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  1. Because it is. HA!
  2. Spiderman is still in highschool (mid-teens). It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that she could be in her mid-30s, but Marissa Tomei is 52...
  3. I was in a similar situation. My kids were both under 3 when I took the exam. Routine helped more than anything. Wife and kids knew not to bother me while I was studying. What made things even harder was that my wife was also in school going for her nursing degree. We both were up late studying after the kids were in bed. Kids off to bed at 8 and would study until I dozing was too much. I found my best study times would be weekend mornings. Get the kids up, play a bit, but then lock myself away for a few hours (typically same time as their morning nap), then watch the kids while my wife studied. More often than not, I would go to a bookstore or library to study. Sounds were very similar to the test (quiet paper shuffling, sniffing, occasional cough), which does help with memory retention. Made things much easier to get in the right mindset when I sat down for the exam. Sometimes it's just the content/material you're reviewing. I've dozed off at 3 in the afternoon trying to read through a contract. If you're tired, go to bed or get up and walk around. You aren't doing yourself any favors by staring a material you're not really reading. You're better off getting sleep and trying it the next day.
  4. Never underestimate how small the engineering community is. One of my old supervisors took at job in San Diego (originally from Denver), and when I reached out to him for a reference when I was looking to move to New Zealand, one of his new co-workers knew the HR manager of their branch here in Auckland, NZ. In less than a month, a connection hooked me up with a job 7000+ miles away on the other side of the world. As others have said, look to your board's requirements for who can sign your experience record. If it has to be a PE and he was the only PE that you worked with, you may be in a tight spot. However, if there are other PE's who can verify your experience or if the board does not require your supervisor to have a PE, it would be best to go with other sources. In CO, having a PE verify your experience is preferred but not a requirement, especially for your "early" years of experience.
  5. Adding Sheeran was a gift to the girl who plays Arya from the director because she's a fan of his. She didn't know he would be there and I guess he's a big fan of the show. Instead of HBO, we have one channel dedicated to the "big" shows in the US. It has Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, etc (, and each day since the first of July they've been re-airing the entire GOT series. We DVR'd them all and started rewatching from the beginning. It's amazing how many things we missed the first time through and how so many more things were foreshadowed. There have been a few episodes where neither my wife or I remember full scenes (especially in seasons 3 and 4). We just got through the Mountain vs Viper episode last night (S4 ep.8), but did jump ahead and watch the new episode too. Reading back through some of the older posts RE: Arya = Lady Stoneheart, the Brothers without Banners are definitely coming back and it does appear Arya is covering some of the Stoneheart elements.
  6. That's only a 16hr flight from here. No problem.
  7. Fixed.
  8. I'd play. Just need to set my reminders since the games are at such crazy local times.
  9. It's Monday, but also my Friday. Taking the rest of the week off to go further explore the country. Would have taken today off too but needed to finish up some project admin crap.
  10. We're also looking for civil guys here in New Zealand...
  11. Yeah, be sure to also document any training you do through work (both formal classes and informal "lunch and learns"). You get credit for all of it. It hasn't cost me any money, but it is one more think to keep track of.
  12. The PMP is very academic and "in a perfect world" scenario. The instructor of the required class before the exam told us flat out to "forget everything we know" about how we do management. Very structured. Task A, then task B, then task C, then... And each role is filled by one person dedicated to that project. We all know tasks run concurrently and out of order, people fill multiple roles and do multiple projects, etc. It was helpful to be able to deconstruct things to see how each specific task should be done and role performed, but doesn't go very far in showing how to handle the real world. It would be more applicable if you're managing very large projects, but by the time you're managing those projects you've been at it for a fairly long time and don't need a certification to tell you how to do it.
  13. I have a PMP. Only reason I got it was because the company was willing to pay for it. Hasn't been particularly helpful, but I have seen a growing number of employers looking for it. Now I'm stuck with 20 PDH's a year to keep it. In the meantime, I'll keep PMP'n my PE-ness...