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  1. If that is asking for an answer, then it is Christmas Vacation. I don't see the Toys for Tots donation box, though.
  2. Casa Bonita for only $50? SOLD!
  3. As perhaps the only person here that owns a self-driving (ish) car, I can honestly say that it is awesome. With the technology in its current state, it still isn't "idiot proof." I always keep my eye on the road and I'm ready to take the wheel if there is a situation that I think the car can't handle. But, I can tell you that for long trips, autopilot is a game-changer. Think about cruise control. On a long trip, when you turn on cruise control, your legs are less fatigued when you get where you are going. Traffic aware cruise control is awesome because you don't have to keep tapping your brakes and controlling the throttle until traffic breaks. Autopilot is another step above that. All you have to do is make sure that the car has good lane markers and that there aren't any unusual/dangerous traffic, and you can sit back and relax for the most part. It takes some getting used to, but having your car take you places without intervention is freaking awesome.
  4. Just went for another run. Same route, but averaged right at 11 minute miles this time. My HR stayed lower, and I think I'm less sore after this one (shades of gray, really).
  5. Is it the North, East or West?
  6. I'm certainly no expert on the subject, but I have heard running friends say that the way to improve times on shorter distances is to run longer distances.
  7. I just ran for the first time in over a year (previous time was Thanksgiving Day, 2015). I did 3.5 miles in 37 minutes. I have trouble pacing myself, so I got a Garmin running watch that keeps track of pace for you. I started out running a 7 min/mile pace, but ended up averaging a little over 10:30.
  8. But getting blanked by Clemson is? I can understand giving up 31 to Clemson, but they aren't exactly known for their defense.
  9. I left early yesterday to play golf, so I'm working this morning. Then I'm golfing again this afternoon.
  10. Step 1: Get a POD. Step 2: Move everything you need to survive into the POD. Step 3: Burn your house down with all unnecessary shit inside. Repeat every couple of years to keep the clutter in check.
  11. I just put in 1 Amazon order 2 days ago that literally took care of my entire list. Sure it was almost $700, but I went from 0 to done in one fell swoop. It all got delivered today. Now I just have to wrap this shit.
  12. Filling your tires with Nitrogen is BS. First of all, air is 78% Nitrogen in the first place, so ideally, you'd only be replacing 22% of Oxygen and other trace gases. Second, it is nearly impossible to purge all of the air out of the tire before re-filling with Nitrogen, so there will still be a couple of percent contamination with other gasses. At best, you are increasing the concentration of Nitrogen in the tires by 20%. Finally, the N2 molecule is 300 pm in diameter, while O2 is 292 pm in diameter. That ~3% difference in molecule size is going to make very little difference in the permeability of the gas through the rubber, and if you have a leak somewhere in the valve stem or tire seal, it will make no difference at all.
  13. He can sit for the PE under the experience exemption, but it takes 10+ years instead of 4.
  14. Then you will just have to order new business cards for your dog. What a pain in the ass.