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  1. Hi All: I passed the PE a few years ago. I'm thinking about making a possible career change to being a Patent Agent. I know I need to take an exam. Just curious if anybody has any recommendations on reference, study, and sample exams. Thanks for all the help.
  2. It is worth it just to get more practice problems. For the most part those questions are generally waaaay too long to be PE exam questions. You have to learn the material anyways, why not go for the problem that will make you work for it. By the way, only the NCEES practice exam comes close to what you will feel in the exam.
  3. nice.
  4. Hi ATM: First of all, thanks for serving our country. Second, in IL, you don't need to be working under a PE to gain experience. You just need the engineering experience. I have worked for two large engineering companies (one in MI, and one in IL) along with my MS ME. And none of my supervisors had PEs. With that being said, that can only qualify you for a PE in IL. When you travel to other states, they might ask for work under a PE requirement. In my honest opinion, it seems easier to get a PE in IL than in other states with the work under PE requirement. If I were in your position, I would take the exam as soon as possible, get the IL PE, and then get the other state(s) via comity. I too want to move, and I would need to get ALL my years under a PE. I hope this helps.
  5. I also did problems from my old university texts. The exam is very similar to the NCEES sample exams. But, I liked studying the longer problems since they forced you to learn all the parts of the system and all the assumptions that come with it, which made you even more prepared on test day. Good luck.
  6. Hi Woodaejang: I didn't go as far as Mapua Tech, but I did do a LOT of problems, especially in my discipline (T&F). The problems in MERM Practice Problems and Six Minutes are MUCH harder, and MUCH more time consuming than the exam. The NCEES practice problems are much more indicative of what you will see on the exam. With that being said, just because the MERM Practice Problems and the Six Minutes are much harder and/or time consuming, it does not mean that they do not have their merits. The Six Minute problems easily humbled me, and made me take the exam seriously. The MERM Practice Problems forced me to learn every cycle and their assumptions. You have to learn them eventually, why not learn them on the hardest problems where you have time to practice. One time saver that I used was to write some common equations with the units that I was most likely going to see (e.g. Bernoulli's equation with velocity in ft/min, head in feet). Another one I did was to write some of the assumptions and calculations for some common cycles (e.g. refrigeration cycle, and the open feedwater system). I hope this helps. The way that I studied was to do problems, problems, problems. If you have to go back to your old schoolbooks for problems, go do it. Good luck.
  7. Wow...I figured there would be much more action in this thread.
  8. You guys are two funny. I wish this game was going when I was waiting for my results. The weight did take a toe on my sanity.
  9. Yeah...it's too soon. I say wait till mid May. Sorry newbies...it's a rite of passage.
  10. Check with your state's instructions for the exam. I took (and passed, thankfully) in IL, and they did not allow the practice exams. They also didn't allow the FE equation book. Something you don't want to rely on especially if your state does not allow it in the room.
  11. Sorry...meant to say, everybody is replaceable.
  12. Yes, nobody is replaceable. However, with you leaving, how big of a crater will you leave behind? Personally, I'm hoping to leave them 6 months to one year behind where they are scrambling to find out where to place my workload. I'm also hoping by the time I leave, I will be working on several big projects halfway and they will need to see when to fit in knowledge transfer sessions with multiple engineers. I'm not angry.
  13. You should relax. I made the mistake of takin classes right after I got my PE last year, and I am beat. Take a year off and enjoy it. You will have plenty of time to stress out when you have to take continuing education classes.
  14. Be careful of the FE reference manual. That book was not one of the references that I could use in the PE exam. Maybe it's different in other states, but IL, that is a no-no.
  15. I made a cheat sheet of final equations with IP units. For example, Bernoulli's equation, but with pressure given in psi, and the pressure loss in feet. A pain if you have to do the conversions every time. Remember, you can't bring in a separate sheet, so I put mine in a separate composition notebook so the page doesn't rip out. You paid close to a thousand dollars for this (exam, study materials, and for me late nights at Starbucks)...don't fret over two dollars if it has a reasonable chance to help you pass. Good luck.