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  1. I Got 999 First World Problems

    My monitor at home is only 19" and isn't as high of a resolution as my work computer so I can show as many columns in my Excel spreadsheets.
  2. It's Friday!!!!

    3 moar hours.
  3. here we go again, "upgrade"

    Monitors? Is this the hallway in middle-school?
  4. funny pic thread

    I thought he was describing the size of the last dick he ate.
  5. here we go again, "upgrade"

    I can't post 2 images in the same reply.
  6. Countdown to Star Wars

    Do a google search for "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away"
  7. here we go again, "upgrade"

    I see the names with Chrome.
  8. Anyone want to feel old?

    The 25th anniversary of Home Alone was this last week.
  9. NFL 2015

    ^^^ But seriously, he looked better than Manning.
  10. Countdown to Star Wars

    I'm pretty sure I know where Professor X lives.
  11. Countdown to Star Wars

    No, that was how Frodo got the ring to Mordor.   Idiots.
  12. What stage are you currently experiencing waiting for results?