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  1. It's Friday!!!!

    Starting today, I can now bump this post a day early every-other Thursday.  4 day weekend, here I come!!
  2. Countdown to Star Wars

    But a bitch to keep clean.
  3. Random thoughts

    It's implied.
  4. Countdown to Star Wars

    Lol, Kylo is hooded...
  5. "Tell me something good"

    Got the last of my paperwork together to formally apply for my MIPENZ so I can be an engineer in New Zealand. Just need to come up with $450 to pay for it...
  6. The Automotive Thread

    Just be sure to not confuse the blue w/ white stripes with the white w/ blue stripes...      
  7. NFL 2015

    Luckily the Broncos aren't owned by Stan Kroenke...
  8. NFL 2015

    ^^^ Updated with actual picture instead of the pdf
  9. Help keep ptatohed accountable with his weight loss

    The ones in Vegas? 
  10. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Sub-floor drains only work if they have somewhere to drain to that is drier than where they are draining from. If they are running under the basement floor, you're only real option is to tie it into the house sewer line or to a sump pump/pit.  Otherwise it will be trying to discharge into somewhere that is surcharged.   I would start with the grades around the perimeter of the building and making sure everything within 5-8 feet drain away from the house (5% grade on landscaping, 2% min on impervious surfaces).  In the city I live, they require the grade within 10' of the house has to be 10% (only 2% if it's impervious).
  11. Countdown to Star Wars

    ^^^ It comes with a "Rampage Pout" mode which the ladies just love...
  12. Countdown to Star Wars

    Looks like a couple of the ladies will be taking those to the darkside.
  13. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    I forget how much I spent on it, but it was something stupid like $20/foot.  We used the white plastic molding because it was cheaper. I don't want to think about how expensive real wood would have been.
  14. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    The bigger challenge is when you discover your ceiling/walls aren't straight and/or square.  I used more caulk filling the gap along the length of the molding than at the corners.  I also did a 3-piece molding and had to fill the gaps in between the pieces. This is what I put in:
  15. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    ^^^ Just use caulk to fill the gaps. You need it to fill the nail holes anyways. All my crown molding is 9' up, no one can tell a difference.