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  1. TV - What are you watching?

    Had to swap hotels the other day (long story) and the TV availability is different. I found a channel that only shows music videos. Very few commercials. Once in a while they'll show a quick artist interview. I forgot how good MTV used to be.
  2. Clients keep touching my screens!!!, suggestions?

    You are all approaching this wrong. You should rub your balls all over the screen so that if anyone touches it they are effectively touching your balls. Or you could put your hand in your ass crack and rub it with that like the guy in Mallrats. They will either get sick or pinkeye. Either way you have enacted revenge.
  3. TV - What are you watching?

    There is a reality show that is about sheep shearers. The "drama" in the last episode was that they got new electric shears and were going too fast.
  4. Cubicle Etiquette

    New office has one of those "open" style cubicle layouts. Wasn't too bad, but like any typical first day I was too busy to really get a chance to get settled.
  5. NFL 2016

    I will have to address the internet restrictions before that can be attempted.
  6. TV - What are you watching?

    But it involves the internet. My only internet is through my phone. And the internet on my phone is limited. And the wifi here sucks.
  7. Movie thread

    Saw the new Xmen movie yesterday. Wasn't the best of the group, but not the worst.
  8. TV - What are you watching?

    Not really much available to watch here in the hotel. Only have 8 channels. A couple only show infomercials, two for "sports", CNN, Discovery, and a couple of Chinese channels. I miss GOT...
  9. NFL 2016

    Trying to learn the rules for rugby but I just can't get excited for it. Other sports in NZ: cricket (fuck that), net ball (a really lame variant of basketball only played by women), and Australian football (some fucked up love child between the NFL and rugby). Only decent sport over here is soccer. I really hope I can getthings figured out to watch the NFL...
  10. Taken from the driveway of a house I was looking to rent.
  11. Truth of the matter is...

    TOTM is that I somehow pulled off moving to another country.
  12. Bad advice to previous poster

    Drop your pants, bend over and say "please". Trying to find a house here in Auckland, the rental market is really competitive. I received approval on one application for a house that would work in the short term but haven't heard back on a couple others that would work better. Do I lock in the first house to be safe or do I hold out hope on the ones I like better?
  13. Climbing Mt Evans back in 2014.
  14. Bad advice to previous poster

    Kill the little one and put his head on a spike outside your office as a warning. I need more time to finish things around the house before I fly out but i cant change my scheduled flight. Suggestions?
  15. Linked Words Game

    Sound Judgement