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  1. Mine looks exactly like that...except it was about half the price.
  2. I'm working about a half day tomorrow, playing golf in the afternoon, then leaving on Friday for a week-long golf trip to Florida.
  3. They are using the emergency spillway at the moment. The story I read said that they didn't think it was going to cause any flooding, but there is going to be a ton of debris to clear out of the overflow reservoir after this is over.
  4. That is poorly worded.
  5. I was talking more about getting more people to pursue licensure, than I was talking about making more money off of each examinee.
  6. I don't see how they can call the exam the "Principles and Practice" exam any more. You can now take the exam prior to gaining any real engineering experience. Plus, I don't know how you guys practice, but when I need to know something, I look it up in reference material instead of relying on my memory of said reference. Switching to "closed book" exams for the PE does not adequately represent what engineering work is really like. It encourages rote memorization of some facts or applications of certain formulas. That is fine for the Fundamentals exam, because they are just that...fundamentals. But the actual practice of engineering is vastly different from engineering school (unless you work only in R&D). I think they are diluting the profession for profit.
  7. Can you turn off Facebook too, please?
  8. Holy shit! I can "average" a 6-minute mile pace to the end of my street (~0.2 miles). NFW I could do that for 3 miles.
  9. Wow...this just proves that it wasn't the year 2016 killing celebrities...it was the fact that some people we remember fondly are aging rapidly or their lifestyles are catching up to them.
  10. I'm pretty sure that a "car length" is a speed dependent distance. I usually keep it set to "2," and at highway speed, there is way more than 2 car lengths between me and the car in front of me, but it would be uncomfortably close for somebody to merge in front of me like Jeb was saying.
  11. The follow distance in the Tesla is adjustable between 1 and 6 car lengths.
  12. If that is asking for an answer, then it is Christmas Vacation. I don't see the Toys for Tots donation box, though.
  13. As perhaps the only person here that owns a self-driving (ish) car, I can honestly say that it is awesome. With the technology in its current state, it still isn't "idiot proof." I always keep my eye on the road and I'm ready to take the wheel if there is a situation that I think the car can't handle. But, I can tell you that for long trips, autopilot is a game-changer. Think about cruise control. On a long trip, when you turn on cruise control, your legs are less fatigued when you get where you are going. Traffic aware cruise control is awesome because you don't have to keep tapping your brakes and controlling the throttle until traffic breaks. Autopilot is another step above that. All you have to do is make sure that the car has good lane markers and that there aren't any unusual/dangerous traffic, and you can sit back and relax for the most part. It takes some getting used to, but having your car take you places without intervention is freaking awesome.
  14. Just went for another run. Same route, but averaged right at 11 minute miles this time. My HR stayed lower, and I think I'm less sore after this one (shades of gray, really).
  15. Is it the North, East or West?