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  1. crackle
  2. Selfie alert???
  3. Banned for assuming this thread is updated continuously.
  4. Do we get watchable games next weekend?
  5. Forget all of you. Go Browns!
  6. Maybe then she'll have time to send out my wallet card.
  7. I have 6 weeks to do 4 months worth of work, how do I get motivated?
  8. Doubtful, they lag behind the release of the new code. Oct 17 at the earliest, more likely is April '18. Asking NCEES is always the best solution.
  9. Banned for assuming my name is only 3 letters
  10. banned for still having a holiday themed avatar
  11. What a tragedy for the Fisher family.
  12. you seem to have a difficult time comprehending statements. I was clearly judging the binder and made it clear that I was. seeing how I passed without an EE background, it's safe to say i'm the best person to ask for tips mainly because, again, I PASSED WITHOUT AN EE BACKGROUND Whatever. I stand by my statements. I passed the test and somehow manage not to be an arrogant ass about the whole situation. I somehow imagine that you are not as good as you think you are.
  13. I guess I missed where you pivoted to talking about a state test. My bad, but after all, this is a PE/FE forum.
  14. I am not a contractor, so I am not referencing contractor review material.