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  1. With as diluted as the waters are for MBA's and as bad as many of these MBA's run things, unless it's from a "top 10" University along with a solid work history, it's essentially worthless. For a few hundred $'s, anyone can buy one.
  2. I played Battlefield 3 for a while, but those games get boring VERY quickly. They're typically designed for online multiplayer 2-team battles, so after you've memorized the 5 maps and unlocked the handful of weapons, it's just shoot, die, respawn, repeat...
  3. Rocketteer (SP?) Next one up:
  4. I honestly think the deliberate ignorance of the American public combined with the influx of pseudoscience "muddying the waters" has driven him crazy. He really does know his shit, and knows who to talk to when he doesn't. Having to constantly "debate" science facts with a general population who need warning labels telling them coffee is hot has essentially pushed him to the "extremism" side of things. He's now painted as a fanatic and many people will automatically dismiss any point if he's trying to make it. Climate science is not an exact science, but we do have a planet with millions of years worth of data that scientists have been analyzing for centuries. Have theories evolved? Of course they have, that's the basis of the scientific model. Hypothesize, test, observe, repeat. When multiple tests performed by different people generate the same results, a scientific theory is generated. Again, the deliberately ignorant public mis-uses the term theory, "Evolution is *only* a theory..." Yes dipshit, evolution is a theory, gravity is a theory too, so why don't you fly away.?"
  5. I've seen several people post that they'll walk into a restaurant (like Dominoes), order delivery to their own house, then hitch a ride with the driver.
  6. The only PDH's I've found are useful relate to some form of certification. In the US, I was a TCS (Traffic Control Supervisor) which required a certain amount of on the job hours plus a 2-day course. It's required if you supervise traffic control crews (especially flaggers) in Colorado. The on-the-job hours teach you how to actually do the setouts, but the in-class training teaches you the "why's". I just completed the NZ equivalent series of courses and scored 40hrs of PDH's towards my Chartered Engineer (CPEng) application. In my case, they don't care about a specific amount of hours but rather that I demonstrate around 2 years of "progressive NZ-specific" engineering experience so I can transfer my PE here.
  7. It is Friday. HA!
  8. The sales pitch of PDH's is that they help ensure engineers remain current. The real motive is typically from some training institution's lobby trying to boost business. In the end, several politicians are richer, training companies grow, engineers get 20+ hours of paid nap time, and the government body stacks more workload on a skeleton crew.
  9. I had to Google it. I thought I had seen it, but then remembered only that I had owned it at one point but never watched it (one of those buy one get 5 free bins at Walmart or something).
  10. It appears the problem was not his research into or challenging of the yellow lights. Any normal citizen can do that. The problem is that he was presenting himself as an engineer. In CO you cannot advertise yourself as an engineer for any field that you are not qualified in. It's definitely a gray area there because PE's are not discipline specific. It's like walking into a medical clinic, saying "I'm a doctor", then start questioning sutures when you're actually an Anesthesiologist. Sure, you can say the sutures are shit, but you can't go walking around saying you know they're shit while under the premise of being a doctor in an unrelated field.
  11. How would an airport be able to enforce the ban? To anyone curbside, they don't look anything different than a friend picking up or dropping off...
  12. It's already Thursday and I saw the new Guardians of the Galaxy two days ago...
  13. Hi Newish, I'm Dex. Welcome to EB!
  14. Glad to see this thread still gets bumped up for each test cycle.