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  1. I volunteered in Mini's kindergarten class today. One thing I'm now certain of, I sure as heck don't need to have a boy. Boys are fun and all, but I can live without having one at home.
  2. Do the right thing and advise the dude to run. this one's on him. it's his third wedding. I'm just going for the open bar Sounds like you don't have smart friends. He's in Jersey. It's not like he has options.
  3. Ha! So true! Agree with what others have posted. People make all the difference. It's an awful feeling, working for managers who don't seem to care about your future, and your managers definitely don't sound like they care.
  4. Have a good one!
  5. As far as I'm concerned, this is the only brand of gummy bears: but I actually haven't seen these since the days when our family used to frequent the local liquor store because we didn't have a Walmart or Target nearby. Now I only see Trolli or Haribo brand, which seem to have much lower Poisson's ratios, making for a less pleasant experience chewing off their heads.
  6. I'm trying to encourage Mini toward a career in material science. I figure it's just a couple more years until she'll be able to identify the elastic and plastic ranges on a stress-strain curve and calculate the Poissson's ratio of a gummy bear.
  7. Happy belated.
  8. Halloween is my favorite holiday too! Parents were never around for my birthday/Christmas/Easter, but we always made time for Halloween. The tradition continues with my family and the neighborhood kids. I can't wait till our kids are older and don't get spooked as easily, so we can set out the really spooky decorations (zombies coming out of graves, etc)
  9. ^ Hey yo!
  10. I also learned a lot about golden age film stars from Animaniacs.
  11. Do you have a choice to send Junior somewhere else? Her school sounds pretty awful based on what you described.
  12. I agree, hardwood is practically synonymous with having a Bona.
  13. Amazing. I was an angry high school senior at the time. I remember feeling like the world was ending. But it kept going, and we kept seeing stories about the rescue efforts and the bravery of the NYC emergency responders. I started to develop more faith in people after that.
  14. Bugger eats fake bacon but thinks real cow's milk is gross. He's a lost cause.