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  1. 30 years PE 2011, first time taking test, no studying
  2. Missed application deadline

    Taking a PE exam in another state for practice is one consideration. Another is: are you sure you have to file as a first time PE test taker? If you got your EE PE in CA, it would seem that you could make a refile application. The extra time between those file dates is to go over the submitted paperwork including the submitted letters of recommendations from four other PEs that know your work. Those letters have to be auntheticated. I would expect those letters would be digitized and saved for any questions about authenticity. Since Control Systems Engineering is a discipline that is many times under Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering and is also useful in Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Civil Engineering (in my college it was under Electrical Engineering but there were many Mech and Aero Engineering students in the classes), you may be able to uses the same recommendations. If you got your CSE PE in another state and you only want to list it, can you list your PE along with the state it is valid in? For instance: PE (UT) Control Systems.
  3. California Dreamin

    I haven't received anything from them, however the license lookup shows my date extended and my bank account has been debitted. Therefore, despite lacking a piece of paper, my license is not set to expire at the end of the month.
  4. Exam Day

    Jason, since you will have many books, you will need to reference material quickly, so you need an index. Make a crib sheet that will fit in an allowed binder for each reference. Put page numbers (and how far down each page) where you can find the information you need in your crib sheets. Consider if you want single sided and tabbed crib sheets or double sided ones. The crib sheets will also help you decide what is relevant and what is not when you are studying. They may become a quick reference to your personal engineering library after the test.
  5. Even if the day will be nice, bring along a thin jacket. They had the place quite cold in October 2011.
  6. Which calculator for Electrical PE?

    Since you are a HP guy, I take it you are fastest and most self assured with RPN. I would go with a HP in that case. I took in the 35S and the Fx-115ES and used the 35S in algebraic mode due to not having to look if a key entry registered and the right number of times due to the good key action of the 35S. Take in at least one alternate calculator for things you need it for. Learn to use all, but go with what is most comfortable. Another thing I did, after reading the instructions carefully and finding I could take a compass and a straight edge, was to take both. The compass was a 180 degree one and the straight edge was a steel ruler. I thought that they would be useful if I came across a problem that I wanted to solve geometrically or I wanted to accurately draw something out. They turned out to be useful as bookmarks.
  7. California Dreamin

    From the pels_ca_gov site on license renewal information: "If you do not pay your renewal fee by the expiration date, your license will be considered expired. It is illegal to practice, offer to practice, or use any restricted titles with an expired license, including during the grace period." You can now renew by credit card, so you can get your payment in up to the last minute. If you pay by mail, it takes several weeks for them to credit it. This is what happened to me, but I got it in a bit in advance so it was credited before 03/31/12 and now shows 03/31/14 as the expiration date.
  8. October 2011 Results Reported So Far - Map

    It's amazing to look at the state boards of the states that haven't reported yet. Some of them have information pasted until part way through 2010. Even their calendars are not kept up.
  9. Passed, Pay Raise?

    5.575625% increase per contract, already applied.
  10. California Dreamin

    I received the wall certificate on January 12 and the Pocket Certificate today, January 14.
  11. Now the upper limit of the group is 19952 with the last bunch having Jone 30, 2012 expiration. Maybe the last ones were the ones who won appeals. I wonder if the state statistics are for in-state residents only as they show only 117 people passing. Maybe there are gaps in the numbers where no license was given?
  12. California Dreamin

    Passed Oct 2011 test in EE (Power), first try, no studying (going for baseline). Last college course in EE (not Power - concentrated in Communications and Controls) was in Spring 1981. Spent two decades as a power technician.
  13. California Dreamin

    Are the numbers assigned for new engineers in a linear fashion? If so, it seems that the new electrical Professional Engineers are in the group 19788 - 19944 (taken from expiration dates - not exhaustively). If taking that group as a given, is there any rhyme or reason as to why a certain number is assigned to a certain individual?