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  1. Climbing Mt Evans back in 2014.
  2. Bad advice to previous poster

    Kill the little one and put his head on a spike outside your office as a warning. I need more time to finish things around the house before I fly out but i cant change my scheduled flight. Suggestions?
  3. Linked Words Game

    Sound Judgement
  4. For reference, that's a John Deer 644.
  5. funny pic thread

    The problem with White Castle is that getting there is a PITA. Granted, after you're done eating there, it's a different pain in the ass...
  6. Because the ones who love them know how to work on them.
  7. funny pic thread

    Just highlighting that is actually a biography. Not non-fiction.
  8. Maryland Exam Information

  9. Who needs an SUV?
  10. It's Friday!!!!

    Pretty much. I do have to go in on the 20th for an exit interview and turn in my badge.
  11. funny pic thread

    ^^^ Supe leaves that note on his fridge for when his fiance comes home...
  12. It's Friday!!!!

    I would tell you to f-off, but I know tomorrow is my last day of work until June 6th...
  13. Bad advice to previous poster

    Both. Buy a new car and replace every part with aftermarket upgrades. Debating buying a scooter when I move to NZ for commuting purposes. Any suggestions?
  14. Maryland Exam Information

    I haven't read everything in this thread, but I wasn't sure if anyone else noticed the elephant in the room: What about all of those steps that haven't been tracked since the exam? How are these test-takers supposed to function in normal society without knowing how many steps they took? Their friends will leave them because they cannot compare step counts. Did NCEES not take this into consideration when they took the fitbits?
  15. Countdown to Captain America 3

    If you want bewbs in a superhero movie, go watch Deadpool. I saw Captain America on Saturday too. I thought it was pretty good. Not the best one of the Marvel Universe, but it was a needed stepping stone for some bigger things down the road like Spiderman & Black Panther. Spiderman was cast just about perfect considering that he is a highschool kid (and not an overly confident kid either). The "bad guy" in Captain American annoys the hell out of me. It's probably because I thought he was a douchebag in Inglorious Basterds (as he was supposed to be) and I can't see him as anything different.