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  1. Congrats @leggo PE! Especially in CA, that's no small feat!
  2. I've been on boards with much swifter ban hammers. Trolls like canadagoose would have been booted long ago on most other boards. RG and KF are teddy bears (love you boos)
  3. Two chicks at the same time, man.
  4. Not Netflix, but we started watching the new season of Twin Peaks last night. It's even better than the first season in that we have no idea what's happening but it's so creepy and somehow so addictive at the same time. It's kind of fun to see how the actors have aged over time too.
  5. HBD tank!
  6. Can we punish NJ anyway?
  7. Kristen Stewart prefers clam sushi.
  8. RIP Chris.
  9. It's not about age. It's about maturity. The regulars here span from early 20s up to late 50s. You may not be a teenager but you clearly don't have the life experience to understand how you're being perceived.
  10. EB Spam Thread drama. I just like that they finally banned that matt guy.
  11. I still don't understand why you're posting on this board when you're clearly in a different life stage than the rest of us. Other than to be a troll, of course. Isn't there some teeny bopper or AskMen-type board for little boys that you can go play on instead?
  12. Is it hot in here or did I accidentally click on the Women's subforum at work?
  13. Getting this thread back on track.
  14. The CA license lookup actually lists your mailing address, which I find super creepy. I use my work address and phone. Not even the one I'm physically at, but our HQ and receptionist's desk.