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  1. Costco membership is totally worth it. They typically only sell high quality goods and you can return anything at any time, for any reason. Besides, with 3 kids, you're going to need to buy booze in bulk.
  2. Your 20s are about adventure and looking forward to what the future has in store. It feels like a plateau at first when you hit 30, but then you realize you're just learning what it means to be content and live in the moment. If you learn to do that, you'll learn to appreciate life far more than you ever imagined.
  3. Did this blow anyone else's mind?
  4. I went to five parties this weekend. Still beats hosting one.
  5. Thanks everyone! It was indeed a happy birthday.
  6. THIS ONE The most ridiculously condescending song ever. And 30 years later Bob Geldof still doesn't get why anyone would have a problem with his approach to "humanitarianism".
  7. Mariah and McCartney, for sure. I know it's a classic, but Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer hasn't been funny since the third time I heard it.
  8. Ha! I never saw it before now! And now I can't unsee it.
  9. I make a trip to Goodwill every couple of months, throw away toys I told the kids I would toss if they didn't get picked up, and have asked people time and again not to buy the kids presents unless it's something practical like clothes or books. Nothing stems the tide of crap that comes in. Ergo, fire.
  10. The clutter in this house is driving me nucking futz. The holidays are extra stressful because my family believes it's not really Christmas unless you buy a hundred individually wrapped pieces of plastic crap to give to each person. I don't understand why we can't just give each other a few high quality gifts and call it good. So now I refuse to clean the playroom in the hopes it will motivate them to try to stop accumulating useless things, but no - the answer is always to buy something else to "fix" our storage issues. I welcome any suggestions for how to get rid of some of the clutter in grandiose fashion to get the message across that Mom is about to snap. Maybe set a pile of Barbies on fire in front of the kids' bedroom door?
  11. We're doing some minor concrete work in-house. I resent that I keep hearing the guys joking about the concrete vibrator we rented but whenever I make a joke, the room goes dead silent. I think I'll pull a snick and bait them with "innocent" comments to make them uncomfortable.
  12. ^ That looks fantastic!
  13. I pronounced RaPi to rhyme with "Popeye" in my head. Bluto's the rapey one, anyway.