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  1. I actually remember when it was called "PriceCostco" for a short time.
  2. So how does Sam's Club compare? I have a Sam's Club 2 exits south. The nearest Costco is one city over. Anyone remember Price Club?
  3. Any of that environmental chemistry stuff kicked my b.
  4. Moving as this is not related to exam prep.
  5. I worded that poorly. While (to date) I have managed to not pay shopping membership fees; as much as I dislike doing so, I have and do pay for parking. But I wasn't thinking big cities as much as I was thinking amusement parks, zoo, etc. I remember when I was 18 and I got my first Wells Fargo student Visa. They waived the ($18 I think?) annual fee the first year. Second year came and they tried to charge me the annual fee. I called up and got it waived. Third year came, I was charged, but this time they would not waive it. I cancelled my card on the spot, shopped around for a no annual fee card, and have had no annual fee cards ever since. Similar thing with checking. When I aged out of my student checking at Wells, they imposed a monthly fee that they would not waive. I withdrew my life's savings (*cough* $400 *cough*) and walked over to Washington Mutual where they had free checking (with $300 minimum balance - I just made it!). Oh, and I think I have paid an ATM charge 3 times in my life and I can remember each and every time - it stung.
  6. I certainly understand the argument for the clubs but I still can not bring myself to give a company money for the 'privilege' of giving them my business (I feel the same way about paying for parking). But it is getting harder to stand my principle as we now have three kids and Mrs. ptatohed is pushing for a membership. :oS
  7. I refuse to shop anywhere that has a membership fee.
  8. Maybe you can consider a review class. It would be too late for April but you could for October if it came to that. My advice is to keep doing what you are doing. Follow the NCEES syllabus carefully and study all (but only) the topics found there. And change your doubt.... think positively, not negatively. Plenty of examinees - structural engineers and non-structural engineers such as yourself - successfully pass this exam. And so can you. Best of luck.
  9. Sturctures scare me too. Actual, the depth topic is Structural, not Structures. </end giving you a hard time> Teasing aside, here's my answer. There is no topic that is universally harder or easier than another, so forget about that. And none of us work in a field that perfectly lines up with any of the five Civil PE exam depth modules, so forget about that. I am certain that any of us could pass the PE under any of the depth modules, with the correct preparation. My point is, once you pick one, I think you should hit it with everything you've got - and conquer. You can do it. Changing depth modules is very inefficient as it wastes a lot of time and money so, unless there is a very compelling reason, I'd suggest you stick with Structural. Which leads me to a question for you. You did not mention your study/preparation regimen. Up to this point, what has been your (honest) study procedure/schedule? You can do it. Good luck.
  10. If I had to take one again, give me the PE.
  11. So Ric, I was never too sure on this.... an applicant's reference can be someone who works for a different firm than the applicant (so long as they are familiar with the applicant's work)?
  12. @Maji, I think the OP is asking about the pencil and paper PE 8-hr exam, not the CBT state exams.
  13. In the past the test locations have either been at the Downtown Convention Center (where I took my FE in 2001!) or the Del Mar Fairgrounds. I think, currently, the exam is typically held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.
  14. The way I understand it is you need 24 months of experience under the supervision of a licensed PE(s), and you need 4 PE references. But the 4 references don't necessarily need to be your supervisor. So, you could have 1 supervisor for 24 months (giving you 1 of 4 references and covering your time requirement) and then 3 more co-workers PEs which would give you your remaining 3 needed references. Or 2 supervisors over the 24 months and 2 co-workers. Etc. Does that make sense?