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  1. Relax, results will come when they come. In a year+ from now, it won't matter if you got your results in May '17 or June '17. I promise.
  2. You bumped a 6 year old thread to tell us this?
  3. Just wear a comfy non-hooded sweatshirt/jacket??
  4. lol To this day, the TI-89 (the original TI-89, I'll take mine black please!) is my go-to calculator. I have one at work, one on my desk at home, and one in my backpack. I don't use the graphing part, I just like the big screen, multiple lines, and recallable history. I used it for the survey and seismic exam too.
  5. If there were calculator limitations, I was not aware of them. Perhaps wide calculators like the TI-92 were not permitted but, who knows, maybe they were. All I know is I brought/used my TI-89 and I possibly might not have passed without it. All of the calculus questions? Simply input and hit enter. It was awesome.
  6. I don't have an FE NCEES pencil. When I took it in Oct '01, it was the last administration where you could use your own pencil (and any calculator).
  7. Thanks for waking me up k1f3. I forgot to even check in and see what the April '17 pencil color was. Yup, as my (90+% accurate?) NCEES pencil color predicting theory holds, April of 2017 would have / should have been blue. April of an Odd Year = Blue October of an Odd Year = Red April of an Even Year = Black October of an Even Year = Green
  8. What the H are you talking about? I love Bill Nye, don't ruin that for me! :oP Seriously, what did he do? Wear a neck tie instead of a bow tie?
  9. I remember once when Small Fry was a baby (before Tator Tot or Baby Spud were born), he had a huge explosive blowout while in his bouncer. All over him and inside the bouncer. While first concentrating on cleaning the baby, we then go back to tackle the bouncer only to discover it was spotless. Yup, Molly was kind enough to help us clean it.
  10. Anything more than one Banker's Box is overkill in my humble opinion. At least for the Civil PE. But do bring a lightweight folding dolly so that you don't have to carry the box.
  11. Didn't expect such great responses when I started this thread. Good stuff, good stuff.
  12. So what if we have had an armed security guard here ever since the San Bernardino shootings, I still think it is safer for me here at work than at home!
  13. Check out this potentially related thread I started in the PS Exam forum some months ago, specifically the part about AIT.
  14. Why is this in the Transpo sub-forum?
  15. For that scenario (two adjacent owners wanting to alter a common property line, really all you should need to know is what legal instrument would be used to perform this (Lot Line Adjustment (LLA)) and who would be the one to prepare the Legal and Plat for the LLA (a PLS). Make sure you are familiar with the names/purposes of all common land division instruments: Tract Map, Parcel Map, LLA, Easement Deeds, Parcel Merger, Offer of Dedication, etc.