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  1. PE Civil Test Reference Materials

    AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications Fifth Edition. Includes Disc and both part I and II $400 Also, PCI Design Handbook Precast and Prestressed Concrete $50 2005 Masonry standards joint committee code, specification and commentaries $50
  2. The only thing I can tell you is you have to strike a balance. I took and passed the PE (Civil Structural) this past April after having been out of school 9 years. I have 3 kids under 3 and my wife is in school for physical therapy. Lots of studying over time and tons of help from my wife and family. I can honestly say that at the end of it I looked back and realized I didn't kill myself studying as I have seen otehrs do. No crazy all nighters or cram sessions. Just start early, bite off a little bit at a time and realize you need to know where to find refences more so than you need to know every equation. The morning questions are easy if if your intimately familar with your refernces. The math is middle school simple most of the time, just tab everything and know where to go. Mostly though, do not stress and make sure to spend time with your family along the way The test was more simplistic than I thought it would be, but I took all 4 hours both sessions. FYI - I guessed at 12 questions in the afternoon and 1 in the morning. Hope this helps.
  3. Map: April 2012 Results

    I feel for you. I know several people here in the office that took it multiple times before achieving the desired results. I hope you try again, but wish you the best either way.Good luck!
  4. Map: April 2012 Results

    Got results today in the mail. YEEEHAW! Thanks to everyone for the support and congrats to all the other PE's.
  5. Map: April 2012 Results

    Just heard from the wife, nothing from Alabama in the mail today. Still waiting on my horse!
  6. Map: April 2012 Results

    I am pretty sure. I spoke with a lady at the Alabama State Board on Wednesday who told me they were in the mail that day. I sure hope my Pony has some gideeup!
  7. Map: April 2012 Results

    I too am waiting for the letter from AL. I live in Georgia so i'm thinking it might be today or tomorrow before mine arrives. I really wish Alabama would jump into this new age of computers and that internet thing. I'm kinda expecting a guy on a horse delivering my letter from Alabama though.
  8. Map: April 2012 Results

    Called Alabama Office. They mailed the letters today. Should be receiving in the next day or two. Fingers crossed!!!!!!
  9. Did you ever get anywhere with the Board? I applied and was approved to take the April exam in Alabama. Just curious as this was quite an inconvenience to switch all the paperwork around from GA to AL and get it there in time to get into the April exam.
  10. Apparently we are in the same boat. I too wanted the 8 hour PE Civil - Structural, but got the 16 hour SE approval. I'm looking into taking the PE Civil Structural in another state. I never saw it advertised on any of the websites that GA doesn't offer the PE Civil Structural exam, did you?
  11. SE versus PE Civil-Structural

    I recently recieved approval from Georgia to take the 16 hour Structural Exam. I registered for the PE Civil-Structural. However, as I found out Georgia does not offer PE Civil Structural, even though most of the surrounding states do offer it. Am I obligated to take the SE or can I take the Civil Structural in another state (i.e. Florida where I received my EIT)? I really don't need an SE and have already purhased all the materials for the Civil Structural exam. Not the mention the 27% pass rate for the SE....yikes!