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  1. Since we're on an "easy" streak...
  2. Reservoir Dogs
  3. No, accept that you have hit a plateau and devise a plan to get out of it. If you don't like your surroundings, move. Don't expect your surroundings to change just because you're stuck. That could mean anything from volunteering for a new/different project, to a new job, to a new career, all the way up to a new country...
  4. Yeah, our field guys use a Hilux. It's like a Tacoma, but better.
  5. We were looking at the GLA's last year. They are great little SUV's. I really liked the AMG's power and handling, but the thing sounded like a used Civic with a cheap aftermarket exhaust.
  6. If you've hit a plateau, to me that means that you've got to double-down your efforts to learn and grow. I thought I had hit that a few years ago and it was really depressing. Some people don't need much to "jump start" their career again, others need something drastic. Being able to get out of your comfort zone once in a while goes a long way towards destroying that plateau.
  7. If so many people are willing to leave the company I work for, I would seriously start to question things. Am I getting paid and/or the benefits I should be? Is there a big managerial change I should know about? What other work options exist that are drawing co-workers away? Then if I was still comfortable with where I was working, I would start looking at ways to re-vamp the company so people are willing to stay or join. I won't hate a coworker who is moving on to better themselves, because this is such a small industry we'll cross paths again. And sometimes, that next path crossing will help you move to the other side of the world.
  8. ^^^ So a woman who blindly votes against her own self interest to inflate the ego of her male partner?
  9. Most of the questions were centered around the Hillary/Bernie side. Most people I've met in my travels have asked why Bernie couldn't have been on the general election.
  10. Yep, here in NZ
  11. I like just about everything at my current job. Location, people, projects, benefits, the ability to travel internationally for work. There are some minor inconveniences (i.e. constantly having to explain stupid American shit like how Trump got elected or how bad the US healthcare system is).
  12. Fantastic Beasts was good, although I can't remember where I saw it...
  13. Met a girl in HS named Tiffany. She was wearing a Guess shirt, so I asked, "32C?" She instantly grabbed her bewbs and with a slightly shocked face responded, "how did you know?" I still think I missed my calling as a plastic surgeon (breast augmentation)...
  14. I made the jump to work internationally (New Zealand) and brought a wife and 2 kids with me. It's the hardest thing I've had to do, but having gone through it I now realize it wasn't that hard. The most challenging aspect was the financial side. Everything else was just paperwork...
  15. I really liked Logan. My kids were pissed I wouldn't let them watch it. I heard it was a bit too rough, so Mrs Dex and I decided to "screen it" first. It will be a couple of years before we'll let them see it.