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  1. I'm considering attending a class offered by UW-Madison on chilled water plant design. Does anyone have any experience with continuing education engineering courses at UW-Madison? does anyone know of any other universities that offer a similar suite of programs?

    Passed Mechanical/Thermal Fluids with a 94!
  3. *OFFICIAL* PE and FE Results Thread - Oct '10

    Passed the mechanical PE in TX with a 94 I think I studied too much
  4. NCEES Website

    i would guess its related to the FE results coming in, not the PE
  5. Texas rosters updating?

    this is alot of wishful thinking right here.

    Cat Blog Entry 12/22/10 11:18am "Another personal success: managed to vomit so that it hit the edge of the table, some important looking papers, one of the chairs, the floor, and the dog. The unheard of five-bagger!"
  7. Whoopie!

    sweet now i can get back to the important business of obsessively checking this site for news that probably won't come for another two weeks

    Cat Blog Entry 12/21/10 4:05pm "Owner has purchased another litterbox in vain attempt to keep me from urinating on stairs. I wonder how many litterboxes I can get him to purchase? Tracking..."

    Its been pretty quiet, but its not like anybody knows anything anyway. Like it would kill NCEES to hire someone to write a goddamn blog to help us ease the passage of time with some updates. My goddamn cat has a blog.
  10. NCEES

    In April, the shortest wait for results for any state was 46 days according to the spreadsheet on this size. We are at day 53, which is one full week later. While I hesitate to accuse anybody of "screwing up", I think we can at least acknowledge that the time line for October results has been extended by something other than a holiday here or there. It isn't necessarily nefarious - could just be the volume of tests - but it is longer nonetheless.

    lame joke thread is lame
  12. What will be your victory dance if you pass??

    I've always been partial to the Derek Lowe "suck it" maneuver he gave to the Oakland A's after beating them in Game 5 of the 2003 ALDS.
  13. TX-PE results?

    I think you have identified the problem. Instead of having humans grade the exam, we need robots to write it.
  14. Just Got This E-mail

    I'm not about to let a little thing like reality get in the way of my panicking! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH NO RESULTS EVER!!!!