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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I will be looking for FL classes in the near future.
  2. Sounds like you are fairly good shape with a few weeks left. Taking meticulous notes and tabbing the daylights out of your references will be a huge payoff during the exam. Best of luck to you! Be sure to be comfortable (as much as practical) with the index for the NEC, that is the key to breezing thru the NEC questions IMHO.
  3. No one you work with has a PE license? The application for the PE clearly states that you need to work under the direct supervision of a PE, I do not think a 'mentor' would qualify for that statement. Plenty of people here would be more than happy to answer general questions regarding the application process.
  4. Not unless you're taking Monday off. No, 3 day road trip through eastern PA and NJ.
  5. Big difference in different levels of management in the future. Hell, I didn't even 'start' my career until I was 32. After passing the PE, I felt a little like there was nothing left to accomplish. Now, I am working to make the next move within the company. Lots to learn, lots to do and lots to prove.
  6. Does working on a Sunday count as Friday?
  7. or talk to on EB.
  8. Next one up
  9. Are we even trying anymore??? Three amigos.
  10. It's a little crazy around here. But, here's one
  11. J.R. JOHNSON ENGINEERING, INC. A consulting engineering firm located in Middleburg Hts., Ohio, 10 miles south of downtown Cleveland and just south of Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Our services consist of engineering, planning, project controls, and construction management focused on primarily industrial and utility clients. Engineering services include design and construction engineering in civil, electrical, instrumentation, machine design, mechanical, process piping and structural engineering. Benefits include Vacation, Holidays, Health, Life, Disability and 401k The Electrical Departments primary focus is in the following areas: • Power Distribution • Equipment Installation • Substation Modification and Upgrades • Substation Automation We are seeking an experienced electrical engineer that meets the following criteria: Prerequisites/Requirements 1. Strong communicative and interpersonal skills. 2. Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering. 3. PE License preferred/F.E. certification required. 4. Substation design experience preferred. 5. Exercises discretion and independent judgment. Responsibilities to Include 1. Supervise work of assigned personnel. 2. Prepare concept sketches and layouts. 3. Design and evaluate electrical schematics, wiring diagrams and electrical component systems. 4. Interacting with clients, suppliers and company departments. 5. Coordination and leadership of assigned projects. 6. Interdepartmental project coordination. 7. Quality. Interested candidates should send their resumes to: Ryan Myers J.R. Johnson Engineering, Inc. 6673 Eastland Road Middleburg Hts., OH 44130
  12. Raising Arizona. Too easy
  13. I can't answer all your questions, but stick with ABET schools. It'll be helpful in the long run regarding licensure, and probably in transferring credits (I would think, no knowledge if true or not). Best of luck.
  14. We had the funeral procession for a young man that died in iraq go past our house years ago. It was heart warming to see how many people lined the streets to pay respect for him and his family.
  15. Yes, this is a splendid idea. So that you don't waste your time taking the take-home exam at, well, home, you should bring it with you to the 8hr NCEES exam and use part of your 8 hours to work on the take-home exam there. Knock out two different exams in 8 hours. Brilliant. I think the PE test should be a take home exam, they could even throw in the questions from the laws and rules test that various states take.