cards, free VUDU credit, etc. and I don't think we'll be switching anytime soon. The service can be spotty in rural areas, but the new phones we got have wifi calling so it hasn't been an issue.
  3. Trailer is up!
  4. Not quite a movie but Rebels has been showing him in action:
  5. 40 hours a week here, but they don't mind if you cut out a bit early here or there for appointments and such, so I put down <40. Overtime has been very rare at this place. During my time in the consulting world though, all the firms I worked for expected I put in about 10% OT on average.
  6. Less than one hour till the trailer drops!
  7. Someone must be cutting onions here at work.
  8. That is pretty cool! I showed it to our CAD manager and he was surprised how they were able to cram all that power into that little machine.
  9. Wow, 15 in 30 days? That's pretty awesome. I'm 4 percentage points behind so that would be pretty much what I need to get on top. I'm afraid of doing anything serious with my recent back issues though. I'm going to stick to the treadmill for now and try to do intervals or something.
  10. We're doing a biggest loser challenge at work. We've done it for 14 weeks now and we're down to the last 6 weeks. I've gone down from 214 to 192 as of today. I started out using myfitnesspal to keep track of my calorie intake. After 8 weeks or so, I knew pretty much where I had to be with food and stopped logging in. I've had back issues and my achilles flared up for a couple of weeks so I had to take some time off from exercises but the diet definitely helped me keep on track. edited for weeks
  11. Ha, me too!