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  1. That's an old article. Doug just made a video about his Range Rover, and his total for the CarMax warranty so far is over $16,000. It's about to run out though.
  2. I count that as a handheld. The only handhelds I have had were the original Game Boy and a GBA.
  3. Why don't they just call them points? You obviously cannot fly 60,000 miles for signing up for a new card.
  4. Isn't saying "Shaky GoPro video" redundant?
  5. They're ramping up production. They hope to have 25 units available on launch day, and 1 available each consecutive day until everybody that wants one either has one or has given up any hope of ever finding one (99.999% of potential customers will end up in the latter category). I was in full "shut up and take my money" mode when they announced the NES Classic. I do not own one because at first I couldn't find one, and now I'm so pissed at their continued "desirability through rarity" marketing that I may never buy another Nintendo console. (For reference, I own every stand-alone Nintendo console from the NES to the WiiU...have not bought a Switch).
  6. I'd lay money that they just dressed up somebody from around the office for that photo shoot. That's Debbie...from accounting.
  7. WTF is wrong with you?
  8. I don't know why that "map" made me think of it, but do flights between Australia, South America and Africa fly over Antarctica? I know when you go from the US to Europe or Asia, you fly over the Arctic.
  9. Well done, sir.
  10. The man on the boat is Bruce Willis.
  11. Apparently his new Netflix show is a dumpster fire.
  12. I've seen that movie a million times, and the "dirt mall" sequence is my favorite part of the movie (not just because of the topless mystic with the 3rd nipple).
  13. Mallrats.
  14. I play a lot of Binding of Isaac.
  15. His funniest movie is Wicker Man...and it's not a comedy. The overacting, and bad acting, are pretty hilarious. Plus, he punches a woman in the face while wearing a bear suit. It's the best thing ever.