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  1. While I probably wouldn't have the 8@!!$ to post the Lemmy meme you did, this is all well said and I agree with everything you wrote Dex. I have a lot of conversations with my Christian friends. (They're likely Christians because we live in the West. If we lived in the Middle East, they'd likely be Muslims; and if we lived in India, they'd likely be Hindus; etc.). Just the other day, I talked to them about a recent "exorcism" some Christian lady did to her young daughter by stripping her naked on a public beach and beating her "to remove demons". I pointed out that most (hopefully all) of us would think this is lunacy. But exorcisms are rampant in the New Testament! Even Jesus himself performed many exorcisms to expel demons and evil spirits from possessed people. As a Christian, you have to believe such things are true. So how do you separate that in your mind? Why were so many people possessed by demons 2000 years ago but none of us believe in demon possession today? If we believe in the claims of the NT, how then, can you say that this lady was wrong in diagnosing her daughter as being possessed? To me, believing that all those demon possession described in the NT actually happened requires you to turn off logical faculties of your regular intellect in order to accept the New Testament's claims. How do you do that? I asked my Christian friends and I got very wishy washy answers. I very much respect religious people and their right to believe the things they believe, even if different than my own beliefs. There is much good in religion. I just personally can't believe the extraordinary (conflicting) truth claims about reality by the world's multitude of holy books, without the required (to me) extraordinary evidence that any of the claims are true.
  2. I actually agree with goodal here in that I was thinking the same thing.... that, even though RG said 'not in a religious sense', how else could you describe the invisible guiding force in 'meant to be'? Though, I don't believe in the existence of any of history's thousands of created gods or goddesses, I agree that, if you believe there is a controlling force in your life, that is a religious belief. goodal and I have exchanged countless PMs on the topic of religion. I enjoyed it, thanks goodal.
  3. {advertisement=”TOP70”}​ structuralstructural

    This is definitely not my field but I had to research construction in a floodway once when I was in land development and a resident came in enquiring about building a detached garage in the floodway. So, I remember reading about some of the requirements. Why are you building in a flood zone? What year event will flood the lower floor? What is the water surface elevation of the 100 Year event? What flood zone designation are you building in? If I remember correctly, the structure needs to be uninhabited which it sounds like this will be. I also recall that you either need to water proof it, or allow the flooding (with wall openings). It sounds like you are shooting for waterproofing? I think waterproofing vs flood openings makes it more challenging because you now need to design to counter the uplift buoyancy forces. Check out FEMAs site, they have some really good info. This is a link to the floodproof provisions but surf around their site, I think you'll find lots of info and publications on building in flood zones. Also check with the local jurisdiction's Building Department and check their Municipal Code. In general, I think you will want to build on piers or piles.
  4. Irap, what do you need it for? All I see is a white box in your first post.
  5. Your name/number in the database should be enough I would think.
  6. Moving to a more appropriate sub-forum. You may want to add "CA" to your title next time - not every civil examinee has "3 civil PE exams". I have a feeling you didn't do much research before asking this question. Please read the valuable posts on this forum and theinfo on the BPELSG site. Hopefully this helps: Link. "- Both exams must be passed, separately, in addition to the separate NCEES 8-hr exam, in order to be licensed as a Civil PE in California. You may pass one at a time, you do not need to pass all at once."
  7. Hmmm.... I thought the plastic cards were replacing the paper cards. By the way, my biggest complaint with the paper cards is that they are not wallet size! They are like 10% bigger than a typical credit card/driver license size. Incredibly frustrating when there is no slot in your wallet big enough for the unconventional size! I just photocopy it at 90%, "laminate" it with clear packing tape, and stick it in my wallet (and never use it).
  8. Things have changed a lot since I applied for and took the exams so maybe someone with more recent experience can assist better. But I 'think' you can apply for all three, and then schedule the exams as you wish.
  9. Hi mmg. Are you proposing to apply for the NCEES 8hr and the CA exams separately because you prefer to take them during separate administrations, or for another reason? It's not typical but it is also not unheard of that an applicant can apply for/take/pass all three exams in one administration (or two out of three). I passed one at a time in three consecutive administrations... what is your plan? I believe you apply for all three exams with the same application. Curios why you are separating them? After you pass the take-home exam, 8 hr, CA surv/seis, any other requirements, and are notified, you'll see your name in the state's PE License look-up database, typically same week or next, and that is when you are officially a PE. Good luck.
  10. But, to play Devil's Advocate, if you worked them sequentially, you'd also know what the next problem is. "n+1".
  11. If most of your work was for public agencies, then I think most of the as-builts for those projects are public record anyway and you should be fine. What does your confidentiality agreement say specifically? I'm just guessing but I suspect it limits you from sharing electronic files. So, my guess would be that any hard copy prints are perfectly acceptable to share.
  12. Hi MsPEitd. I'll let those that have taken the exam more recently than I have answer most of your questions, but I'll try to answer a few. 1. Stick with the NCEES syllabus, you'll be fine. 5. You can only write in your test booklet and on your scantron. This will be enough, I promise. They leave blank space in the booklet for working problems. Good luck.
  13. I guess that would work but it seems a tad too complicated to me. I simply did a first pass where I did three things: One, like you said, work the low hanging fruit; two, go ahead and guess now on the ones you think are probably 'impossible' for you (for me, this was any environmental question! Even some structural questions.); and three, rank on your scantron the difficulty of the remaining "middle" questions (use 1, 2, 3 or symbols to identify as easy (least time required), medium, hard (most time required). Don't use A, B, C as it may mess you up with your answers). 2nd pass work the 1s, 3rd pass work the 2s, 4th pass worth the 3s. If you have leftover time, go back and look at the 'impossible' ones you previously guessed on (I never had time to do that though).
  14. First scanning questions, ranking them by order of difficulty, and then working them in that order of difficulty is a must if you are like me and you aren't going to get to all 40 in 4 hours. So, yeah, someone like you who knows for certain they will be able to attempt all 40 well within the 4 hour limit, has no reason to rank. But in every single exam I took (FE, 8hr, CA Survey, CA Seismic), I never completed all questions and had to guess near the end. So, scanning and ranking was a must for me. It was the difference between getting to, say, 36 problems instead of, say, 30 problems.
  15. Back in my day, you would include two self addressed stamped post cards with your application. The first post card would be sent back to you to tell you your application was received. The second one would give you your examinee #, tell you that you were approved for the exam, etc.