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  1. Passed, Pay Raise?

    Finally getting one, almost 2 years later. 12.6%.
  2. Are you salary or hourly?

    Salaried, and unlike most consultants, we don't do time sheets and charge lump sums for our services.
  3. PE vs. FE

    the level of problems are tougher on the PE. More steps, more complex process to solve the problem. The FE had more questions I simply did not know the answer to. The questions themselves were simpler, though.
  4. Converting a Pump from gpm to MPH

    first you'll need to convert GPM to cuft/hour
  5. Converting a Pump from gpm to MPH

    divide it by the outlet section area to convert the volume flow to a speed.
  6. The standard 4.5 years -- May '06 - Fall '10.
  7. Preferred Desk Chair?

    we have the herman miller aeron chairs. Well worth the money; they are comfortable and super adjustable. Most importantly, they don't break or reduce in performance over time.
  8. I'm a land development/water guy who has 6 years under my belt. Got my PE in '10 and didn't get a raise at my 4-employee firm. My pay will universally be considered low, no need to say exactly what my pay is. My wife keeps egging me to apply to other jobs. The only problem is she keeps picking out public work for me to apply to. Sure, these positions all pay 30%+ more than I make now. But I've always viewed government work as more or less a dead end. Is this true? Once I go to the government, will I ever be able to go back to consulting work?
  9. Had a 3 month old at the time of exam. I studied mostly at night from 10p to 3a during the hone stretch because I knew the baby was going to be up at some point during that time and I'd need to give her a bottle. It worked, I did pass on the first try.
  10. got a 7.3% raise starting my next check, maybe another coming now that I passed my PE? before that, it had been almost 3 years since my last raise.
  11. How young are the PEs here?

    passed today at 26
  12. *OFFICIAL* PE and FE Results Thread - Oct '10

    i'm surprised there are so many water resources/env test takers here... I too took this test and passed.
  13. Too early to use P.E. in e-mail signature?

    i know i will have my new signature tomorrow, but NC has already assigned license numbers, so i'm as official as possible.
  14. *OFFICIAL* PE and FE Results Thread - Oct '10

    passed in nc! wut wut!
  15. PE Results

    I passed... Holl-a Time to get crunk!